Attack Strategies [TH7+]

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  • May 12, 2014 (102 months ago)
Hey there, this is my first guide so please comment if you like it and if you want me to make more! This guide is about attack strategies for people who house 200 army camp space. I will write and categorise 4 strategies that work for me a lot and that I would recommend to other clashers who haven't yet used them.

1. Trophy pushing
Balloonion Strategy
2. Farming
Archers Strategy
3. Trophy Pushing + Farming
GOBARCH Strategy
4. None
Mass Healing Strategy

1. Trophy Pushing- Balloonion Strategy
x32 Balloons
x20 Minions
x2 Rage Spells
x1 Healing Spell
This by far is my most favourite strategy of them all. This is so helpful because you don't have your troops trying to break through walls and getting shot down whilst this is happening. You can change the amount of troops you have too, it doesn't really matter at all.

Finding The Perfect Base:
For this strategy it will most likely take a while to find the perfect base. You need to make sure that there aren't too many air defenses that can easily defeat your balloons and minions. So if you come by a base with a lot of loot and you think you can win, check out the air defenses first, if there are highly upgraded and are covering most of the base and are well centralised, you are likely to lose because they can shoot your balloons down too easily. Once you've found the right base, you now need to plan your attack...

How To Attack:
Now you have prepared your army and now you want to attack. You might go through about 50 bases before you find the perfect one (trust me, I do too) or maybe just a few. Now you have found the base that you have wanted, lets start attacking, shall we? First off you need to deploy 1 minion at the Clan Castle to see if there's any troops inside, if there is, put enough minions there to kill them. Another helpful tip to kill CC Troops is to lead them away from defenses so your minions don't get shot down and you have to keep placing more down, then you will lose your minions. Anyway, if they have a hero (that is not sleeping of course) do the same thing as you did with the CC Troops and lure him away from defenses. Now it's time to let out the balloons, as you have read above you should make sure there aren't too many Air Defenses around otherwise your balloons will get shot down easily. Anyway, put your balloons down to make sure you can take out most of the Air Defenses and other nasty towers that can destroy your balloons easily. You should use your rage spells when you get to an air defense so the balloons take it out quicker and put down the healing spell if you get hit by an air bomb or if you are taking mega damage from a wizard tower. By this time your balloons should be finishing the other defenses and you should have a few minions left over. Now you deploy them so they can get some outside buildings and also get the leftover buildings inside the walls e.g. town hall, storages etc. The attack is nearly over and you should've by now destroyed most of the base. If your balloons die and you have minions leftover, make sure you destroy the most important buildings, not try to defeat the leftover defenses with your minions because they can not take too much damage.

This is an extremely helpful strategy (in my opinion) and I recommend this too trophy pushers. At the same time you can get a lot of loot if you destroy the base and this strategy works. This can cost quite a bit of elixir and dark elixir so that is why I am not recommending it to farmers. Please read on if you would like to see more strategies ;).

2. Farming Strategy- Archers Strategy
x200 Archers
(No spells)
This is a good strategy that I have used a lot. People used to get a lot of archers and look for farmers to trophy push, but due to the new clan wars update, barely anyone is farming. So archers are now only good for farming (in my opinion). Why are they good for farming you may ask? Well because they can get easy loot by simply destroying collectors that are full. Also, if you do not like having 200 Archers, put some Barbarians in, e.g. 100 Archers and 100 Barbarians. Anyway, please read on if you are interested.

Finding The Perfect Base:
Now finding the perfect base will take a while with this strategy. You need to find inactive players who have their collectors full. You want to attack full collectors rather than full storages because you get more loot out of collectors, and also most storages would be heavily protected and more centralised. So look for an inactive player who has almost all of their loot in their collectors so you can get big loot!

How To Attack:
Now, you are ready to attack, but how are you going to do it? Well it is all quite simple, attack the collectors. Deploy your archers where they can attack the collectors, if the defenses are in range, you will have to put a few archers down so you can destroy the collectors. This will take a while so keep deploying archers to make sure you destroy the collectors. When they are all gone, and you have about 100 archers remaining, you can choose to end the battle and lose trophies, or deploy a few more to get %50 and not lose them. Now you have ended the battle with a lot of loot and (if got %50 or the town hall) will get some trophies too.

This is an effective strategy because you can get a lot of loot and the army doesn't cost much at all. I have used this strategy before and it worked very well, I was showing my clan mates all my 200k+ raids with this strategy so I would recommend farmers to use it too! It's good for rushed town halls so the person can get some good loot and can upgrade all the buildings etc., then they can easily get back to the top!

Trophy Pushing + Farming- GOBARCH Strategy
x50 Goblins
x80 Barbarians
x70 Archers
(No spells)
This is a good strategy for people who would like to get a lot of resources and at the same time, trophies. This one is very similar to the Farming Strategy because you do the same thing, except this time, you try to destroy as much buildings as possible.

Finding The Perfect Base:
So you need to find a base with full collectors because you want a lot of loot, but you also want the base to have a lot of buildings on the outside, e.g. Barracks, army camps etc. You would want most of the buildings outside because you can get an easy 50%.

How To Attack:
Now you are all set to go, and you have found the right base, it is time to attack. Now, you attack the collectors first because that holds the loot. You deploy barbarians as meat shields where the collectors are and put archers behind them, but not too many because they will be saved for later. Now, if the barbarians and archers die, deploy a couple more, than put a few goblins down to finish the collectors off. Ok, now you have destroyed the collectors, but you want trophies too, so you put your remaining troops where there are buildings that they can destroy, e.g. Barracks, spell factory etc. We saved most of the archers before because we also want them to destroy these buildings and, hopefully, they will be out of reach. Once you have got %50 you finally finish the attack, with good loot, and a few trophies!

This is a strategy that will easily clean out the collectors if you deploy the right troops at the right time.I have seen people use this strategy in clan wars too, and they didn't even go inside their opponents walls, but they got 2 stars! I would recommend this strategy for people who want loot, as well as trophies too.

None- Mass Healing Strategy
x18 Giants
x2 Healers
x2 Dragons
x52 Archers
x3 Healing Spells
This is a really good strategy to use, it is called the mass healing strategy because it has 2 Healers, and also 3 healing spells. This means the giants will be very hard to kill. The archers are optional, you can just change the around however you like. The reason why it says "None" above is because it isn't a farming strategy nor a trophy pushing strategy. This is because this army costs a lot, and it doesn't get you too many trophies either. If you want trophies or loot, I wouldn't recommend this, but if you want to attack for the fun of it, read on!

Finding The Perfect Base:
Now for this strategy I would recommend that you should find a base with a lot of loot because this army costs a lot of elixir. Now, you want to find people with their air defenses on the outskirts of the base, so your giants can get there easily, (read below for details). Although, there isn't much else you want to look for, just some loot basically to pay-off all the spent elixir.

How To Attack:
Now you are ready, it is time to attack the opponent. First off you place your giants where you can destroy an air defense on the outskirts, once your giants are trying to break through the wall, and they're taking splash damage from mortars and wizard towers, place a healing spell. After the air defense is destroyed, place the healers down. Now the giants will destroy most of the defenses, so place your archers on the outside buildings. You do this because we don't want the dragons getting drawn to the non important buildings, we want them to go straight for the storages and town hall. If your healers die, (most likely from the other air defense[s]) Just place your healing spells to keep healing the giants until they destroy the rest of the defenses. Now the archers have destroyed nearly all the outside buildings and the dragons have destroyed the town hall and storages inside. So now you wait for the battle to end!

This works really well for me when I use this strategy, it would be really hard to destroy the giants when they keep on getting healed constantly. Only a smart player could defend from the giants by putting spring traps in the right place where you can lose giants, so watch out for these. I would recommend this strategy too if you don't farm or don't trophy push, because it works really well for me!

Good-bye, for now...:
Well I hoped you enjoyed this guide, and I apologise for it being soo long but I put the contents there so you can quickly skip to the strategy you want, e.g. Farming Strategy, Trophy Pushing Strategy etc. I know that heaps of people use some of these strategies but I did not copy them at all, I just have used these strategies before and was very successful so I wanted to give you guys a shout-out :)! Anyway please tell me if you want me to make another guide and please, comment on your opinion!! Peace, ~Bode

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