Farming at LOW trophies for LOW levels

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  • Jul 11, 2014 (51 months ago)
OK, my name is jadon the elf and I am in a nice clan called ANTI-RACISM. I'm sure many of you out there are quite high leveled and are pushing trophies to get you and/or your clan to the top. If so this guide is not for you.

OK now for those of you who are low leveled (0-35) this guide is for you. I'm sure all of you have are struggling to either upgrade your Town Hall or if you rushed you Town Hall how to get a lot of loot for upgrading everything else. I have read many guides on how to farm and have compiled the best way to do say and make lots of loot even though your low leveled. Here we go!

1) Decide what you want to improve or upgrade.

By this I mean set a goal of what you wish to accomplish (like a better town hall, defenses or even resources). Once you have this in mind you will have to calculate the cost of the upgrades as well as the time they will take. Once you do all of this move on to step 2.

2) Set up your base to the proper layout of your plan.

Generally this means a farming layout. I recommend having your resources as central as possible and your Town Hall far way. After this move on to step 3.

3) How to actually make the money.

Yes were finally to the fun part... The Making Of Money. There are tow sources of money here: Collectors and Fighting. Your collectors should be all at least lvl six by Town Hall six but they don't have to be.but even then with a few collects your only making 7-12k an hour. Which is per day. Which is around 200k per day. Which is OK but you want a lot more don't you? That's what i thought so we are going to have to battle.

4) How to make money battling other players.

1. trophy range: bronze 2- sliver 3
2. army comp: 30-60 archers, 30-60 barbs, 30-60 goblins, and maybe a few wall breakers (this is interchangeable but stick to the basic range)
3. who to attack: since this army comp costs around 10k to make(give or take a few thousand for wall breakers and interchangeability) you should look for 15-30 elixir bases.
you will also want most, if not all, the loot in the mines/pumps.
4. how to attack: drop your barbs first in a line around the resources, then you gobs then archers, if you want to enter the base for more trophies you can use a few wall breakers.

5) Results

if you do this right you can make 1M gold a day along with 750K elixir. I use this strategy and have gotten amazing results with it. So have fun and check me out in COC!

,Jacob H (AKA jadon the elf)

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    Elijah Sharp

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    jovian correa

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    Thank you, Jadon the Elf,
    I used my troops the way you told and now i am upgrading my defence to the max,
    My town hall level-6. and I am on level 36. Range of trophies is Silver III,
    Thank you very much for this guide helped me and my friends a lot,

    Your viewer,
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    I like how you try to include but goblins but don't use them. They are weak even though they do double damage to collectors and storages. Your barbs and archers will be the main damage dealers so I recommend only using them.
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    read the title, it's for low level. 1 m per day is quite good.
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    Zac man

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    Im th ten and my stratt is 220 barbs
    Posted 50 months ago

    jadon the elf

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    Thanks Flip!
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    Well, good for you th3uny. Why must you interject that? How is that constructive to this guide which the OP stated is for level 35 or less. You, obviously, have not been in that range in quite some time.

    So, not sure if you have a second account, but until you start over,you tend to forget how those raids as a TH 3 where you can walk away with 30k is great, if you get a 100k raid, then that is awesome.

    Considering how weak troops are at this level, and how few you get, getting resources is quite a task. The guide is concise and very applicable to the level range described. Thanks jadon the elf.

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    ;) 1m per day???
    sweet, i make 1mile in 2 hours. on good days in 1h.
    ok ,im at th10, lvl 105 ;)

    My Strategie only archers!!!!!!!!