Blitz Farming in TH6/TH7

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  • Jun 28, 2014 (100 months ago)
I call this Blitz Farming.
The goal: Resources and trophies.
I get 100% more than half of the time. And 95%+ of their resources.

Many people have a misconception about farming: they believe that it drains trophy level.
With my farming technique you will get one star or more 90% of the time.
I have farmed since TH5 and have tried a wide variety of techniques for farming. However, I have found that the technique of my own creation best fits my needs which are:
Both resources and trophies.
It is quite possible, and easy I might add, to both obtain amazing resources and maintain/push your trophy level.

BTW, I stay within the 1000-1200 trophy range for farming because that is where I have found the most success between TH6 and TH7.

I have used only one army composition for my entire career from TH6-TH7.
It has worked wonders for me, as i get from ~300,000-700,000 of resources every time.
I haven't lost an attack as long as I can remember.

That said, here's (quite literally) the plan of attack.
Ideally the army camps can hold ~180-200 troops. That's right, upgrade those army camps.
We can have either 3 or 4 barracks, depending on whether you're TH6 or 7. I have done both. It's just faster and easier with 4.

Army Composition (for 190 spaces)
8 wall breakers (just in case its the storages we are after)
5 giants
50 Archers
50 Barbarians
49 Goblins
Ideally a full clan castle in case we want to try for 100%

TH6: 1 Lightning, 1 Healing
TH7: 2 Rage, 1 Healing

For people with more or less army camp space, add or remove archers, barbs, and goblins accordingly.
Searching for a good base to attack:
First, although it is possible to find many resource-stocked bases during the daytime, most of the best raids are at night.
I attest to this because just a week ago I got over 1,200,000 of resources in about thirty minutes of searching at 12 at night.

Secondly, it is important to attack people with MANY resources, like more than 150K of each. It is okay if it's a bit less, but we want every attack to count towards your upgrades.
Just keep on pressing that 'Next' button until you have found one with most of the resources in the mines and collectors.

~15,000 gold and a few extra minutes of searching is a small price to pay for the extra 200K of resources.

Now that we have found a good base with plenty of resources, it's time to scout.
DO use those extra thirty seconds to plan your attack.
Here comes the (sometimes) tricky part.
It's usually pretty apparent whether the resources are in the mines/collectors or in the storages.
Focus on the storages to see the distribution of resources.

Now it's time to attack.

The Attack Plan:
Our goal here is to get the majority (~95% and more) of the resources in the least amount of time while gaining at least one star for the trophies.

After we have used those thirty seconds, you still have time. Our raid is very quick and devastating, so don't be stingy with time. However, use only like an extra 20 seconds if you are planning to actually attack.

Now, we begin.

Since, we are also aiming for trophies, place an archer on every building you see that is not defended, including in the corners and near the base.

If you are TH6, use a lightning spell on one of the mortars. If TH7, this doesn't apply to you.

IF AND ONLY IF you plan on attacking the storages/going for 100%, use your wallbreakers. If not, there is no need.
With your 8 wallbreakers, pick out places near the storages/mines/collectors are release them in groups of 2-3.
With several decent breaks in the walls, it's time to send out the main troops.

Evenly send out all your barbarians first around the storages.
They will soak up a good part of the splash damage.
Follow up with your archers. Also evenly place them behind your wall of barbarians.
These will take care of the majority of the buildings.
Now, place your goblins around the remaining mines/collectors, around 2-3 per building.
(Send the rest after the storages after the mines/collectors have been destroyed if there is some
gold/elixir in the storages)
Send in the clan troops (if you want) behind your main mass of troops.

Usually, this should suffice.
However, if you want to get at the storages as well, send in the Giants.
Send all five giants towards the splash defenses. Put one rage (TH7) or healing (TH6) spell on the splash defenses so that all the giants are affected.
Use the rest of the spells at your discretion.
Ex: try a rage spell with your goblins as they attack the storages. They become extremely fast and
can destroy those storages extremely quickly.
Also, alternatively you can use those giants to soak up the splash and point damage while they attack the defenses.

Then, wait.
The least you'll get is one star and ~95% of their resources. The most you'll get is 100% and everything.

Have fun!

輸 seasoned TH7.

A side note,
Generally, there is no need for spells, wallbreakers, or giants.
Many times, I just use my barbarians, archers, and goblins.

Also, you can edit the ratio of barbs, archers, and gobs to your liking. I use 1:1:1 because
1) It's easier to do
2) I've found that 1:1:1 is most effective

It's a very flexible army comp that I have found to be extremely effective on almost every base I have encountered.

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