WiPe: DPS oriented heavy ground attack.

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  • May 04, 2014 (102 months ago)
Hello everyone,

First of all, this is my first guide. I haven't seen a guide on the wipe so far, even though I think it could be about as good as a GoWiPe or GoWiWi or anything in that order, so I decided to make one.

I am currently TH9, but I've already used this technique being a mere TH8. Both of these have Pekka lvl 3 and Wizard lvl 5 as maximum level, the only difference might be the 20 extra army spots. In my case, this is what the army looks like:

3 Pekka -> the main tank of the army. 2 would leave you at a mayor disadvantage, 4 seems like to much. (Should be level 2 or 3.)
27 wizards -> these guys are used for their high DPS. cutting out 5 of these as a TH8 isn't that big of a problem. (Should be level 5!)
10 Wallbreakers -> If you ever watch any youtuber use a heavy ground attack, they take 15+ wallbreakers. Pekka's can slice through walls quickly enough, so I think 10 would be enough.
17 archers -> definitely 5 to lure. The other 12 can be exchanged wizards or wallbreakers, but I feel comfortable having these for the heroes, and/or as a back up if I need a few more percent for that star.
1 Lightning spell -> If the Clan Castle is filled with archers or other low HP troops, 1 hit kill. can also be used to take down a hero's altar and/or builder's hut
2/3 Rage spells -> The main goal is to quickly grab your stars. Rage spells help Pekka's one-hit buildings and/or walls.

How to use it:

-1) Look at the defenses. Inferno's are quite the threat: Multi-set will wreck your wizards with ease, whereas a single target Inferno will finish your Pekka. Also, check the tesla's. 2x damage against Pekka means even a level 1 tesla will hit 70 dps.

0) Look at the positioning of the TH. The shortest way to it is not always the fastest, so try incalculating things that distract your troops.

1) Lure the heroes and Clan castle using your archers. Take them out using wizards and/or your lightning strike.(you could use Pekka, but I don't want to start an attack using 2 Pekka. I recommend training 4 pekka if you'd want to do this).

2) Drop one or two wizards and open the first wall.
2.5) take out any buildings that might distract your troops. Using some archers, or deploying another 7 wizards here isn't such a big loss, because having your Pekka walking around the village instead of into the village is the worst case scenario.

3) Deploy your Pekka. I prefer dropping them at once, as splash damage doesn't do much against 3500 HP. This also makes the first rage spell more effective
3.5) Follow up with all your wizards(unless you want to keep a few back up)

4) Deploy a Rage spell, and drop your wallbreakers in lines of 2. the pekka are now soaking damage, and enraged lvl 5 wallbreakers(if you have maxed the rage spell) can blow
up lvl 8 walls in one go. If you chose a correct path, the Town Hall might have 0 walls in front of it

5) Deploy your remaining rage spell(s). Using one where troops approach the Town Hall usually speeds the process of getting this star up. If you don't need to deploy these to get two stars, and you don't see a chance of getting three, leave them. Saves you time and elixir.

(6) If you are close to getting the 50% star, use your leftover troops on undefended buildings. If you still have your lightning strike, drop it pinpoint on an altar or builder's hut to destroy it.

So, this is how I use the wipe strategy. It should probably be able to carry you up to Masters, If combined with a good defense and regular attacks. I hope this guide was usefull. Any feedback is welcome, But just saying you suck won't help me. I'm curious to know how I did, so even if you think I did well, point out anything you would've done better/in another way.
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