Why a Town Hall should never be rushed!

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  • May 11, 2014 (102 months ago)
My name is DCTChampion, and I'm here to show you why you should never rush a Town Hall.

Now first off, why do players rush their Town Halls in the first place?

Players rush their Town Halls to not only progress through the game faster, but to unlock more stuff to build, and to even show off to other players. Trust me, I've seen my uncle do that. As I sit there getting all excited that I built a new building and that I'm maxing it out to the limit of my Town Hall, my uncle is such a one-upper that he tells me, "Oh yeah? No matter what I still have two wizard towers and two mortars and look at you who only has one of each." As a player who currently has a level 5 Town Hall ok, I have only one mortar and only one wizard tower, but so what? At least I'm going up through the ranks. For him he's still 10 levels below me and he's bragging about how he has more stuff than I do. I'd rather just raid his butt instead of listening to him blabber away at me, because with what I have I could totally three star him, no joke.

Anyways, here are the real downsides to why rushing a Town Hall is bad.

1. Cost to raid- the higher your Town Hall is, the more gold you have to spend every time you want to raid somebody or every time you have to hit the "next" button if you don't like the random base that is given to you to raid. For a rusher who has Level 10 Town Hall and is trying to get a TON of resources will have a negative gold profit simply because every time a Town Hall 10 player hits next they lose 1k gold. Press next 100 times and that's 100k gold lost and you haven't even raided somebody yet. Then you get so mad you trained troops for nothing because you spent too much trying to find the perfect noob to raid that you run out of gold. And then your friend will call you a blithering idiot because you didn't keep an eye on your own personal money.

2. Loot Multiplier- The higher your Town Hall is, every time you find somebody to raid, if their town hall is lower than yours then the maximum resources you can get from raiding him/her is SEVERELY CUT, NO JOKE. My uncle rushed his town hall to seven at this point, and with what his league is at the moment, he's raiding people who still have town hall level 4-5, and those guys have FILLED ELIXIR COLLECTORS AND GOLD MINES!!!!! You think he's lucky? Think again. Because his Town Hall is seven he can only get like 50% of what he could really steal if his town hall level was the same as the person he is raiding. Because of that he ended up having to steal loot from higher players, which means gaining trophies, but since he's going after resources from higher level players, those guys have their resources protected, meaning my uncle would have to spend more money on an army that will destroy the opponent base for resources, and because of the high army cost his total calculated profit comes out to be almost ZERO for both gold and elixir!

3. Resources Become Scarce- Like I said before, my uncle has rushed his town hall to level 7. Ok, he's progressing through the game faster than me and he's unlocked more stuff than me, so you would think I'm slow. WRONG. Since him and other players are rushing their town hall they are building less and less stuff and upgrading less stuff for every town hall level so they can supposedly "save resources". Why is that bad? Because every time you get raided, since you have built less stuff and you haven't upgraded almost anything since you are "saving resources", people can easily beat you up and get three stars out of you, and guess what? They take resources from you as well. Why have you lost a ton of resources? Because you had so much that they could steal from you and because they hit you and got three stars, your whole base is destroyed and you lose a ton of resources. All that money you gained from some noob that you raided maybe like two hours before or something like that, that money is all gone now. Plus, since my uncle thinks that everything he says to me is right, he says that he only has two each of elixir collectors and gold mines, because he can supposedly "raid the extra resources that meet his needs." I'm sorry, but I just explained in #1 and #2 that by rushing your town hall this way your profit comes out to almost ZERO and you basically have to wait like 3 years to get to Town Hall level 10. And, if all he cares about is resources, he would've had maybe 5-6 collectors and mines so he could make more resources! I know that there are players out there that like to lose trophies for the sake of resources, and look at their bases! Those guys know exactly what they are doing and those guys are not noobs at all. Those guys have their stuff almost maxed out to the limit of what their town hall lets them, and compare those guys to my uncle. Last time I saw him playing, His outer wall was barely level 4, and he decides to have an inner wall that is level 2! His cannons, archer towers, they suck, his mortars are not balanced right, his wizard towers are weak, his collectors and mines don't even make enough for him, all in all he totally sucks. And this is coming from a guy who's bragging all the damn time to his nephew by saying he has better and more stuff than me, when I could totally three star his butt right now! He's a worse noob than any other noob on record.

4. You Forget Important Stuff- Like I said in #3, rushers like to "save resources". They often forget to upgrade really important stuff, such as their own defenses. Also, since rushers are always going after resources, they don't care about trophies, which is fine. It's the fact that they are rushing their town hall so much, those noobs put their town hall on the inside of their wall while going after more resources. Look, if you are gonna farm at least put your town hall on the outside that way you don't look like a super noob. A rusher with a town hall on the inside will look super weak, because majority of rushers forget to upgrade their walls, but a rusher with the town hall on the outside, will be thought of as, "Oh, he's just another one of those farmers, so easy trophies for me, since all I have to do is hit the Town Hall." Trust me, I've hit a rusher like that before thinking it was just another regular farmer because, most player that are farmers put their town halls on the outside of their walls and purposely leave it vulnerable. In fact it wasn't until after I shared the replay with my clan mates that the guy whom I hit was a rusher, even though I'm a hybrid player and I actually hit the guy with three stars just for the heck of it.

Now I personally don't like to lose trophies myself, and I can admit that your collectors and mines don't always make enough for your needs. But as a hybrid player, when I'm looking for resources, if I see a lot, I don't go for it right away. I look at the Town hall level of the opponent. If the town hall level is the same level as mine or higher, I totally would go for it! But I don't raid for resources using Goblins because, like I said, I'm a hybrid player, and I LOVE going for trophies. So if it's someone I can beat, who is the same town hall level as me and has a ton of loot, then I fight. And I use a power army that is limited to my town hall level, and if I lose, I don't really care, because I have high level collectors and mines. Plus I just let people raid me instead of me attacking since the power army is expensive, I only attack during clan wars while people are raiding me and they lose, giving me trophies. Plus the loot bonuses are helpful during clan wars after we win because that's a lot of loot, and I could use that the right way!

Trust me, Clash of Clan players, rushing your Town Hall will make you look worse than a regular noob playing an easy-to-learn trading card game.

Although I do realize that I called out my uncle, I hope this helps! PLEASE DO NOT BE LIKE MY UNCLE! I REGRET SHOWING THIS GAME TO HIM BECAUSE HE IS A RUSHER!

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