A Great Way to gain Dark Elixir!

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  • May 28, 2014 (101 months ago)
Hey everyone!
This is my first guide, please don't hate or trash my guide. This information was gained through personal experience. I am level 82 and in the clan "Kiwi Clash". We like to war!

Table of Contents:
1: Overview
2: League/ Trophy Count / Base status
3:Army Composition and spells
4: Attack

-Alright, so you need dark elixir. Don't we all? Dark Elixir is by far the hardest resource to get in the game. Depending on your league, dark elixir may be virtually nonexistent. This guide is NOT for the maxed TH 9 or TH 10 (obviously they know how to get the stuff with their maxed level armies,haha). Instead, this guide is for the TH 7's and 8's (also TH 9 if you are under leveled or just wanting some different ideas).

2: League, Trophies, and Base status.
-To get dark elixir you really have to be gold two or higher. Not many people with excessive amounts of dark elixir hang out around silver1 or gold 3.
-If you are a town hall 7, a good league would probably be gold 2 (around 1590-1670 ish Trophies)
-If you are a town hall 8, a good league is (maybe) mid level gold 2 (1700+). You will see great amounts of dark elixir when you hit gold one , and definitely crystal 3.
-Personally, I'd have my base maxed for the town hall level or close to maxed. You'll be going higher in trophies, which means high leveled players will be able to attack you (which they will, so be prepared!)
-Make SURE your barb king is at least level 5 (his ability is important!)

3: Army Composition and Spells.

-Army Composition(s): A great army composition to use is the good ole' BARCH. For those of you who are not familiar with BARCH, it is basically half of your army space barbs and the other half archers. If you have 180 spaces in your camp, use 90-100 barbarians and 80-90 archers. If you have 200 spaces, use 100-110 barbarians and 90-100 archers. (Adjust numbers to fit your army camp spaces) You can also throw in three or four wall breakers to make it easier for your barbs to get inside the walls. The same can be said for goblins; to make it easier to get the dark elixir, you could take out some archers and replace with goblins.
-I strongly recommend having AT LEAST level 4 barbarians, archers, wall breakers, and goblins.
-Spells: Make sure your spell factory is level three (or higher, but this guide is for those who have a three spell capacity). Bring with you: One rage spell (preferably level 3 or more) One lightning spell (preferably level 4 or more) and one heal spell (preferably level 3/4 +) These spells take over an hour to train, so during that time, you should be able to raid two to three times (without spells and just going for collector raids.)


-Bases to look for : When using BARCH (with wall breakers and goblins thrown in the mix , which is OPTIONAL) look for bases with low level splash damage defenses. Look for wizard towers and mortars that are level 3/4. Also make sure that the walls are level 6 (MAYBE 7) and under, because your barbs WILL have to break through them to get the dark elixir. Look for bases that have the dark elixir close to the side of the base, because this army will not break into the center, most heavily defended compartment. You want the dark elixir storage to be in the second layer of walls with medium-minimal splash damage. Look for bases with 800/1000+ dark elixir. You may have to search for a bit, but it's worth it! If you are watching trophies as well, look for bases you can get 40 ish % off the outer buildings. And if you find full collectors as well, then lucky you!
- Hero and Clan Castle Luring: Make sure to lure the barb king (maybe archer queen) and the clan castle before commencing the attack. Bait them out into a under-defended corner out of range of the defenses, and kill them by circling them with barbs and archers (use about ten barbs and ten archers, less if you can, and more if you have to. By placing the troops all around the heroes/CC, it will take them longer to destroy your troops, which leads to their ultimate downfall :) ) Use the lightning spell here to kill the CC troops if you have to or want too, to save troops.
-Troop Deployment: Once the CC and Heroes have been destroyed, select barbs and circle them around the base, using about 30. Wait a few seconds, then place the archers behind the barbs, with the same "drag a thumb across each side" deployment. Repeat once. At this point you should have destroyed most of the outside buildings (collectors/mines/barracks/army camps, etc). Locate the closest entry point to the dark elixir. Make sure all outer buildings near this point are destroyed, else your barbs will be distracted, which isn't what we want. (You should have about 30 barbs and archers left, along with your king ((Maybe queen)) wall breakers, goblins (OPTIONAL), and spells.) Release the barbs near the wall, so that they target the wall nearest them. Don't release them all at once, for the splash damage will wipe them all out! Release about 20, and drop the barb king behind them. Use the Iron Fist ability (Barb King unlocks this at level five, which is why I said you need that level!) to break through the wall. There should still be another wall layer to the dark elixir storage, maybe not if it's in the first layer. Drop about 15 archers to help destroy the buildings. Once the troops start taking heavy splash damage, drop your heal spell. Release all of the rest of your troops here. Barbs, archers, maybe goblins/wall breakers. Once they all start trying to get to the next layer of walls, drop your rage spell. Sit back and watch them break into the next layer and hopefully destroy the Dark Elixir storage!

On days where the loot is great, I can rack in 5k -7k dark elixir a day using this strategy, if I have lots of time to play and boost spell factory. Remember guys, loot fluctuates (some days it's great and other days it's horrible.) Please, do not blame me if you cannot find good loot. If you have trouble over three or more days, then adjust your trophy count.

I really do hope this guide helps you gain some dark elixir. I've worked hard on this guide, and have tried to be as specific and detailed as I can be.

Please leave reviews, constructive criticism, comments, things to add in this guide, and rate this guide. Thank you all for reading this lengthy guide.

Best Wishes, iRaze* :)
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