How to Find a Good Base on Clash of Clans Builder

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  • May 20, 2014 (101 months ago) is a great website for finding base designs; I use it myself. However, there are a lot of crappy bases, unusable bases, and people just trolling ("hur durr my base looks like a skull"-- no one cares). This guide will show you the quickest and easiest way to tell if a base is a 100% certified Total Waste of Time (TWT) and how to find the base you came here for.

Before you start even looking for bases:
-This can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.
-Looking for a good base on is best done on a computer.
-This takes patience but ALWAYS pays off.

THE BASICS: For when you're just starting out.

1. The best way to find a good base is to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. It narrows things down a lot. If you want to farm, trophy push or get ready for clan wars choose that category and you'll find the bases you want. If you want certain features like funneling, good traps or Dark Elixir farming type that in.

2. Look at the NAME and PREVIEW (best done on a computer). If the name is ridiculous, there's a good chance it's a TWT (Total Waste of Time), move on. If the name is something bland and boring the person probably didn't spend much time on it, TWT, move on. The star ratings generally don't mean much because most of the great bases don't get all that much attention usually.

3. Learn some of the best base designs because the copies are everywhere. Triangulation, PokeBall, Ringus copies etc. pop up all the time because these are very good bases. You already know what to expect with these, and if you know you don't want that, keep moving.

THE ADVANCED: Once you've narrowed things somewhat. Open maybe 15 tabs and start your process of elimination.

1. TOO MANY X-JUNCTIONS: If the base has all X-junctions (a wallbreaker blowing up gives the enemy access to 4 separate compartments), TWT because this base maker doesn't know what they're doing. If possible you want mostly T-junctions if possible (wallbreaker blows up but enemy troops can only access 2 or 3 compartments).

2. TESLA PLACEMENT: Teslas are best used to a) zap wallbreakers b) provide air defense where there is none or c) attract defense-focused troops (giants, hogs) into traps. If their teslas are somewhere useless like all around the Town Hall or randomly outside the base, it's a TWT, next!

3. STORAGES: Should NEVER all be in one compartment if you're farming, no exceptions. I personally don't even like 2 gold or elixir storages in one compartment because it's too easy to lose loot (can you tell I'm a lifetime farmer yet?)

4. MORTARS & WIZARD TOWERS: These should be adequately spaced and triangulated to cover storages/weapons that are vulnerable to multiple troops; basically these spread damage weapons should anticipate destroying barbs, archers, goblins and minions. If they're not in the right place for that, TWT.

5. TRAPS: They should be spread out and not all in one place (unless specifically designed to be anti-hog).

6. HOLES: There should never be holes in the base you're looking for. If there are TWT.

7. HEROES and CLAN CASTLE: Should be somewhere towards the middle of the base because they are your best defenses. Anyone on ClashofClansBuilder with a clan castle outside or near the outside is definitely a TWT. With Barb King and Archer Queen you can make small exceptions, but I haven't seen many that make sense.

THE SUPER ADVANCED: You're obsessed with having the best base possible (add 20 minutes to your time searching). By now you should be down to maybe 4-5 designs, max.

1. WEAKNESSES: Every base has one. The best base makers have already anticipated that weakness and compensated for it. Are the air defenses kind of exposed? Then the base maker should have X-bows set to air, Teslas for extra air defense, or put traps for extra support. If the base spread out and weak to golems, the infernos should be set to single-target. Basically you want to think about the best way to defeat the base if you were to attack and make sure that area is covered.

2. STORAGE SWITCHING: Some bases have one type of storage somewhat or fully exposed (either gold or elixir). The base creator isn't dumb-- this a strategy many farmers use to keep their resources safe. What they're hoping you'll do is raid for one resource at a time and switch the storages to inside or outside depending on which one it is. So say you're going for gold, those storages should be the well protected ones while your 50,000 elixir is basically up for grabs. This works well because storages have a lot of hit points.

The base above is an example of almost all the strategies mentioned in this guide, but I'll focus on the two super advanced ones first. The original base maker (I don't remember who he is but I had this design at TH9) knows enemies will probably head for the mortars or elixir storages first, so that compartment has a nasty trap ready for the inevitable giants. Full elixir storages could be exchanged for empty gold storages and vice versa. Also, this base is kind of weak to air attacks, so Teslas, infernos and air traps are in the middle, and X-bows would be set to air.

----END OF GUIDE----

I hope this guide helps you find what you're looking for on Happy clashing!
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