NEW Valkyrie attack strategy (GoWaV)

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  • Jul 03, 2014 (100 months ago)
As many of you know, a recent update changed the way Valkyries attack. Even though Supercell did not buff the Valkyries stats, they are now vastly improved and quite strong. You can make full use of the Valkyries’ splash damage, as they now specifically target between buildings, allowing them to destroy 2+ buildings at the same time. This improvement vastly improves the Valkyries, which already have decent stats. I present to you a new attack strategy: GoWaV (Pronounced “Go-wave”)

GoWaV consists of Golems, Wallbreakers, and Valkyries, although the main focus is on the Valkyries. It is a TH8/9 strategy.

1 Golem
16 Wallbreakers
16 Valkyries (+2 Valkyries if TH9)
2 barbarians
2 wizards (+1 wizard if TH9)

2 healing spells
1 rage spell
(1 jump spell if TH9)

How it works:
This strategy is similar to GoWiPe and GoWiWi, where the Golem attract enemy fire, allowing other troops to destroy buildings behind them. However, it has several key differences. (1) The Golem is not intended to destroy enemy defenses; it is purely there to attract fire. (2) More Wallbreakers are used (compared to other TH8 strategies). This is key, because they will open up the base, allowing the Valkyries to spread out more and take advantage of their splash damage). (3) This strategy allows for relatively easy disposal of heroes, which will no longer be able to be dragged out.

Step by step:
1) Drag out clan castle (if possible) with 1-2 barbarians, and then take out the CC troops with either barb king + 2 wizards (to save Valkyries) OR 0-2 Valkyrie(s) + 2 wizards.
*Note: use your own clan castle as needed (depending on its contents)
2) Drop the Golem and about 3 Valkyries on the side you wish to attack. If you are not sure where you should attack from, attack on the side nearest to the heroes.
3) Once the Golem reaches the wall, drop about 6-9 Wallbreakers in groups of 2-3. This should open a hole in the outside wall, as well as 1-2 side compartments.
At this point, your 3 Valkyries should have destroyed the buildings outside the open wall segment. It is possible that they will go into the base, but they will likely continue around the outside. Don’t panic! You WANT those Valkyries to go around.
3a) If the Valkyries go around the outside of the base (optimal scenario): Drop 3-5 Valkyries, which will go inside the base.
3b) If the Valkyries go inside the base: Drop 2 Valkyries on the outside rim, where they will begin to clear around the base, and drop 2-3 Valkyries so that they go inside the base.
4) After those Valkyries head inside the base, drop all the remaining Wallbreakers in groups of 3, so that they head to the middle section of the base.
5) Recommended: drop rage spell where the Valkyries and Golem are and where the Wallbreakers are headed. Most importantly, this will speed up/increase the damage of the Wallbreakers.
6) Drop your remaining Valkyries, so that they head into the base. Heal as needed.
7) If necessary, drop your heroes behind the Valkyries OR use them to clean up the outside of the base.

Result: Depending on the base difficulty, your Valkyries should get you 3 stars, tearing through multiple buildings and moving around easily do to the open spaces brought about by the Wallbreakers. If you are a TH9, you may opt to drop a jump spell later in the battle to facilitate the movement of the Valkyries.

Strong for trophy hunting/clan wars
Easy elixir/gold
Fun to use
Don’t have to worry about heroes

Takes a long time to train
Costs a lot of dark elixir

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