TH 7 Attack Plan - 170 Troops.

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  • May 31, 2014 (101 months ago)
Here is a quick and simple attack that I have recently came up with and so far won every battle.

To start off, you'll at least need 1 barracks that can create dragons.

Works best in 1100 - 1300 Trophy Range

Troops:[Defensive Battle]

25 Archers / Level 4: 4,000 Elixir
16 Goblins / Level 4: 1,280 Elixir
15 Giants / Level 4: 30,000 Elixir
10 Wallbreakers / Level 4: 25,000 Elixir
1 Healer / Level 4: 6,000 Elixir
1 Dragon / Level 2: 30,0000 Elixir
2 Lightning Spells / Level 3: 36,000 Elixir [Optional]
1 Rage Spell / Level 1: 23,000 Elixir [Optional]
[Optional]: Barbarian King (Backup)
Total (w/o Spells) = 96,280 Elixir
Total (w/ Spells) = 155,280 Elixir

Although the troops are at a high expense, you will want to take some time to find a base that has 97,000+ Elixir so you can remake your troops, and get a profit. It takes me around 2-5 minutes to find a decent base, so it will take some time along with making the army composition. I can guarantee that 80% you will get 3 Stars when attacking. Be sure to first check the Clan Castle to make sure they are empty, if not, drag the troops out to the corner and drop your lightning spell. Once the troops are out, you can then procced into the battle. Be sure to firstly target the air defense. If that is not your first priority, either you healer or dragon (Which ever you place first) Will be taken out quickly. As soon as the air defense is gone, drop the dragon and place your healer so they can advance to your giants. You will then place your goblins and archers in a semi-circle around the base to take out all the extra's such as gold mines, storage's, barracks, etc. This attack should get you an easy 3 stars. If you would like, you can place your barbarian king down just so it can assist your archers and goblins.

If you'd rather have a cheaper army, you can use this composition as well, along with you saving more elixir and time.

Troops: [Hybrid Battle]
15 Giants / Level 4: 30,000 Elixir
31 Barbarians / Level 4: 2,480 Elixir
30 Archers / Level 4: 4,800 Elixir
20 Goblins / Level 4: 1,600 Elixir
7 Wallbreakers / Level 4: 17,500 Elixir
[Optional]: Barbarian King (Backup)
Total = 56,380 Elixir

This attack is more for Trophy Pushers / Farmers. With the giants, they will allow you to be able to distract as well as tear down defenses to make way for your troops. This attack will allow you to get an easy 1 star or you can push push for more if you feel like it. What you firstly want to do is break into the base, drop some (or all) of your giants to distract. You will then place your Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins in a semi-circle and let them do the work. If you have a barbarian king and you see you only have a few troops left and only need like 4% - 6% more, drop your barbarian king to cleanup and get you that one start. Be sure to end the battle immediately so you won't have to wait for your Barbarian King to regenerate its health.

Those are my simple offensive strategies / army compositions. I hope you use them and they helped you out :)

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