Attack Strategies. (Farming) Big gold profits, small elixir profits

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  • Jun 05, 2013 (113 months ago)
So you are wondering what is the best way to attack a base? Well first things first, you need to decide whether you are attacking for trophies or for loot, in most cases its both but this needs to be taken into consideration. If you are attacking for loot (Farming) then you will need to drop your trophies depending on your town hall. This is just a rough idea of how many trophies you should have for each town hall level. This is not the case if you are attacking for trophies.

Level 6 and under. 900-1100
Level 7. 1050-1200
Level 8. 1150-1350
Level 9. 1300-1500
Level 10 1600 +

This is important as you need to find bases with a similar town hall level as you, maximum 1 level above yours unless its a really high amount of loot and a really badly designed base with low level defences. The advantage of attacking a high level town hall is you will get a loot bonus, I will go through them now. These are the loot bonus/penalties as far as I know.

4 levels or less than your town hall level: 10%
3 levels less than your town hall level: 25%
2 levels less than your town hall level: 50%
1 level less than your town hall level: 90%
Same level town hall: 100%
1 level above your town hall level: 110%
2 levels above your town hall level: 150%
3 or more levels above your town hall level 200%

Ok now we need to think about different troop combinations and tactics. I will use a 200 troop capacity in this guide as its a very common amount to have, this is available at town hall level 7. Also to deal with the clan castle troops, I recommend that when they are all out use 1 lightning spell on them. If its a PEKKA or dragon, lure it outside the base and kill it by surrounding it with archers. Make sure you are attacking bases with a minimum of 150,000 of each loot, it usually takes a minute to find one but it's worth it

Dragons/Archers/Barbarians/wall breakers 130,000 elixir cost:

Now I know you might be thinking Dragons cost around 30,000 elixir (depends on the level) and this is not ideal, especially if your farming but trust me, this tactic has worked for me through town hall 7 and 8. Firstly you will have to train 4 dragons, 50 barbs and 60 archers (1 dragon, 15 archers, 13/12 barbs 1/2 wall breakers in each barrack). Now firstly you will have to find a base with the air defence/s near the outside of the base. This is very common, especially with players at this trophy count. Use the full 30 seconds before the battle to check for any air defences as you don't want to miss. Deal with the clan castle troops first (see above). Now focus on taking out any air defences, use barbs, archers and wall breakers to do so, this should be easy as long as the air defences were near the outside of the base. This shouldn't use all the barbs and archers. Now take out any archer towers with either left over archers, barbs and wall breakers or if you don't have any left just release the dragons near them so they destroy them. Only release 3 dragons and make sure the are all attacking from the same side. Now sit back and watch the rest of the battle, if needed release the final dragon but I rarely need to do so. Big gold profits can be made with this tactic and small elixir profits.

Giants/wall breakers/healers/archers: 100,000 elixir cost

Many people under estimate healers and never use them, but trust me they are really good.
This tactic requires 20 giants, 11 wall breakers, 2 healers, 50 archers. Now firstly you want to find a base with air defences near the outside of the base again, take all of them out but one with the archers and 1 giant for distraction. Now when all the air defences are gone, release all the giants near the last air defence. When all the giants are deployed immediately deploy 3/4 wall breakers. Now the wall breakers should make an easy path for the giants so they can take down the air defence, as soon as this happens release both the healers. Now they will heal the giants and it will be VERY hard for the giants to die. Next you should release the wall breakers just to help the giants destroy any walls and speed things up a bit. If you have any remaining archers, use them up to help speed things up as well, the defences won't target them as they will be shooting the giants. Big gold profits and medium elixir profits can be made with this tactic.

More attack strategies on the way and please go easy on me, this is my first guide. Any tips or tweaks to the tactics would be appreciated in the comments. Thank you for reading and I hoped this helped

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