BARCHING guide for all levels Farming/Trophy Pushing

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  • Jul 14, 2014 (100 months ago)
I am Darklord from LP4 Hercules and this is my comprehensive guide to the BarbarianArcher Farming/trophy pushing strategy.

1. What is BArching?
2. Troop compositions
3. Trophy ranges (farming)
4. Strategy for farming
5. Strategy for trophy pushing

1. What is BArching?:

BArching is an army that consists of Barbarians and Archers that is multifunctional. Its purpose is to use a minimal amount of resources and time to train an army that is effective for use in around 20 minutes.

2. Troop compositions:

For the BArching strategy there is no set amount of troops that you should have. As it's purpose is to train a fast and cheap army you want to have half of your barracks training barbarians and the other half training archers.

3. Trophy ranges (farming)

With BArching the idea is that you want to find bases with exposed collectors and mines that have not been looted yet. The ideal cup range will vary depending on your town hall level. Town halls under level 7 it does not really matter how many trophies you have. Town hall 7 farming should be done in the gold 2-3 range. Town hall 8 farming should be done in the gold 1-3 range and town hall 9 farming should be done between gold 2-crystal 3

4. Strategy for farming:

The best way to BArch for resources is to place down 5 barbarians on each collector/mine followed by a few archers. If the base does not have a lot of uncollected resources but has very exposed storages then you want to spread out a few barbarians to distract mortars and then send in waves of barbarians and archers to where the storages are. Trophies do not matter if you are farming with this strategy but if you can get 50% or a town hall snipe it is recommended so you can stay in the trophy range.

5. Strategy for trophy pushing:

Using the BArch strategy for trophies is all about getting 50% 1 stars and town hall snipes. You want to spread a few barbarians around to attack free buildings followed up by archers. If you cannot achieve 50% just by taking out surrounding buildings then use your barbarians to distract defenses especially mortars and use the archers to pick buildings off the first layers in bases.

Hope this guide was helpful and constructive criticism would be appreciated. :)

Elio.D (Darklord) LP4 Hercules
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