Clashing Guide-Attack and Defense Must Do's,Do's and Don't's!

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  • Jun 30, 2014 (100 months ago)
Hello and welcome to my guide!First off I'd like to clear some things up.

1.This is my first guide!Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
2.I am not the absolute most professional.If something is bad/not effective in your opinion,state a reason for such and I'll gladly read it,thanks for improving my guide!
3.This is a fairly basic guide,any higher level strategies is appreciated!
4.This guide is rather long,make sure you have a fairly long sitting time :D
5.This is based for TH 7+,however is a very good read for anyone who walks around here.
6.I spent a long time on this guide,I hope you enjoy it!
7.It is mostly about defense,however you may pick up some offense tips too!

Alright,let us go in the guide!

Base building is rather difficult and sometimes stressful,and this guide hopefully will clear up some of it.Let's begin

Some short terms I will use is....

TH-Town Hall
CC-Clan Castle

Let's start!

There are 3 types(for me 5 :P)types of bases.

The 5 is..

This type of base is designed for you to protect trophies.Your resources is often more thrown out.These type of bases is good for trophy pushing(trying to get higher up in trophy range)Usually you use a fair amount of elixir training troops and effective attacks,such as Dragons,Giant Healer,etc.


This base you most likely have seen at least one.Your resources and most likely your CC are centralized and protected,and your TH is thrown outside.You may be one of the people who doesn't get why'd you throw your TH out,but that reason is because if you get 1 starred you get a 12 Hour Shield.This will stop you from being raided while the loot you've obtained will be used to upgrade your defenses in peace.Due to this you will most likely lose some trophies,however it is often traded for a lot of loot and lots of upgrades.You will often use cheap attack strategies like BArch,BAM,etc.


This type of base tries to mix a trophy base and farming base into 1 type of base!This type is much less and harder to keep mainstream,however if it works out it will work out fairly well.It's recommended for TH 7+ in my opinion,worth a try if you are lower though.As said,your army camp is also mixed,such as maybe archers goblins,giants wall breakers,maybe dragons as a backup.

Now let's move on with my personal 2 :P


Explains itself.Most common hints are tombstones,not in a league,empty Xbows,inferno towers,etc.


These types of bases you might see here and there.These guys most likely rushed their town hall without maxing all/most of their base,examples are TH 10s with level 1 one walls,etc.

Now that we've cleared the base types out,let's go on with tips and tricks.

1.Triangulate your defenses(Especially splash defenses)(Mortars,Wizard Towers)

This applies for TH 7+
If you are TH 6 or under,centralize your splash defense

This is one of the most important Must Do's.
Why you may or may not ask?This is so that they will cover up all or most of the base.For TH 7+,keeping your mortars in a triangle is Must Do's,and it is in almost every base you find.
For TH 6 and under,put your mortar and wizard tower in the center is recommended

2.Arrange your base according to your base type

Fairly important.if you want to make a farming base,having your TH thrown outside is pretty much a Must Do,CC and resources in the center too.Keep the TH in the middle and resources thrown out slightly with your CC centralized as much as possible.Hybrid,go ahead and mix the 2.For inactive and premature I'm sure you'd like to skip the whole guide then :P

3.Be in a clan

Being in a clan is a Must Do,not only can you get clan troops for raiding and defending,but also you can form friendships with your clan.

4.Fill your CC with clan troops.

This is amazing Do,especially for higher levels.
Clan Castle Troops will defend your base,some troops are better than others for defending your base.
Troops Recommended for Defense

This is the best defense troops,hands down.It does a insane amount of damage,and it's a flying unit,making it difficult to take down.Only issue is that not many people in your clan might have it,depending how high level they are.

Now the slightly lower levels can step in.
Wizards are good due to a high damage and 1 thing,splash.1 wizard can take out 10 archers in 1 shot.


Very rarely you get these,but when you do they're very good.
The skeletons is all the hype for these guys,they'll distract heroes and troops.Main downside is that they're expensive and very few will have these and donate them.

These guys are fairly good and cheap.It's a flying unit,so less kinds of troops will shoot it down.It does a pretty good amount of damage and is often fairly common depending and your clan.

By now is when troops start to rust,however the lower levels will usually be safe and donate more with these troops.

Fairly good for the lower levels,recommended and usually one of the more common donated troops for low-mid clans.

Other troops are most likely not good for defense.

5.Upgrade lists

Some are more important to upgrade than others.Here's my personal list for defenses.
(Note:This is for defensive buildings such as cannons,things like pumps and storages are not included.)

1.Splash Defense
By far the most important.Splash defenses are the most important to upgrade.These are Mortars and Wizard Towers.(for some inferno towers?)They are the 1st due to the ability to handle bundle of troops quickly.

These include archer towers,teslas,inferno towers,xbows,etc.They can target both air and ground troops,becoming rather effective for defense sometimes.

3.Single Targets
These guys(Cannons,Air Defense,etc.)can do more damage than the multiple-targets usually,however they only attack 1 type of troop.


These guys are last,although Walls,don't get me wrong,are extremely important in defense.However,high levels walls guarding level one defenses most likely aren't going to work out too well for you.They are most likely upgraded later in.

6.Copy a really good base if you need to!(optional)
If you can't seem to find a base that works out for you,go ahead and copy some bases if you really think you need to or you don't want to spend some time making a base.Although this probably ruined the whole guide for you,please read the whole thing if you can,and try to attempt to make a base before you copy ;_;

7.Try to know what type of attack our base is good at

Some bases are good at a certain attack strategy and weak against others,such as a Anti-Hog base.Watch defense replays,and try to improve the base as much as you can.

8.Don't give a base up straight away!
Don't give a base layout right after you lose 1 raid.Maybe he attacked your weak side or use a attack strategy you're weak at,or maybe he was just higher level.Try to edit your base around,unless you want to keep the base good for 1 attack strategy,such as the Anti-Hog Base.

9.Watch Defense replays(optional)
This is recommended but not needed.Why it is such is because it'll most likely let you know your weak spots or a attack strategy you're weak against.However this is not needed.

10.Edit your base around(optional)
Editing your base is fairly good,cause you can get better at certain attacks or just improve all together.Some you really don't want to like,again,Anti-Hog base.

11.Try to use spells

Spells are very important in my opinion.Here's the list of usefulness.

These are the best spell by far in my opinion.The increased damage and speed is widely used by players in both mid and high levels.
Used by mid and sometimes high level players,these can heal your troops up,and is effective in many types of raids or troops.
Used by players of all skill levels,these are good for taking out certain buildings or CC troops.Highly effective at taking out key buildings or CC troops.
Only reason this is so far down is that it's restricted to higher level players.Otherwise this would be pretty high up.These can temporarily disable defense buildings and CC Troops.However they are accessible for TH 10 only.However they are very useful,don't get me wrong.It's just that they're used by high levels only,reducing the amount it's used.
Used very little due to little use.Very good in Witch Raids however!

Attacks(Defensive recommendations and attack strategies)
Now as you most likely know there are different type of attacks that go around.I will share with you some ways to counter it or at least some important buildings.Also maybe you'll learn some ways to attack with it!

1.Air raids
Fairly popular and less or more worrisome attack strategy,very view troops are like this.The counters are pretty general,(inferno towers,air defenses,air bombs,etc)

Air raid strategies(Note:These are the more popular ones used and is effective,if you know one that was made rather recently and is effective,I am welcome to some.)

Balloons and Minions.A effective and cheap raid strategy that works well for mid-higher levels.Recommended for use at TH 8+.Spells used are rage(speeds balloons up),heal(keep troops alive),sometimes freeze(disables inferno towers) for higher levels.Effective buildings are air defense,multiple-targeted inferno towers,air bombs.

All or mostly dragon raid.Usually uses all rage(speed and damage increase),part rage part lightning,or all lightning(air defense).Key buildings are air defense,multiple-targeted inferno tower,and air bombs.


Majority of raiding strategies,some are cheap and effective or some expensive and powerful.


Barbarians and Archers.Popular farming strategy,cheap,trains fast,fairly good attack strategy.However,this will not guarantee a victory sometimes.Main weakness is Wizard Towers,Mortars,Multiple-Targeted Inferno Towers,sometimes Giant Bombs.Spells used are most likely lightning spells only,however rage and healing has been used successfully

Giant Healer
Giants+Healers.Is effective for mid level players,the goal is to destroy a air defense with giants and drop healers on them,making a huge meat shield,with wizards or archers cleaning things up.Spells used are heal and rage spells.Counters are spring traps,air defense,and air bombs.

A powerful,high level player attack,this is built to clear things up for the heroes to go in the center for a 2 stars.GoWiWi means Golems Witches Wizards.Wall breakers,luring troops,wizards,witches,and Golems are used in the attack strategy.Spells used are 2 rage,2 freeze,1 lightning.Only used and recommended for very high level players.Expensive!Very few counters,but the main ones are the inferno towers,both single and multiple.

Another powerful attack strategy,it is cheaper than GoWiWi while still able to get 2 stars.GoWiPe means Golems Wizards Pekka.Just like GoWiWI,it is made so your pekka and heroes can go in the center and 2 star.Cheaper than GoWiWi and uses 2 Rage,2 Freeze,and 1 lightning.Main Counters are Inferno Towers,both single and multiple.Uses Golems Wizards Pekka and wall breakers.


Mostly Hog Rider raid,using all heal spells(sometimes rage or freeze).The Hog riders will wipe the base out usually.However,the big counters are multiple-targeted inferno towers,
giant bombs and Wizard Towers.


All or mostly witch based raids.This is one of the few raids that use jump spells.The goal is to have skeletons jump over walls,destroying the base.Main weaknesses are giant bombs and multiple-targeted inferno towers.
There are many more,but I decided to list the popular ones.If there are more,let me know.

Thank you for reading the guide!This is a very long guide and I hope you read through all of it,or at least the ones you want to check.This took me a couple hours to make and I will greatly take any suggestions.But this is the end of the guide,bye for now!