Choosing The Right Troops

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  • May 31, 2013 (113 months ago)
Choosing the right troops for a raid can be the most difficult thing to do in this game (This guide is intended for lower level players but there ill be things that some higher level players might find useful). Should I bring giants? Archers? Goblins? It all depends on how good your troops are, how much elixir you want to spend, how long you want to take to train troops, and who you choose to raid.

First, lets just start off with the basics. People will be using barbarians at the start. And people will use them for a decent amount of time. Barbarians are cheap, fast to train, and have a good pool of health. Many people will want to upgrade them first, and thats ok, but when you get into the silver leagues, they start becoming obsolete, and we'll move into the next set of troops.

Most of the Clash of Clans community will agree Archers are the best troops to use. They are ranged, relatively cheap, fast to train, are great defensive clan castle troops and do large amounts of damage in mass. The only downside about an Archers stats, to me, is that they have a low health pool. With that being said they are very vulnerable to mortars because their range is farther than the mortars blind spot and wizard towers because they deal splash damage and can destroy groups fairly easily, so you need to know how to use them, but that will not be covered because this is about CHOOSING the right troops.

The next troops are Goblins. Many people hate them, and many love them. Goblins are an all around decent troop who are very fast, deal a nice amount of damage, and deal double damage to resources, but unfortunately have a low health pool. A dozen goblins can destroy collectors, mines, and storages with ease, and once they destroy those can deal great damage on other structures.

Next on the list, and my personal favorites, are Giants. Giants are an all around great troop with a large amount of health, can deal great damage to defenses when with other giants, and their only downside is their slowness. They are great for soaking up damage from defenses and they'll keep them occupied as well so your other troops can destroy more buildings while taking less damage.

The next and final troop, are Wallbreakers. As the name implies, they seek out and destroy walls, and that is their main purpose. Other than that they are pretty useless. But when used right, can be devastating to the enemies defense. wall breakers go good with giants because the giants will absorb most of the damage while the wall breaker get in and open the walls so the giants can get to the mortars.

Since we've covered the basic troops, lets talk about a good troop setup. Depending on how much elixir and time you want to spend there are many different combos. Since we're here I'm going to tell you my setup. I like to use all the troops listed above and they take a while to train, about 20 minutes with four barracks, and they also cost a lot, but with the troops I use you can raid the better places with more loot and more trophies. I tend to run about 21 barbarians, 41 archers, 36 goblins, 9 giants, and 6 wallbreakers. I have used this combo of troops for a very long time and they have always worked for me, so if you're ever bored, struggling with finding a good troop setup, or just want to see if I'm lying to you, try them out. Thanks for staying this long with me so please comment if you found this guide helpful.

P.S This is my first guide so go easy on me ;)
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