Balloonion Attacking (at town hall 9 POV, but a good read for lower TH)

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  • Jun 08, 2014 (101 months ago)
In this guide I will be covering how to attack offensively with the Balloonions strategy.

Before I start I just wanted to mention I am surprised this guide hasn't already been widely publicised as I know it is one of the top 3 offensive attacking strategies used by top players (other two being Hogs and GoWiPe), either they don't have time to make a guide or they don't want to share the OP strategy to make others successful. So I hope I don't get laid into by top players for sharing this. Just for awareness Balloonions is also a great farming loadout but I will go into more detail with that in a separate guide.

Loadout/Troop composition:
-Army Camp

-Spell factory
Rage Spell x2
Heal Spell x2

-Clan Castle

Number of troops
When I first started using this, I used way too many Balloons (35, and only 22 Minions), I only decided after a month and a half of using it, to start switching it up, so I experimented for an evening trying different ratio's of Balloons and Minions until I found a sweet spot, which I believe is:

Balloons x28
Minions x40

But feel free to play around with the ratio, some in Master league find more balloons is beneficial, others find more minions is successful, so find what is best for you, I have tried 15 balloons and 60 minions and it worked great in lower leagues where the wizard tower is low level so the balloons take them out then the minions clear up the rest of the base.

Troop level
Balloons very recommended to max these out at lvl 6 as soon as you can, level 5 as a minimum to use this at high level, I did use them at level 4 early on at lower leagues and they were okay for lower leagues. (I currently use level 6)

Minions recommended to be level 3 and above for the higher league content, under 3 is fine for lower leagues. (I currently use level 3, but used lvl 1/2 in lower leagues)

Queue troops
This is a must, at this level though most people know this any way, as the training time is quite long for this army, at least get a head start on your next attack by queuing your next balloonion army while you search for a base then attack it. Don't forget to make new spells if you use them in the attack.

Defences to consider when searching bases to attack
-Inferno towers
The main thing to look for at this TH level and Crystal 3 and up is inferno towers, try and avoid them if you can, be more persuaded to attack TH 9 and TH 8, or TH 10 if they don't have any.
For bases with infernos: if they are on multi, forget it use next. I will emphasise, until you become very experienced with this strategy ONLY ATTACK SINGLE TARGET INFERNOS, the sheer frequency of Balloons will overpower an inferno tower if it is set to single target. Please note, so many people forget this but healing has no effect on troops under fire from an inferno tower, the description states this.

Do not be put off by xbows on air mode. Xbows are so over rated, seriously look at their stats, they are just a fancy archer tower that needs reloading, and 1 extra tile range if you don't believe me check out the dps comparison that I am handily about to make below:

no xbow dps: 0 Archer tower lvl 8 dps: 48
xbow lvl 1 dps: 50 Archer tower lvl 9 dps: 56
xbow lvl 2 dps: 60 Archer tower lvl 10 dps: 65
xbow lvl 3 dps: 75 Archer tower lvl 11 dps: 75
xbow lvl 4 dps: 80 Archer tower lvl 12 dps: 86

Also final point, although their hp is higher than archer towers they are single target, which produces minimal threat to multiple balloons as they make their way over to 1 shot it anyway.

-Air defence
To be honest this is the only defence that is the deal breaker in terms of having a big impact on accepting whether or not to attack a base, if they are higher that level 5 the attack is VERY questionable (i.e. if your heal spells are high level, or the other defences around the base are relatively weak, or strong minions) but anything level 5 and below you should be absolutely fine. Again they are single target so lots of balloons will overpower an air defence, just keep your eye on the balloons as they make their way round the base if the AD is quite central and they don't go to the AD after a while you may want to use a heal spell. Try to focus on finding a base with them near the outside of the base rather than the middle, as this will make your life easier. However at Master it's the opposite, you want them to be as central as possible, this is explained in the method of attack below.

-Wizard towers
If they are dark purple, you're going to have a bad time. Slightly lower wizard towers are not usually an issue because they're normally near the edge of a base and the balloons level 6 don't take a huge amount of damage from them, but like hogs, this is what the two healing spells are for, the second and fourth wizard towers are useful to be healed through, but on the APPROACH not where they're headed after, because there is a big speed difference between balloons and hogs.

Teslas are not actually a problem in terms of killing balloons, but the reason I mention them is just be wary of possible locations of teslas and bear this in mind when dropping a rage spell, you don't want a group of 15 Balloons missing a rage spell because they went in the opposite direction when a tesla decided to show up, ruining the party for you and your attack.

Method of attack - Crystal (and below) (n.b read even if above, in case you farm down)
Please note, attacking method will vary base to base, this is just a good summary of my method that gets executed most of the time. This method works best at Crystal league, and possibly Master 3. But the technique differs slightly when you get to Master. In Crystal the aim is 3 star wins, in Master it turns into 2 and 1 star wins.

This may seem obvious but don't be put off by high level walls, this army will just fly over them and laugh in the face of them overpriced yet deviously needed high level walls.

Another obvious point is anything right on the outside like builder huts, use one minion to take that out for the duration of the attack. You do not want to get 98% and 2 stars just because you ran out of time when the group of minions didn't fly across the length of the map quick enough at the end.

ALWAYS always always check for air bombs. Use about 5 or 6 minions to do this, drop one on the outer wall nearest to each air defence (normally each edge) and then the last areas you didn't drop one, maybe a corner or a center of an edge or an end of an edge, basically check the perimeter of the base. Why? Because they will devastate all your minions, and it saves you having to use a heal spell on the balloons.

I can't really go into much detail about this bit because I don't normally worry about CC reinforcements or heroes because the focus is just getting the attack done as fast as you can, but if you do see wizards come out, use your CC troops to kill them.

When you are ready, use 2 fingers and deploy a large amount of balloons to head towards 2 air defences, and a rage spell on the group that have the most defences along their path.

Once you get about 30% to 40% of defences destroyed and the 'corner' of the map looks relatively defence free, deploy the rest of the balloons either behind and into this empty area or on the other side to help out the current balloons depending how their fate looks, remembering to use a heal spell if they get worn down from a wizard tower.

Once the balloons are working towards a 40% to 50% defences destroyed, deploy ALL the minions (using 2 fingers for more speed) from the area you first deployed the Balloons but spread them out a bit more, they will start to chew up (or should I say spit on and dissolve) the remains of the base while the balloons are chugging away at the rest of the defences.

Drop a rage spell either when the minions are all grouped up round an area with lots of buildings or when they aid the Balloons at destroying the last defences, which ever you feel will increase the flow of the attack the most, if your balloons look like they're in trouble use the last healing spell while you wait for the minions to get over to them or/and deploy heroes to help distract defences.

Personally I don't find my balloons getting into much trouble because the more you attack with this army the better idea you have of where to place troops, so I normally use the heroes of the defenceless side to help clear up the remaining buildings and TH, sometimes keeping 2 balloons and 2 minions to deploy on the side that still has defences, just to speed up the breaking.

Once the defences are destroyed, the Balloons really destroy clustered buildings with their splash damage and one shot everything, which is hilarious to watch, trust me.

Follow the above method if you are high league and high lvl troops or low league and low lvl troops.
For lower leagues and high level troops you are open to a bit more experimenting, you can either send all the balloons from one spot that will make them venture towards the heaviest defended area of the map or circle the whole base with balloons and they all make their way to the middle.


Method of attack - Master (and possibly champ)
Haven't got to Master yet but this is a VERY logical theory, as I do visit them when I see them on global to check out what's what. (Feel free to criticise if I'm completely wrong)

Things get a little mixed up when you reach master, because nearly all bases you find will be max TH8 and 9 or very strong TH10 (possibly maxed but farming) the aim here is actually to get 50% and the TH if you can. So this is really a much stronger version of BAM/Barch for those who used this to 50% at lower leagues.

The same applies above with putting a few minions round free buildings to spit on them for the rest of the battle, and also have a little check for Air mines same as above. But this is where it changes.

Look for bases with very central AD (and wizard towers) and possibly a TH thats not in the middle but closer to an edge. This is because you're not actually going to try getting to the middle anymore. What's more important here is that the archer towers are at the edge of the base.

Troop loadout will consist of less Balloons (20) and more Minions (60)

Put about 3 Balloons on each Archer tower to take it out, there will only be 5, 6 or 7 towers (th8, 9, 10) so 20 Balloons will cover them all. Do two at a time if you can just to put less strain on the balloons as the defences split the fire power against 6 balloons rather than 3.

Once the Archers are destroyed, you should be able to use the 60 minions to 50% the base, deploy them in lines and do groups of about 8 at a time just to give them a bit of distance between splash damage.

If the TH is closer to one of the sides then put an extra couple of layers of minions towards the TH and pray for a 2 star if they start to destroy it.

Most the time Clan Castle will be centralised in these bases so you should start to be nearing to 40% before they come out, when they do or just before you think they do, it would be a good time to deploy your heroes and your CC troops on the time which is least defended, or the side that has the TH nearest to it if its closer to one edge (just so they might help you get the second star)


Visual guide for Crystal (and below) attack
Editing these photos in shortly

Visual guide for Master (and champ) attack
Coming soon!

End of guide
Thank you for taking the time to read, feel free to discuss below. This is my first guide so let me know how I can improve for the future. Thanks, SamJohnson322.
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