Advanced base design: Anti hog designs!

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  • May 20, 2014 (101 months ago)
ign: DrZtroom
Clan: The Farmers (red and yellow flame shield)

Hi builders!

Ever been flattened by hogs? If you been in clan wars you know that hog rules against anything that doesn't have multi infernos. So is there anything you can do about it? -Yes, time to build a anti hog design or a "hogring" as I call them. This guide is directed to TH8 and TH9. TH10 can certainly use same principles, but don't really have to if the inferno towers are activated (inferno fire negates healing).

The problem with hogs is that they kill all defenses very fast and are easily restored by using healing spells. To counter this we have several counter measures that all work together in a good anti hog design:
1. Insta kill: Spring traps, double giant bombs (max bombs (available at TH10) needed for max hogs (available at TH9))
2. Very fast kills: High DPS defenses (teslas, canons, xbows) and defense troops(archers, wizards and other high DPS troops in the clan castle), Archer queen, Barbarian King
3. Make the attack take long time and letting AoE defenses with low DPS have their effect (mortars and wizard towers).
4. Make the attacker waste healing spells on wrong places. Deception is very important for a successful design.

The design idea that will combine all these counter measures is the hogring design. Well, Archer Queen and Barbarian King you can pretty much forget about, a good attacker will always be able to lure them. The basics of the hogring is that you put the most valuable things you want to defend (town hall or DE storage for example) together with your long range defenses in the middle. The layer outside of the core must not contain any defenses. The next layer is the actual hogring where the defense towers are spread out in a full ring around the base with empty space in-between them to give room for traps. Outside of the hogring there can be another ring of less valuable non defense buildings.
If the clan castle is placed in the very center of the base it is possible to make it very hard to lure with single or just a few troops. If the hogger is unable to lure and take out all the CC troops before the main assault the attack is doomed. Especially in clan wars where everyone has good defense troops in CC.
My designs are always four-way symmetrical. The purpose of that is to avoid any weak spots. They usually feature funnels on all sides to lure giants into the ring and away from holes created by wall breakers. The hogring designs work really well against balloons if the balloons are deployed in one spot. Try to make your hogrings not looking like hogrings, there are some common designs that everyone will recognize directly. Try to make the layers less obvious by using the walls smart. Also try to protect your Air Defense towers by not placing them on the outer layer (but still part of the ring), otherwise your base will be very vulnerable to mass dragons and other air attacks.

Check out my designs for examples, all recent designs are hogrings for TH8 to 10.

/Peter the Builder (ign: DrZtroom, clan: The Farmers)
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