Th8 trophy hunting: Balloonian

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  • May 22, 2014 (101 months ago)
Hello fellow clashers! I have made a very effective trophy hunting strategy for all you Th8's. This strategy is the balloon minion attack (Or the "Balloonian"). This attack strategy is very likely to get you to at least 2 stars and it works very well from th7 all the way to th10.

Just follow the steps below:


An ideal army for a th8 with 200 space is shown here:

~28 Balloons (lv5 or under)
~30 Minions (Lv3 or under)

~2 Rage Spells (Lv5 or under)
~1 Heal Spell (Lv5 or under)

= 200 space

The balloons should take around an hour to train (if you train 7 in each barrack) and the minions should around 13 mins to train (15 in each dark barrack). The spells however, will take around 1-2 hours to create. (NOTE: If you do not have 200 space yet, take away troops proportionally.)


When you look for the right bases, these are the properties you want to look for:

~Low level air defense (4 and under), few air defense (under 3) and/or exposed air defense (not protected by walls)
~Low level wizard towers (4 and under), few wizard towers (under 4) and/or exposed wizard towers (not protected by walls)
~Th8 or under (unless the th9 or 10 is not good)

~Some people might also wanna look for loot and trophies


Ok, so you've found the right base and it's time to attack. Follow these simple procedures towards success.

a) Drop one minion to check for clan castle troops (And a possible "Archer Queen"). if the CC troops can target air (Archers, wizards, minions, dragon, witch, etc), lure them to an isolated spot and destroy them with some minions or your CC. If the CC troops can only target ground (Barbarians, goblins, giants, etc), or if there are no CC troops, simply let them be.After the CC troops are gone (and AQ), it's time to do the real raiding.

b) First, drop minions on any very exposed buildings (Builder huts in the corner, TH maybe, etc). Next, if there's any exposed air defense or wizard towers, destroy them with your CC troops, your King and Queen or some balloons.

c) After all that is taken care of, start dropping your balloons on the side with the most air defense (you can drop them all on one side or in different places depending where the AD is). Drop your first 2 rage spells near the AD, then follow up with minions in behind. Once it looks like you've gotten 50 percent (or almost), half the base is already destroyed and there are only a few defensive buildings left, drop that last heal spell when you see the remaining balloons have low health.

NOTE: When deploying or minions, never deploy them in the EXACT spot. Spread them out or else they're gonna get killed in a group by wizard towers, air bombs, etc.

This should destroy all the defensive buildings which leaves you to clean up the rest of the base. At this point, you can deploy the rest of your stuff (King and Queen if you haven't already), and give yourself a pat on the back for an epic 3 star!!!


This attacking strategy should cost you around 225-275k elixir and around 180-240 dark elixir so when raiding, it may not be a bad idea to try and look for bases with a decent amount of loot. Being active and raiding often with this strategy will certainly reward you with a ton of trophies.

Well I hope you all liked this guide! I hoped it helped all of you in any possible way!
Oh, and also please check out my bases that I built myself at Jxy998! Thanks and peace out!


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