Getting started at low levels

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  • Jul 16, 2014 (99 months ago)
having trouble starting your base? this guide will show you how to get started

Step one: layout

If your base looks like a bunch of stuff thrown everywhere, you need a renovation. make sure you have your th in the middle, storage's next to it, and defenses in a range to protect them. Once you settle on a layout you can start raiding.

Step two: Raiding

When you raid make sure you can get MAX loot. this will help speed things and get upgrading done. I believe that half barbs half gobs is the most effective. The gobs get the loot and the barbs make sure you get trophies. Once you have more than half storages filled you can start upgrading.

Step three: Upgrading

Now that you have loot u need to start upgrading. The first thing you need to do is max upgrade your collectors. This will help generate more loot which makes things go along faster. (If you can by more collectors). Once you have enough gold and elixir you need to upgrade your storages to the max. This will make sure you can upgrade everything at your th asap. Now you can upgrade your defenses. The first defense you should upgrade is mortar (if you have one). The mortar deals out high damage on low level troops. SUPER HELPFUL. Then you should upgrade your archer towers and than cannons.Then upgrade your barracks. After that you can upgrade your army camp. Then you should buy and upgrade your favorite troops int the lab. DON'T upgrade troops you don't use this will save you a lot of gold. And make sure you have walls that surround the things your protected. Then build your clan castle and join a clan. There u go. if u follow these steps you will have a good base really quick. :)
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