Dragon Ball

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  • Jul 17, 2014 (100 months ago)
The Dragon Ball raid is created specifically for Clan Wars targeting TH's 7 & 8. Ensuring a 3-star for your clan.

Troop Mix:
10 Dragons (any level)

3 Lightning (level 4+ preferred)

Clan Castle Troops:
4-5 Balloons (level 6 preferred)

The strategy is very simple. Strike 3 Lightnings on the 1st Air Defense. Create a wall of Dragons near the 2nd Air Defense instantly followed by Balloons behind the wall of Dragons. For TH 8 bases, neglect the 3rd Air Defense as it will be destroyed easily together with the whole base.

Now here are the break down of details.

Identify the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Air Defense. The 1st (and should be struck with Lightning) should meet any of the following criteria in this order:
1. Most center Air Def
2. Surrounded by high hp buildings such as Storage, Clan Castle, Town Hall, and Barbarian King (he's included since he's just like another building in an air raid and his hp is high)
3. Highest Air Def level
4. Surrounded by other air targeting units such as Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow (configured to ground & air), Inferno Tower, and Archer Queen
5. Beside tile spaces that can be suspicious of Air Bombs, Seeking Air Mines, and Hidden Teslas

The 2nd should be the other.
For TH8 bases, the 3rd is anything that is the total opposite of the 1st.

Now that you have identified, time to execute. No need to lure the defending Clan Castle troops. Strike 3 Lightning Spells at the center of the 3x3 tile of the 1st Air Def you have chosen. How to do it properly? Highlight the Dragon on your troop menu. Zoom in at the Air Def while making sure your fingers are in the "red area". Do not highlight the Lightning Spell while zooming in. This is to avoid accidentally miscasting the Lightning Spell. After zooming in, highlight the Lightning then triple tap at the center of the 3x3 tile. Note: Lightning Level vs Air Def Level. Light 1 -> AD 3, Light 2 -> AD 5, Light 3 -> AD 6, Light 4+ -> all AD's

Now that the 1st AD is destroyed time to go for the 2nd. Deploy a wall of Dragons on the edge of the base nearest to the 2nd AD (Not a one spot tap & hold). It is also advisable that all your 10 Dragons have 10 different targets. After deploying the 10 Dragons, instantly drop the Balloons behind the middle of the Dragon wall. If done correctly, the Dragons should tank all the damage and air traps, while the protected Balloons help out by destroying one def after the other.

If it is a TH 8 base, just watch how the 3rd Air Def gets destroyed. :)

Alternative 2:
Dragon Ball with Clan Castle Luring
Sacrifice 1 Dragon to give you 20 housing space. Use any combination of Giant, Hog, Barbarian, Archer, Goblin as little house space as you can so that you can still save space for some Minions or extra Balloons.

This mix depends on the base you are attacking. Use these troops to to knock on the clan castle door.
Barbarians - the castle trigger line is very exposed
Goblins - the trigger line is not exposed but one of the resource buildings takes the Goblin beyond the trigger line
Giants - the trigger line is not exposed but it is beyond the wall and the def is inside that wall
Hogs - the trigger line is within the walls but not the def inside it

Now take note that there are bases where they made luring impossible. This is where the the defs are situated a bit beyond the circumference of the clan castle trigger line. In these cases, do not lure anymore. But if you are still insisting, look for a ground only def that you can safely place a Balloon on top of it and, according to your scout, that Balloon should go beyond the line. If still there isn't any, one giant to distract a ground & air targeting building such as Archer Tower and Wizard Tower, then deploy a Balloon on top of it once distracted. But if you have to go through all that trouble, i highly suggest you forget it. :)

Now that all the troops are out (make sure you did a head count), place them at the 1st Air Def of your choice by deploying any number of Barbarians, Goblins, or Archers one at a time until they get there (Barbarians are highly recommended for this job). Strike down the Air Def as usual but together with the troops this time. Although there are instances you don't need to do it based on the troops that comes out: all melee troops including Balloons and Healers.

If a Dragon comes out, you can do #1 simply neglect it and follow the procedures normally or #2 still strike it with lightning (take note that the damage will be very minimal)

TH 9 variation:
Make sure that your Dragons are at least level 3. Enemy base must have their X-Bows configured to ground only. You can have an 11th Dragon or extra 4 Balloons (Level 6). Consider the 1st Air Def as the one nearest the Archer Queen. 4th Spell should be Heal used for the Balloons and not Dragons. Rage is also possible for either the Balloons or Dragons. This might have greater returns but higher in risk.

TH 10 variation:
This is not suggested for TH 10 attacks as GoWiWi (Golem Witch Wiz) produce better results . If you insist, make sure that your Dragons are maxed to level 4. Enemy base must have their X-Bows configured to ground only and both Inferno Towers to multiple targets. You should have 11 Dragons + (1 Dragon or 4 Balloons). Consider the 1st Air Def as the one nearest the Archer Queen. You can also choose the Inferno Tower configured to single target as your Lightning target instead of an Air Def. 4th and 5th spell should both be freeze and should be used on the Air Defs and single target Inferno Towers.

What should I do with my Hero/es?
I suggest the BK to do any of the following in this order: (1) Deploy them ahead of the wall of Dragons to distract the def towers that target both air & ground and Iron Fist half way through his health, (2) Clean corner buildings such as builder's hut, or (3) Destroy the distraction buildings ie Army Camps that could get in the way of the wall of Dragons.
The Archer Queen, can do (2), (3), and (4) snipe an exposed Air Def if there are any.

Can I use Rage and/or Heal Spells with Dragon Ball?
No. It adds more Air Def to think about and adds more risk in losing stars.

Why can't I just use a full Dragon Attack?
Dragons have no favorite targets. They are more vulnerable along the way regardless of their high hp

Can I have Minions in my Clan Castle instead of Balloons?
No. Minions are better if deployed individually and on safe zones. The only way they can be swarmed if the area is totally clear which kind of really defeats their purpose. Plus their move speed gets them ahead of the Dragons.

Is it ok to sacrifice Dragons for Balloons?
No. The 4-5 Level 6 Balloons in your Castle should be enough.

Can I substitute the Balloons in my Clan Castle for Hogs Level 5.
If the 3rd Air Def is very much exposed then absolutely. To properly execute it, drop the Hero first (preferably BK) to distract the defs surrounding the 3rd Air Def then deploy the hogs right after. Make sure that the way towards the Air Def is trap free.

Can I use Archers to clear the path before the wall of Dragons?
Possible but I do not recommend this since the archers will become sacrificial pawns. Not worth it to trash a Dragon for them.

Should I use the Alternative 2 where I should Lure the troops out first?
Both methods yield the same result. Although, I personally use the Alternative 2, because i would rather sacrifice 1 Drag to at least control the outcome of the attack instead of going at it blind-folded.

--end of guide--
If you have any questions let me know on the comment section below. Thanks! -Lannister Imp

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