Attack strategy

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  • Jul 17, 2014 (99 months ago)
Yo guys it's Deathwatch here to give u the recipe to victory! Alright so we all know how awesome level 6 giants are right? So first use 15 giants, 10 wallbreakers, 2 witches (which can be switched out with hogs), 2 gollums, and the rest are either hogs, archers, and/or barbarians. Alroght now the fun part, getting that elxir u spent back! Spread ur archers around the base in a circular rotation. Then deploy one barbiarian at a time in new places to get rid of those pesky traps then when u feel comfortable deploy 1 giant, and release those wallbreakers! As soon as u have deployed them send out ur other barbarians, and giants. Once those troops have entered the center of the base drop 1 rage spell to give them that extra power! Add a healing spell to help then out! Then deploy witches or hogs which ever u chose and use ur last rage and jump spell where ever u feel u need it. Once the troops are where u want them place a last rage spell! And enjoy the mayhem! Well thanx for listening and until next time, Deathwatch out.
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