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  • Jun 07, 2014 (101 months ago)
Hello guys, this is my first guide. Today I will teach you my main attack strategy which I myself created. First, "DiSpamDe" stands for Distract, Spam, Destroy. Before I continue, the strategy works very well. I usually get 50% or higher, many of the resources, and most of the trophies. So, let's start with the basics. First, you will need to have an army composition of:

4-6 Giants (Can have more if you need them).
5-8 Wallbreakers (Can have more if you need them.)
The rest barbarians.
All Heal Spells (You can have 1 or 2 rage/ freeze spells as well, although all heal spells helps the best for people with townhall 9 and below.)
Optional: (this helps out tremendously)
1 Barbarian King (If you have it.)
1 Archer Queen (If you have it.)
Clan Castle, best with giants, wizards, dragons, or pekkas. (If your in a clan.)

So, the second thing you want to do is find a base that gives you a great abundance of DE, Elixir, Gold, or if you really want, Trophies. I'm at Gold II almost in Gold I and I usually look for at the least 140,000 of gold and 140,000 of elixir (Around 300,000 total resources). I barely use DE troops, so I only care about DE for upgrades. Anyway, let's get on with how to attack. So, first find a base that has the amount of resources you want, and a base that you 100% know that you can get at least one star in. Ok. The next thing to do is to find the perfect side to attack from. Use the 30 seconds very wisely to see the enemy's weakest side. So, here is how you attack.

#1) First, drop a few barbs around the area to de-trap the area.
#2) Second, drop all of your giants, about 1-2 tile(s) apart.
#3) Third, when the defenses in that area have targeted your giants, drop most or all if your Wallbreakers to break the walls. Make sure to drop these in as close to eachother as you can.
#4) Then, spam all of your barbarians. MAKE SURE that they go in towards the base, and not to outside buildings.
#5) Next, you want to make sure to drop your BK and AQ (if you have one) and your CC (if your in one).
#6) Finally, you want to drop healing spells where they are needed, and make sure to check everywhere on the map to ensure there is minimal barbarian loss.
Extra: I've been using this attack strategy for about a year, and I usually always get at least 50% on every base I attack.

If you enjoyed this guide, please check out my base plans. If you want me to make more guides or plans, leave comments, and rate. I should respond at least within a day. Thank you, and clash on!

(Note, I am not copying Daddy's "Lonely Troop" series, I just am sharing an attack strategy. I have never found an attack strategy like this, and if you do find someone who has a had a similar design to this, I'm sorry. I have based this on personal experience and experimenting in Clash of Clans.)
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