The "archillion" attack strategy

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  • Jun 08, 2014 (101 months ago)
The "archillion" attack strategy is made up of three troops:

1. Archers: these troops are used for taking out the last 5 percent or the buildings in the corners, these are very valuable troops, since they can shoot from a range so one of these troops can take out a mine without getting hurt and might just give you the win.

2. Balloons: these are the key strategies of your attacks since they can take out defenses while only being able to get hurt by few of them. The splash damage of these troops are very valuable in the strategy since it can also work as a wallbreaker for breaking walls that are near the defenses or destroying the low health buildings, that are near the defenses.

3. Minions: these little flying things can destroy the base by following the balloons or becoming a key troop for taking out the heroes or cc troops. These guys can be the key of your win in this attack so this is a "must use troop".

4. Healing spell: the healing spells are used to heal the balloons while destroying the air defenses or getting hit by them.

5. Rage spell: this is used for when the balloons reach the middle of the base and the battle gets intense.

Ok this is the numbers of the troops used:

15 archers
25 minions
the rest balloons
2 healing spells
1 rage spell

This is how the attack strategy works:

1. Deploy a troop (preferably archer) to take out the cc troops or the archer queen (barb king doesnt make a difference if exists or not since it cant hit flying troops).

2. Place an archer in the corner of the base hitting a corner building so the cc troops or archer queen comes to the corner.

3. Surround all cc troops and archer queen with 10 archers.

4. If the troops or/and archer queen doesnt die, place 10-15 minions around them.

5. Place balloons on places that are further to the air defenses (if air defense is right next to wall, place balloons there).

6. When balloons go low in health or are getting attacked by the air defenses, place a healing spell and another one in their path a bit later.

7. When the balloons reach the most powerful defenses (xbows that can hit air or inferno tower) place rage spell so that the battle can get even more intense.

8. While the balloons are destroying stuff, place all minions in a minesweeped area.

9. Let the archers destroy the corner buildings or the buildings that are out of the reach of defenses.

10. Watch yourself win!!!

*this attack strategy is preferred for town halls 7 and 8

I've been using this attack strategy for a month and now I am in crystal III with town hall level 7.

Hope this guide works for you guys too, please comment and tell me what should be added or subtracted.

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