All-out Archer attack

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  • Jun 02, 2014 (101 months ago)
This guide has been requested by beng from the guide “The Usefulness of Troops, Hero’s and Spells”.

This attacking order is made up of: Archers. All Archers. Only Archers.
My knowledge of an all-out Archer attack is that it generally scrapes a 50%-80% mark which will (most of the time) give you 2 stars.
A lot of people hate an all-out Archer attack because they believe that it is a weak attack. They are wrong. It requires skill to use all Archers effectively since they are generally a weaker troop. An all-out Archer attack is:

a) Cheap
b) Quick and easy to train (For 200 Archers between four barracks will take approx. 20 minutes) and;
c) You gain a lot more loot than using, say a Giants and Wizard combo ;)

So who cares what they say. You got their loot and yes people might Revenge you for that but with the loot you’re gaining and probably spending they won’t be able to get much from you anyway.

What base to look for:

Any base that has the loot in its collectors. The way to find out if they have loot in their collectors is that, for the elixir collectors, the little storage in the actual collector has a pinky-purpley colour in it. Same principle for the Gold Mines. I don’t know what makes you tell for a Dark Elixir Drill but an all-out Archer attack generally doesn’t happen that high up in the rankings (TH 8).
This is the way to do it:

1. In your barracks, before to attack, you should retrain your Archers so that at least half of them are already trained by the time you get back.

2. Look for the right base (as described above).

3. Lure out Clan Castle reinforcements. This kind of goes without saying. You should always lure out and kill Clan Castle reinforcements before launching your main attack. This is generally done by getting them out with a few Archers and leading them to a corner then deploying a few more Archers to destroy them.

4. Like most farmers that try to gain trophies (hybrid attackers they might call them) they normally have a few Archers up their sleeve to place next to one building that is out of the range of defences. (I once were one of these hybrid attackers and I got 300k of each, though not Dark Elixir, through only 40 Archers) Only place one Archer per building because it will destroy it in the 3 minutes you have got to attack. This will ensure the extra per cent that may win you the battle. Though remember to zoom out fully for those people that put they’re builder huts on the outside of their base which will give you some more per cent.

5. You may carry a few Lightning Spells if you want to take out a Mortar or Wizard Tower because that would help a lot for when the Archers get streamed through this one wall that they have got through and are all in a group, very vulnerable to splash damage.

6. So now you normally place about 5-10 Archers on each building protected by defences though not the splash damage ones because that would takeout way too many Archers.

So now you know how to do an all-out Archer attack.

Plz leave any comments about how you do your all-out Archer attack. Or any other comments on what you want me to write my next guide about.
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