How to Get to Crystal League (or Potentially to Higher Leagues) the EASY BUT LONG WAY

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  • May 21, 2014 (101 months ago)
***Special thanks to Dr J be de, my clanmate/friend/brotha from another motha, who at town hall level 6 reached Crystal League III at most 2053 trophies (until he stopped pushing for trophies) from 934 trophies within a day starting from 9:00am of May 21, 2014 until 2:21am of May 22, 2014 (Vietnam time) taking only 2 breaks among all of the attacks he made.***


Army Composition: Barbarians/Archers/Barbarians & Archers


(1)Cheap army composition;

(2)Takes a short time to train army;

(3)Easier to go up leagues - Crystal League and potentially higher leagues;

(4)If Crystal League is reached, gets you 1-star for the "League All-Star" Achievement granting you 100xp and 250 gems too (In the case you reach the Master League or become a Champion!, grants you 500xp/1 000 gems and 2 000xp/2 000 gems, respectively. See: for a complete list of the Achievements with the corresponding xp and gems you will receive for each star gained per achievement.).


(1)Takes a couple of attacks to go up to higher leagues such as the Crystal League (because you gain only at least 3-4 trophies to 11 at most for destroying the opponent's town hall alone. Based on the experience of Dr J be de (see message on top).);

(2)As you go up to higher leagues, there is a high potential of losing about 30 trophies from taking breaks (In consideration to the strength of your base. KEEP IN MIND that as you go up to a higher league, the number of potential attackers INCREASES.);

(3)Requires a lot of reserved gold (as you keep on clicking "next" to find the perfect base to attack) and elixir (to train your army) as it gets harder to loot such as your number of trophies increases.


First, look for bases with their town hall exposed, out of range of defenses, heroes, and the clan castle (Familiarize yourself with the range of these by clicking on your own defenses, heroes, and clan castle within your base. In the case you still lack at least one of these, search on the range of each, e.g. cannons have a 9-tile range within a circle around it. See: for more information). BEWARE OF TRAPS AND HIDDEN TESLAS (Hidden Teslas are unlocked at town hall 7, takes up 2 x 2 spaces, and are hidden from attackers until troops come close within a 6-tile circle around them. See: to familiarize yourself with how a town hall 7 to town hall 10 looks like; and: to have an idea of what a hidden tesla looks like ALTHOUGH KEEP IN MIND that hidden teslas are literally "hidden" until triggered.)

TIP: Deploy a few barbarians and/or archers around the town hall, one at a time, to check for traps. If there are any, wait for them to deploy before deploying another troop/s. Don't deploy a couple of troops once on a single area, e.g. clicking the barbarian icon > holding on your finger on a certain area close to the town hall, as traps such as giant bombs will kill them all at once, wasting your troops, elixir, and time (because it'll take additional time to train the troops you've lost for your next attacks).


Deploy enough barbarians and/or archers about 5 (depending on your preference and troops levels) to take out the town hall. When deploying only a few troops to save them for the next attacks and to save elixir too, mind the remaining time for the attack (you only have at most 3 minutes to take out the town hall). Once the town hall gets destroyed, end the battle to be able to attack again immediately and save time.

TIP: You may queue barbarians and/or archers in your barracks to train. They will start training as soon as you deploy your first troop/s in an attack. This will help you save time thus making your attacks more efficient.

Repeat until Crystal League is reached. Continue if you want to push higher to Master League or even become a Champion! (which I don't recommend at the moment if you are still at town hall 6 and below. Why? It'll take you much time, resources, and a harder time to push for trophies because as I've said, as your number of trophies gets HIGHER, the number of potential attackers get HIGHER, too. And if you take breaks in between, you have big chances of losing much trophies (about 30 trophies if you're village gets completely destroyed) making it harder for you to reach the Master League or become a Champion!. Another thing is that as the town hall level of players gets HIGHER, the tendency is that MORE players will settle for defense or hybrid layouts (layouts with the town hall protected) MOST ESPECIALLY for those at maxed town hall level 10 which are usually at Master League or Champion!.

Questions, Clarifications, Comments, Suggestions, Views, and Ratings are highly appreciated! Try this out! Share with others, too! Happy to help! Clash on!!! :D

Godbless! :D
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