How to build a good base? (All skill levels)

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  • Jul 09, 2014 (100 months ago)
Welcome, always wanted to build your own base, but never really succeeded?
Don't worry, i can help you with that.

Note: This guide will NOT cover how to upgrade your village, this guide will teach you how to spread out your defences best, place walls in the most optimal way and protect the buildings which are most valuable to you.

To get started, I will talk about the different types of bases and which one is better for the situation you're in.

Type 1:
The Hybrid base, with these designs you will try to protect both your townhall and recources

Type 2:
The Pushing base, neglecting your recources, you will be trying to protect your townhall as much as possible, hoping to win the most defences possible and pushing up in trophies.

Type 3:
And last but not least, the Farming base. whenever you are new to Clash of Clans you will see a lot of villages with their townhall unprotected outside the walls, you will probably think this is dumb, but actually it is really clever, if someone gets 1 star, you will get a free shield avoiding your recources being taken away from you. I will not go into this any further, as there are many guides about farming.

Now that you know what types there are, and their fuctions, you will have to choose one, or mixing two types together, i.e. building a hyprid base, but having your recources easily accesible, and thus going into a "pushing hybrid" trying to push trophies a lot, but still wanting to keep some recources.

Next you will need to know where to place defences and recources, the next part of this guide will talk about that.

To place your defences, you will need to know what defences are more important than other ones.

Specialised buildings:
these are "one time use" defences, these defences include: the clan castle, barbarian king and the archer queen. These defences are probably the most important buildings in your whole base. They are very strong and you should always make sure that they're ready to fight for your recources/trophies.

Inferno towers:
I will give these very special buildings are class on their own, as they will be the the most valuable buildings once you've reached townhall 10, always make sure the inferno towers are placed close to your most valuable buildings, but watch out that you do not want to place them too close together. The reason for this is that attackers will be able to freeze both of your inferno towers with one freeze spell, making them useless.

Slash damage defences:
These include the mortar, wizzard towers. At the lower townhall levels these will be very important you'll always want to place your mortars in a centralised spot where they can cover most of the base, the wizzard towers are best placed in a spot where they can cover your storages, stopping the mass attacks with tier 1 troops (barbarians, archers, goblins)

Single target:
this category exists of all other defensive building, such as air defence, archer towers, cannons and tesla's. often placed near the outside walls (excluding the air defense) they will be important for stopping more "tanky" troops such as giants and dragons.

Sadly, these defences are often neglected and thrown outside the walls, where the attacking troop might walk into them, and kill 2 barbarians. But the truth is that traps are very valiable, and if used in a proper way, they might kill 20 barbarians, instead of 2...

This are another very special type of defence, which doesn't damage enemy troops, but will slow them down significantly, they are very important for the safety of your valuables, as they will allow for your defences to have a clear shot at the attacking troops, while they will be puching away for a while.

Next I shall give you advise on how to spread out different buildings.

Specialised buildings:
Try to place these as centralised as possible, where they will be hard to kill/lure out, giving the attacker a very hard time.

Inferno's and splash damaging buildings:
Always place these in a geometrical correct shape, i.e. you've got 3 mortars, so place them in a triangulated manner, 4 wizzard towers, so place them squared, 2 inferno's, so place them in a line oppositing each other.
Also, mortars, especially at townhall 8 and under, should be covering each other, so that if some troops are mashing away on 1 of them, 2 other mortars will be firing on the troops, and maybe save the third.

Single target buildings:
These should be placed covering the building outside of your walls, also make sure these are placed in a geometrically correct way.
Note: they air defence is very important at townhall 9 and under, make sure you place these closer to the center of your village, your village will get wrecked if you don't.

These you should place in a very special way, put them in spots very troops are funneled into using walls, it is very hard to explain this with just text, so i highly suggest looking up some video's on Youtube that explain this subject in further depth.
(I recommend Flammy's strategy guides, they may be a little old, but they will still work)

Again, I am recommending you to watch some video's about this subject, as it will be very hard to explain about different wall patterns and their functions, just make sure you do not have any X-shapes in your walls, they are very weak, as they can open up as much as 3 compartiments.

Now that you have all this information, get going, let your creativity flow, and always test out your designs, watch replays and improve where needed. don't judge it after 1 attack, it will take a bit of time before you know if your design works.

Other miscelanious tips:

Including symmetry in your base, will not only make it easier on the eye, but also make your base more balanced.

Throwing of the opponent:
another trick often used in village's, by making your design special, extraordinary and confusing. you'll throw of your enemy and make them more likely to fail.

Better a copycat, than a bad basebuilder:
You are not forced to make up everything by yourself, you can always copy someone, ore use different bits and pieces which you like. If you see a base that looks good, take a screenshot!

This has been my first guide, I really hope that this will help everyone whos struggles with building their base. Please ask your questions in the comments, I will try to answer them within 1 day. And don't be shy to take a look at my base designs.

Feedback is always appreciated, hate isn't!

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