Before you promote someone Co leader in your clan

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  • Jul 16, 2014 (100 months ago)
When you make a clan some people can be retards. When someone joins your clan and you promote them Co Leader they can demote or kick other members out of your clan because they think its fun and very mean. They also might think they will get more attention. When you found that person in the clan chat warn others. Make sure to see if you can trust someone before you promote someone Co Leader. Im typing this because it happened to me before. Just wanted to give you a tip. Be careful!!! 👍 Sometimes people also beg for Leader. Dont let them even if they say they will leave. But if they threaten you in a harsh and despicable way try your best not to give them leader. If you give them leader they could or would try to kick you and your other clan mates out of the clan and take over the clan.

If you don't want this to happen to your clan mates just promote all to elder or make them work for it or just everybody member and not promote anybody-Elder, Co Leader, Leader.
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