Four Finger Fighting

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  • Jul 15, 2014 (55 months ago)
The Four Finger Fighting (FFF) is in my opinion, THE BEST FARMING STRATEGY! The other good thing is that if used properly, you can almost always get 50% on any base.

FFF: If you have 200 army camp spaces, train the following troops; 90 Barbarians and 110 Archers. Note: Spells/Heroes are not usually needed. I usually bring 2 heal spells and 1 lightning spell.

To pick a base to raid, I usually find bases with either a lot of loot in the mines and pumps or a base with lots of buildings on the outside.

1. Drop a barbarian to check for cc troops. Destroys them if need be.

2. Zoom out so you can see their entire base.

3. Using your index fingers and thumbs on both hands, deploy barbarians (In a straight line around the base. (If you keep your fingers and thumbs on the screen for a second or two, you will not need to repeatedly tap on the screen.)

4. Do the same thing with your archers and watch your troops go to work on their base. (You can deploy heroes and spells if needed.)

This attacking strategy will almost always result in you getting 50%. If you are not getting 50%, it is probably because there are not enough buildings on the outside or that they are too high level of a base for your troops.

Hope it works for you!!
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    What is FFF(Four Finger Fighting) i heard a lot about that in many forums but didn't know it looks like any game or any trick of any game can anyone tell me what is this and which game is this i wanted to know because i am a game lover and wanted to this game i used to play games when i have a free time with my studies and i don't have to Do My Assignment my favorite game is Tekken 3 and now there are lots of games mostly are on trending.

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    This is the quickest method to send every one of your troops on all sides of the base inside seconds and with the best adjusted dispersion of troops. By utilizing this strategy, assignment help service you additionally can bring down all gatherers and digs around the base for ultra sparing your chance.

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    Zena Fulton

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    In the clash strategy game the fighting after getting the four fingers is my best fight that hit the next player with deeply. While getting bore with chapter of best essay book then my gaming time starts to refresh my body and learning senses.

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    don't like it
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    Ben Carmichael

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    In a normal Barch attack you chose and take your time deploying troops. In FFF, you send out almost all of your troops in a minimal amount of time, thus allowing your troops to overwhelm the opponents defences.

    @xechrom I normally use this strategy to farm while I am pushing so I tend to want to get trophies if I can. But you don't have to deploy all your troops if you don't need to.
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    Yeah, your disclaimer at the bottom kind of makes the number of fingers redundant since you can pretty much say this about any number of digits attack strategy.
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    lvl 1: Loincloth
    what if you found a base with th outside, unprotected, and all mines/collector unprotected?
    you should add: if you found such a base, check cc troops, then pick the mines/collectors and the TH with archers. You earn a star with minimal troops(like 15 arch).
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    @unknown the only difference is that this guide explicitly states the obvious feature of pressing and holding multiple fingers to deploy troops. Though if u kept all those fingers in the same place while holding them down, then u will get crushed by wizard towers and mortars. At the very least, I would like to know what cc troops Ben suggests.
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    none yet
    what four finger fighting, this is barch
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    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    Ok obviously Barching combo is the best farming combo there is. have like 270 space in me army camps and I just recruit 75 barbs and 75 archers in both my barracks and 60 and 60 in the other two (barbs and archers). I use Barching as my farming strat.
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    Make your original guide ): Barching is so old you just need to stop making guides on it.