What Armies To Use For Different Raiding Purposes

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  • May 03, 2014 (102 months ago)
Hey guys! In this guide I will be showing you guys some great attacking strategy for when you are going for Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, or Trophies. I appolagize in advance for the length. Enjoy!

Gold Raids:

When going for Gold in raids, I either use an all-out army or a cheap one. When looking for Gold, make sure it is a good amount! It is a waste if you get a little amount of Gold. I normally look for bases with 200k or more gold. Here are the strategies:

Troop Cost Space
2 Dragons (Level 2) 60,000 40
6 Wall Breakers (Level 4) 15,000 12
10 Giants (Level 5) 25,000 50
78 Archers (Level 5) 15,600 78
20 Barbarians (Level 5) 2,000 20
Totals 117,600 200
With this strategy you almost have a garenteed win if you use the troops right. The first thing I do is check for Clan Castle troops with 1 Barbarian. If so, then I draw them all out and to the corner of the base with Barbarians, after which I am usually left with about 10-15 Barbarians remaining. I then place them all on top of the Clan Castle troops, which are usually Archers, and Archers die quite fast with a Barbarian swarm on them. You could also use a Lightning Spell to take out the Clan Castle troops instead if you want. I then place my Giants at 1 Air Defense with a couple Wall Breakers. I follow that with the Barbarian King (if you have him) and my remaining Barbarians near the other Air Defense, along with Archers to take it out. Afterwards, I place the Dragons, usually so they go straight in to kill the middle part, filled with tons of storages that the rest of my army just couldn't access. I then place the rest of the Archers around the base to come in and help out. It is a complicated strategy, but it keeps me gaining Trophies and tons of Gold.

Troop Cost Space
5 Wall Breakers (Level 4) 12,500 10
100 Archers (Level 5) 20,000 100
90 Goblins (Level 4) 7,200 90
Totals 39,700 200
Now on this army composition, it is much cheaper, and you do not have to deploy everything for the army to be effective, like the All-Out strategy. You can just place 5 Archers to pick off some unprotected Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors and then leave with...let's say 25,000 Gold and Elixir. You definitely made a lot of profit, and you will be able to attack again in less than a minute. You will rarely have to use all of your army to get what you want, and you will be able to attack very frequently. The Wall Breakers are there as sort of a last resort to where you need to get some walls broken to get to the middle and take a ton of resources. This is a great choice for those of you who don't mind losing 20-30 Trophies to get 20-30 thousand resources essentially for free, and for those of you also saving Elixir. Also, if the person you are raiding is Farming, go for the Town Hall to win the raid and get a loot bonus as well.

Elixir Raids:

While Gold raids allows you to spend elixir like it is going out of style, Elixir raids are more tricky: You must design an army that is effective yet inexpensive. Here is the one I use:
Troops Cost Space
8 Wall Breakers (Level 4) 20,000 16
45 Goblins (Level 4) 3,600 45
84 Archers (Level 5) 16,800 84
55 Barbarians (Level 5) 5,500 55
Totals 45,000 200
Obviously, the most expensive troop, especially in a group, is the Wall Breaker. However, I believe it is good to have some extra! You do not have to use all of your troops; this is an important concept when farming Elixir. The Barbarians serve as replacement meat shields for Giants and in numbers can be quite devastating. Even so, they are not as hardy as Giants and a few Mortar shots can quickly take out your army. Goblins are essential not only for their expertise in raiding resources (as opposed to defeating bases for Trophies), but also because they are inexpensive.

Dark Elixir Raids:

These raids are basically the same as Elixir raids except you are going for a different target. Instead of going for Elixir Collectors and Storages, go for Dark Elixir Drills and Storages. You might need to use your Wall Breakers and other troops but that is up to you. Check out CivilMonkey's guide, "Attacking for Dark Elixir" for a more detailed explanation and strategy.

Trophy Raids:

In this type of raid, no holds are barred. Use whatever means necessary to win 3 stars and obtain the maximum amount of Trophies. The strategies are endless, and in the end many players will agree it's fun to figure out your own unique strategy. Here is one strategy that most people are familiar with:
Troops Cost Space
32 Balloons (Level 5) 128,000 160
20 Minions (Level 2) 280 40
3 Rage Spells (Level 2) 75,000
Totals 203,000 Elixir 200
280 Dark Elixir
For this strategy, find the Air Defenses. Drop down a Rage Spell on each with groups of Balloons following. Try to find bases with Air Defenses being upgraded so you use less Rage Spells. After the Balloons take out a good amount of Defenses, send in your Minions to clear out the rest. It may be expensive but if you are truly pushing for Trophies, that won't matter very much.

Check out some other guides for other interesting and effective raiding strategies. Again, I apologize for the length of this guide. Hope this helped you guys!

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