Heroes:After update!

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  • Jul 03, 2014 (102 months ago)
Fellow clashers,

After the recent update, much has changed including new tesla's, pekka's and an improvement to the jump spell. The most important however, is the change to the heroes. Both the king and the queen have been updated, updates which will greatly change the way that many of us attack.

The main change is the inability to lure them to a corner. Before, most experienced attackers would lure both heroes and the clan castle to a corner where they can be dealt with quietly, before unleashing your army. However, after the new update, instead of the heroes themselves having a large "notice" area, they now have a static smaller area that is based upon their plinth. They will also return back into that area if they wander too far, meaning luring to the corner is now impossible. In theory, heroes that are placed centrally now can be just as effective, if not more effective than a clan castle. Although a clan castle filled with wizards can be devastating to an attacker, most experienced attackers will lure them before attacking. Since the heroes cannot be lured far, they will either choose to ignore them and hope they do not cause too much damage, or merely skip you. Although, placing them centrally has its downsides. If you are as active as myself in farming that gold, then they will be constantly being used to attack, therefore may not be alive to defend most of the time. If they are placed centrally, then it is basically two "dead" squares, in the sense that they are useless when being attacked. Another downside is that they will only be much more effective against certain armies. Hog and balloon attacks will fear central heroes, although any variation of the GoWi or other attacks will be better equipped to deal with your heroes.

The second change is the change to their abilities. The king is now known as the "tank" whereas the queen is the "damage". Their abilities are now more powerful, summoning more units, but there is another change that allows them to be used much more effectively in battle. The king, when the ability is active, now does less damage, but recovers health, allowing him to be a greater tank to your fellow troops. The queen, when her ability is active, still goes invisible, but also recovers health and gains a massive damage increase. Both these changes will allow you to use them effectively during battle and could be the difference.

I didn't feel the need to touch upon any of the other updates as most are self explanatory. Stronger pekkas, stronger teslas, weaker multi-infernos and a stronger jump spell which is useless to most attackers anyway.

Comment below with any questions or tips below,

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