Modifying Base Plans - Builder Huts

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  • May 27, 2014 (103 months ago)
Hey guys! I'm NotorietyHound, or FARAEHMA. I'm here to teach you how to modify bases with accord to builder huts. This can either be for the fact that you don't have enough builder huts, or that you want to place them differently. I'll tell you the priority to put them in, and explain the reasoning behind it. So let's get started.

Priority 1 - Placed Directly Against Walls

This HAS to be your first priority. Why? This will distract troops on the ground, and give your defenses more time to kill them. So, instead of the troops going directly for the walls and your defenses not having very much time to kill them, they will go for the huts, giving your defenses a little more time to get that extra damage in. Plus, because of the AI functionality in COC, troops tend to bunch up around small buildings, like builder huts, as opposed to spreading out along walls like they normally would. This allows for splash damage to have a better effect on troops.

Priority 2 - Next To Bombs That Are NOT Against Walls

This one is a little bit more difficult to explain, but important nonetheless. The logic behind this one directly ties into the last priority, mainly towards how the AI works with small buildings. When the troops are at the small buildings, they bunch up, correct? Well, even BEFORE they get to the buildings, they are bunched up in a group. If the bombs are against the walls, the troops will get separately blown up so it is not as big of a deal. However, if the bombs aren't against the walls, having your builder huts right next to them can increase the effectiveness tenfold.

Priority 3 - Placed In A Corner Formed By BUILDINGS

This one is important. A builder hut placed in a corner formed by buildings can sometimes mean the difference between your attacker getting no stars and getting 3 stars. This one is very subtle, though. Through my months playing COC, I have slowly noticed something. Let's make an example here. Let's say that an equal number of Barbarians are working on three different buildings, A, B, and C, B being the building in the corner. The Barbs destroy A and C first, and begin to head towards B, but the Barbs on B destroy it before the ones from A and C get there. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If that happens, all of the troops will PAUSE, like a complete dead stop, for 1 or 2 seconds. This gives your defenses some extra time to take advantage of the fact that they are stopped, which could give you that little extra help you need. If the Barbs destroy B first, however, the Barbs won't pause at all, which is why this one isn't as high up on the list as some others.

Priority 4 - Next To Bombs That ARE Against Walls

This one is surprisingly low on the list, for one crippling factor. Having builder huts right next to the bombs on the walls allows the troops to bunch up, making the bombs more effective. The bombs detonating will throw the troops away from their targets, giving the defenses extra time to destroy them. This is where it goes wrong, though. The spread of the troops from the bomb detonation means that they are closer to other targets, which means they will target those buildings, which means they will SPLIT UP. This makes it harder for your Splash Towers to finish them off, reducing effectiveness. The spreading effect of the bomb is useful in most cases, but not in this one.

Priority 5 - Builder Huts In Corners Of MAP

This is the final priority, because doing this basically gives the enemy free buildings to destroy. It does virtually nothing for you, because unless you place your defenses right, that's a free building right there. So unless you are doing some SERIOUSLY lazy farming, they serve virtually no use.

I was planning on making this the end, but then I thought I would tell people how many builder huts they should have based on TH level. This is based on someone who takes their time with upgrading their town hall, and attack regularly. I won't include TH 1 or 2 in this, because you skip 1 in the tutorial, and you should just fly past 2.

TH 3 - 2 Huts
TH 4 - 3 Huts
TH 5 - 3 Huts
TH 6 - 3 Huts
TH 7 - 4 Huts
TH 8 - 4 Huts
TH 9 - 5 Huts
TH 10 - 5 Huts

So that's it! Kind of long, but I suggest you read it carefully. Thanks for reading!
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