How to properly Giant healer for th 7+

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  • Jul 18, 2014 (100 months ago)
How to properly giant healer for th 7.

There are 2 types of giant healer, Trophy Pushing and Farming. This works best for farming but trophy pushing will work until Gold 3. After this, lvl 5 troops are needed.

1. Army comp
2. Trophy
3. Farming

Army comp:

(180 space at least is required for this and lvl 4 troops/spells!!!

12 giants, 50 archers for farming and 70 for trophy, 1 healer, 10 wb, 2 balloons,and rest gobs. CC should be all archers or wizards. Spells consist of 1 lightning and 2 heal.


Draw cc out with a few goblins. Then remove them with archers or lightning spell. Then test out the waters to make sure traps are cleared for your giants. Use max 10 goblins. Drop a few archers to distract and 2 to 3 wallbreakers depending on wall level. This should all be near the air d. Then spam giants and if they get low before destruction of air d, drop a heal spell. Drop your balloons as most likely a air bomb or mine is hidden. Then drop healer. After a significant amount of defenses are cleared, drop rest of wallbreakers in waves toward the th enclosure. Use goblins to clear out resource structures near the opening and spam archers and cc into the opening. If they're taking ANY damage from splash towers, drop your heal. This should clear the th out. Then achieve 50 percent or some loot by dropping goblins in waves to clear resource buildings. Giants still should be running so they'll be taking the heat. Goblins and archers should finish of the base.


Strategy is the same as trophy until the main group of wallbreakers come. Break the way to the resource closure instead and spam troops in waves with heal spell toward resource closures. 20 goblins should go to work on the collectors in case resources are there. If you want to maintain trophies, save 10 archers and cc for 50 percent.

Hope this helps. I have been very successful with this strategy and have collected 2 million loot in a few raids. The only con about this is training time. Spells won't be needed as often as you master this strategy. I attack th 8's like this and let my self only use 1 spell and walk away with 90 percent of the resources and 1 star usually when I'm farming and 2+ stars when I'm pushing. Srry for grammar as this was made late at night. ;)

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