The Wizarian farming/hybrid attack strategy!

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  • May 30, 2014 (101 months ago)
A quick disclaimer here, this strategy was developed by the well-known youtuber Gamingwithm0lt (i'm sure he's not the first to use it but he's the first to put it on youtube). I just thought i'd share how to I like to use it.

1) The idea and how it's used

This attack kind of replicates the Barch strategy (barbarians and archers) in that there's a meat in the barbarians and a ranged troop in the wizards. The difference is the wizards can pack a whole lot of more of a punch in their strikes. It's meant primarily for gold and dark elixir farming because of the expense in elixir, however if you're in a good trophy range that you can maintain at, you should be able to make a profit in elixir 4/5 attacks with this strategy. This can also be used for the beginnings of a trophy push just to get to a certain point before you need to start building 200k armies and using dark elixir to push any further.

2)The Composition

This army should work at most town hall levels, it's just a matter of the right composition used. I just started using it at town hall 8 and have seen it used at town hall 8 and 9. With an army composition of 180+ You will want to use 16 wizards, 4-8 wallbreakers and then the rest barbarians. If your at around 125-165 troops in your army camp I would probably use only 12 wizards and closer to 4 wallbreakers rather than 8. The wallbreakers can vary depending on how you like to use it. Me having 200 troop space I like to use 8. I like to bring along 3 lightning spells as well; one for the Clan Castle troops and 2 for any mortars or wizard towers. Those who have less than 3 spells go ahead and just use 2 lightning spells, maybe a heal and a lightning because of splash damage. Also the use of your hero's, especially the king because of the ability (if you have it) is prefered but not needed. Let me know what you guys like to use at your level of playing and army camp space.

2) What to look for in a base.

You're looking for a base with A LOT of gold or dark elixir or both depending on what you're hunting for. When I'm hunting for gold in the Gold 2 league I don't settle for less than 200k gold available. Part of this is because if the gold storages are spread across the base I might not be able to get to it all. 2/3 and or 2/4 gold storages should be covered in about half of the base for it to be worth it. if there are 4 gold storages (town hall 9 base) then you'll want more than 200k available (at least that's how I do it). You're also looking for a base that the storages are more exposed, preferably in the 2 outer layers. If they do have a vault of all of their storages in the center that is a smaller and/or less developed base, if they don't have too many intersection and you focus your attack on getting in the center you should be able too.

3) The Attack!

Before we move on I just want really quick talk about attacking collector bases with this. You DON'T need to use all of your wizards. For arguments sake lets say the collectors are on two sides. Put half of your barbs with 2 or 3 wizards on one side and the other have of your barbs with 2 or 3 wizards on the other. If the collectors are spread you can place a bunch of barbs wiz a wizard or 2 at one spot, then another and so on. Wizards are expensive and take time to train so when you don't need to use them all in this situation then why waste? Of course if a lot of collectors are on the inside for some reason then you will want to break into the base to get it.

Now for attacking a normal base with storages in the 2 outer layers. 1st, if the town hall is in the corner then drop a few barbs and it to take it out then move on before it's even destroyed, don't wait it'll take a while. Lure the hero's and CC troops. Hit the CC troops with a lightning spell and take the heroes to the corner and take them out. Killing the King should take about 10 barbs and 2 wizards on opposite sides (if the king is higher level and/or the Queen is present it may take 15-20 barbs and up to 4 wizards). Spread a line of first along the side that you're attacking to check for traps. when that's done, spread a few lines and then drop a few wizards. If your barbs are getting killed fast you'll drop the wallbreakers between lines of barbarians. If not, drop some wizards down before the wallbreakers to provide some firepower and clear buildings quicker. Then drop a few more barbs and wizards. When the are around where you're next set of wallbreakers need to go is cleared, drop the next wallbreakers. When they break in you should hopefully be at the storages you're looking for. More barbarians followed by more wizards! If all of the resources you're searching for are here, drop the rest of your troops in a barbs then few wizards, barbs then few more wizards fashion until all troops are deployed to make sure you get everything. If storages are on opposite sides of the base, when you're sure that you have enough to get the storages you're after, try to hit the other side. If there's a vault in a center then obviously you'll want to break into the center with remaining wallbreakers or if you're out of wallbreakers, drop the rest of your troops and either the barbs and wizards hit into the center or your wizards can shoot over the top of the walls. At this point if you're not at 50% or the town hall is still there, use the rest of your barbs and/or whatever few wizards you have left to get that taken care of. When farming, you want to stay at your desired trophy range, because if you drop too low, the loot available will disappear.

If at some point in the attack you notice that a mortar is and/or will be a problem drop a pair of lightning spells on it to take it out before it does damage. SPLASH DAMAGE WILL RUIN YOUR ATTACK!!!!!
4) The Aftermath

In the end, you should have 1-2 stars, about 150k gold and whatever dark elixir was available, and if you're hunting for dark elixir then all of that will be yours. You may have lost profit in elixir because of focus on gold taking the gold, however most of the time I see a profit so it isn't much of an issue. Remember, this is more for gold and dark elixir anyways.

5) How I use it

Now you may be ready to attack me with this strategy. "It's too expensive" "It takes too much time." Yes, it does cost more and take more time to train than other farming strategies, but this army can take 400k of total resources easy if you find the right base. It eventually adds up to being pretty much just as effective in the end of it. However, the way I operate, I don't use this attack every time. Throughout the time period that I'm playing a run barch all day to get in a lot of attacks and collect a lot of resources fast. When I do evetually get my town hall sniped or my raided for a shield, I dump my archers in single player, train up my 16 wizards, and fill the rest of my army camp space with barbarians. This way, it isn't time consuming because it's during my shield, and the expense never gets a chance to add up.

This is a very effective attack strategy. Try it out, give me some feedback. I'd love to here your thoughts and results on this strategy.
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