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  • May 21, 2014 (102 months ago)
What's up clashers?? I'm going to share you my current and favorite attack strategy so far and I call it, "TH7 GIANTS & WIZARDS ATTACK STRATEGY".

Town Hall Level: 7
Total Army Camp Space: 200
Total Number of Spells my Spell Factory can Hold (for now): 2
Army Composition (including spells): 20 giants, 20 wizards, 7 wall breakers, 6 barbs, 2 lightning spells
Troops Level: 4 (for giants, wizards, wall breakers, and barbs)
Spell Level: 4 (for the lightning spell)
Trophy Range: 1 200 - 1 250

(1)Great attacking strategy against weak th7 bases (by "weak th7 bases", I mean, th7 bases with low-leveled defenses and/or not so good to bad layouts) and lower town hall levels.
(2)Great for taking out **mines/collectors/drills which contain much of the lootable gold/elixir/dark elixir** placed outside walls and/or within the first layer (from the outside) of the opponent's walls. (**How can you tell if mines/collectors/drills contain much of the lootable gold/elixir/dark elixir? For mines, look at the box beside each. If it contains gold, more likely much of the lootable gold is within the mines. For collectors, look at the elixir level inside each. If the elixir level is high, more likely much of the lootable elixir is within the collectors. For drills, look at the transparent box on top of each. If it contains dark elixir, more likely much of the lootable dark elixir is within the drill. Tip: If your going for "revenge" attacks, click on the opponent > visit > click on mines/collectors/drills/storages > info, to see how much resources are inside each. For a concise guide on how much from mines/collectors/drills/storages are available for loot, see: for a concise guide on the computation for the loot available)
(3)High percentage of obtaining 3-stars against bases stated in (1) and at least 1 to 2-stars or even 3-stars for stronger bases (in consideration of proper deployment of troops).

(1)Expensive army composition (Costs a total of 157 980 elixir including spells. See "CALCULATION OF TOTAL ELIXIR NEEDED" below.)
(2)Takes time to train army.

Giants = 20 x 2 000 = 40 000
Wizards = 20 x 3 000 = 60 000
Wallbreakers = 7 x 2 500 = 17 500
Barbarians = 6 x 80 = 480
Lightning Spells = 2 x 20 000 = 40 000
TOTAL ELIXIR NEEDED = 40 000 + 60 000 + 17 500 + 480 + 40 000 = 157 980 elixir

First, look on the available loot. Go for those with at least 100k lootable gold which you think you can take (as much as there is much available loot). Better if there is at least 100k elixir, too. REMEMBER, this attacking strategy needs about 150k elixir to be able to execute. If you take a few elixir e.g. 10k elixir only, your next attack might be delayed due to lack of elixir. Why at least 100k only? The training time takes about an hour (waiting for both spells to be finished, each takes 30 minutes to create). By then, PART of the 50k elixir would be covered by the elixir your collectors would produce while your army is being trained and your spells being created.

Second, look on the mines/collectors/drills animations (See (2) under "PROS"). Why? If the mines/collectors/drills would more likely contain much of the available loot, it'll be easier to steal the resources they contain as they will be placed outside or just within the first layer (from the outside) of the opponent's walls.

TIPS: (a)Mines/collectors/drills containing much of the available loot would most likely mean that the player hasn't been online for a while and more likely, the clan castle would be empty so it'll be an advantage on your part; (b)Tombstones around the village would mean that the opponent has been attacked by previous players before and more likely has not been online yet again. The more the tombstones, the more likely that the clan castle is empty.

First, check on the clan castle for troops. Deploy at least 1 barbarian within the clan castle troops deployment range (This takes practice depending on the location of the clan castle. To have an idea on the range of the clan castle, see your base > click on the clan castle, then the clan castle troops deployment range would be shown around it on a white transparent circle. The more centered the clan castle is, the more likely it'll be hard to deploy the clan castle troops as the barbarian might be out of the clan castle troop deployment range). Deploy more barbarians if necessary (Sometimes, not all troops will deploy. Once the barbarian gets killed, troops from the clan castle will not continue to deploy e.g. in the case of 20 archers, 5 might be deployed then the barbarian might get killed that's why the other 15 stopped being deployed.).

TIP: If you have spare barbarians, you may deploy them on suspicious areas where traps might be placed to deploy them. You may also deploy barbs on structures placed out of range of defenses e.g. builder's huts on corners. This would give you an additional percentage on your total damage on the opponent's village which will increase your chances of getting at least 50% for a win.

Second, lure out the clan castle troops and/or barbarian king and/or archer queen (which I strongly suggest don't attack one with a queen that would mean the opponent is at least on Town Hall Level 9 and most likely the opponent would have strong defenses which would mean you'll most likely not steal the available loot, unless they're mostly within mines/collectors/drills) by deploying a barbarian, one at a time until the first gets killed (in the case you have no barbarians left, deploy one giant at a time), out of range of defenses e.g. a corner but I strongly suggest a distance from where you would start your attack in the case that there were no clan castle troops, barbarian king, and archer queen. Once lured, deploy one giant (to serve as meat shield) then enough wizards behind the giant(In the case of a barbarian king, I deploy 10 wizards to quickly kill him and I find this strategy the most efficient. Why? Deploying only a few wizards would take time to kill the barbarian king which would more likely give the king the time to kill the giant, in this case deploy a giant again, one at a time, but then you will lose a couple of giants and time also.)

Third, start your attack. Start by deploying the 2 lightning spells on a mortar (best I suggest to the hardest to reach or to the one beside a wizard tower). Deploy a few giants on a side where the defenses are closest to the walls, then a few wizards behind. Deploy enough wallbreakers to break in walls (mind the timing as the mortar's fire would kill the wallbreakers instantly which would be a waste of wallbreakers), deploy a few more giants, wizards, and/or wallbreakers if necessary. Repeat on another side. I suggest to do this on 2 sides (left and right or top and bottom), or on 4 sides (left, right, top, & bottom).

Questions, Clarifications, Comments, Suggestions, and Views are highly appreciated! Try this out! Share with others, too! Happy to help! Clash on!!! :D

Godbless! :D
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