Clan Wars-Attack Strategies and Troops to Donate!

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  • Jul 03, 2014 (100 months ago)
This guide will be ALL about clan wars attacking.
The basics of clan wars I'll go over for you.
This may not be 100% accurate because I personally have not been co-leader or leader to search for a clan.

Shortcuts I will use:
TH=Town Hall
CC=Clan Castle.

Clans search for a worthy clan to war.How many will go to war will be rounded by 5.Example:27 in clan,25 will be in war.
The 2 clans will compete for who can get more stars from attacking.Each attack you will get war loot.Whoever has more stars win(there can be a tie)The winner gets max loot while the loser will get drastically less.There will be a war log and a thing in your clan that shows how many wars you've won.There will be recommended bases to attack based or your army comp,what TH you are,etc.

This will be strategies to attack in clan wars.If you want a defense guide,gonna have to wait for me to have the time to type it out,sorry.

Anyway,let's get on with the guide.
One thing to note is that these attacks most likely take a lot of time and elixir,therefore farming in between clan wars and having a defense base for clan wars is recommended.

One of the most important thing to do in a clan war is the CC Troops.Make sure every one in the clan is filled with the requested troops,or at least a decent replacement.The best troops to donate are...

High amounts of damage,high amount of HP,ranged,air troop,overall good troops for normal and Clan Wars.

Amazing troop to have in your CC during Clan War.High amounts of damage along with splash damage.Can shut down whole Hog Rider attacks(sadly changed in the recent update RIP)

Very few will donate this in most clans but is amazing in defense,mainly cause of the skeletons.Due to them they will distract heroes and troops,and do it again and again and again if you didn't bring a lightning spell.Main draw back is it is unlocked at high levels and is rather expensive.

Cheap and usually fairly common.Ranged and is a air troop.Takes little space,pretty decent troops to bring along.

Pretty much the minimum if no one donated to one person and there's 2 minutes left.It's not terrible really,ranged with decent damage

Why is all the good CC troops ranged you ask?Well it's because picture have 5 wizards shoot down the whole attack behind a wall,without the troops shooting at them cause they are protected by buildings.Pretty good eh?

Now let's get to the strategies!

Spells for sure are useful in clan war.
List of use:
Dear I cannot explain how amazing this spell is in clan wars.You can zap away CC Troops with ease,shove them aside early in the raid before they effect the raid and ruin your 3 star and have you bite the 0 star dust.
Most likely makes your flock of troops into a enraged flock of destruction.
Saves your wall break lives.Main draw back is that it's expensive and for higher ranks
By now is when it's rather arguable.Healing isn't effective in my opinion depending on the attack.
This is only used by higher ranks,expensive.Only use if you're higher ranks to freeze inferno towers.

Finally.Here's some raid strategies you can use to 3 star!

Giant Healer
Giants,Healers,Wizards,Wall Breaks,maybe some archers to lure CC troops.
Have healers heal giants after air defense is down,heal giants in the process of destroying the Air Defense using a heal spell or rush it using rage spell.Drop healer and spam wizards behind the giant.

Use lightning,heal and rage spells,maybe jump?

High rank attack!
I have never gone up to use GoWiWi,but I recommend it and I have a fair idea how to use it.Uses Golems,Witches and Wizards along with Wall Breakers.

Take out CC troops,heroes if you can,using witches to keep them busy,if no use them for raid.

Use golems to tank the damage,while wizards and maybe witches clean the base,have wall breakers to break into the center of the base.Use your heroes to get to the center and take out the TH.
This attack is meant for 2 starring and most likely will not 3 star a TH 10.

Use freeze,rage,and lightning.


Comeback since lvl 5,resonable and cheaper compared to GoWiWi.Uses Golems,Wizards,PEKKA and Wall breakers.

Same thing as the GoWiWi pretty much,but treat PEKKA as extra heroes.ALso built for 2 stars on TH 10 bases.

All Dragons.

Explains itself.Try to take out air defenses and maybe inferno towers and it's a rather easy 3 star usually.

Use all rage or some lightning to take out CC Troops or Air Defense.


Balloons and Minions.All air raid.Again,take out air defenses and inferno towers.Have minions to lure CC troops,perhaps lightning or just use your own CC Troops to kill it.
Make sure balloons go first then minions.Barbarian king cannot attack air units.
Use rage,maybe freeze or heal spells.


1.Request CC Troops before attacking!
The CC troops with usually help out.The same troops asked for defense also works offense.

2.Choose a easy base/one you can 3 star.
This will most likely get you some more stars,long story short I guess.

3.Donate Troops
Make sure you donate troops to your clan mates.This will greatly help in war and increases your donations.

Talk to clan members before you attack!They may tell you weak spots,possible trap spots,and just overall tips.

5.Have some fun!
Through the mist of all this,make sure you have some fun!

Well that'll be the end.I made this in like 1 hour to 11 PM,I'm tired ;_;.Well I hope this helped you out in a way or two,more to come hopefully!

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