Clan Castle Troop Defense Guide

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  • May 03, 2014 (102 months ago)
Clan Castle Troop Defense Guide
This is a guide I thought would be a good topic for some new players to read. There are tons of guides detailing which troops are best used with which attack, but I haven't found any good guides on which troops you should ask for to defend your base from attack. I am going to borrow and tweak a usefulness rating I liked from Thino007's guide on The Usefulness of Troops, Hero's and Spells.

Usefulness Rating
1. Very Useful
2. Can be Very Useful
3. Useful
4. Can be Useful
5. Not Useful

1. Barbarian
Usefulness: Not Useful
Housing Space: 1
DPS: 8 @ LVL 1 to 26 @ LVL 6
Health: 45 @ LVL 1 to 110 @ LVL 6
Special: N/A

Barbarians seem like they may be good as you can stuff a bunch of them in a clan castle together, but don't. Never ask for barbarians to be your Clan Castle troop for defense as they are very easy to take out by most attacking troops, and will do nothing at all to defend your base from any flying troops. Keep the barbarians where they belong, raiding other villages!

2. Archer
Usefulness: Useful
Housing Space: 1
DPS: 7 @ LVL 1 to 22 @ LVL 6
Health: 20 @ LVL 1 to 44 @ LVL 6
Special: Can Attack Air Units

Archers, it seems like everyone loves them as their defenders, and with good reason. With good Clan Castle placement you can keep your archers standing behind your wall shooting out past them to kill hordes of enemies. However that is where their usefulness ends. They are extremely low health combined with low DPS. When at lower levels they may help you defend your base well, but once you are past that point their usefulness drops to average at best.

3. Goblin
Usefulness: Not Useful
Housing Space: 1
DPS: 11 @ LVL 1 to 42 @ LVL 6
Health: 25 @ LVL 1 to 68 @ LVL 6
Special: 2x DMG on Resources (Useless for defense)

Goblins, they never get any love. Most people seem to never use goblins, yet I do, and argue that 10 well placed goblins can be the difference between a defeat and victory. That being said though, you never want to see these sitting in your Clan Castle defending your base. They are good DPS but very low health. But the good DPS really shines against resource buildings, which enemies do not attack with (Though wouldn't that be nice?) Just skip these.

4. Giant
Usefulness: Useful
Housing Space: 5
DPS: 11 @ LVL 1 to 43 @ LVL 6
DPS Per Space: 2.2 @ LVL 1 to 8.6 @ LVL 6
Health: 300 @ LVL 1 to 940 @ LVL 6
Health Per Space: 60 @ LVL 1 to 188 @ LVL 6
Special: 2x DMG vs Defenses (Useless on defense)

I know this is may be blasphemous to not place them as the greatest defender of all time! But I must. They are decent defenders because of their high HP, but that's all. They have really low DPS, and move slower than a snail. I definitely won't scoff at a giant being placed in my Clan Castle, but at the same time, I never want to see one in my War Clan Castle. The one reason they are ranked as high as they are is because they can sit there and soak up the enemies troop damage while your defensive weapons take them out.

5. Wall Breaker
Usefulness: Not Useful
Housing Space: 2
DPS: 12 @ LVL 1 to 60 @ LVL 6
DPS Per Space: 6 @ LVL 1 to 30 @ LVL 6
Health: 20 @ LVL 1 to 54 @ LVL 6
Health Per Space: 10 @ LVL 1 to 27 @ LVL 6
Special: 40x Damage against walls (Useless for defense), suicide bombing. (Detrimental for
defense), Splash Damage

Ok.... you never ever ever want these in your Clan Castle. It's as simple as that. They will die to 1 or 2 hits from an archer even and even if your lucky enough to get the Wall Breaker to the enemies troops alive, it's going to drop a firecracker, not the bombs your used to against walls. Keep in mind the only reason they are good against walls is the 40x damage bonus. Again only reason to ever donate these to your clan mates in a war is if you're a spy trying to sabotage them. Lol

6. Balloons
Usefulness: Can be Useful
Housing Space: 5
DPS: 25 @ LVL 1 to 162 @ LVL 6
DPS Per Space: 5 @ LVL 1 to 32.4 @ LVL 6
Health: 150 @ LVL 1 to 545 @ LVL 6
Health Per Space: 30 @ LVL 1 to 109 @ LVL 6
Special: Flying Unit, 2x DMG to Defenses (Useless for defense), Splash Damage

The only reason that Balloons get this high of a rating is the fact that they fly. They can only damage ground troops and they move extremely slow. Their splash damage if you get attacked by a horde of tier 1 troops though may be nice. That is the only time I would ever want balloons in my Clan Castle though is if I knew I was up against a weak horde, which you shouldn't know, so keep these out of there.

7. Wizards
Usefulness: Very Useful
Housing Space: 4
DPS: 50 @ LVL 1 to 180 @ LVL 6
DPS Per Space: 12.5 @ LVL 1 to 45 @ LVL 6
Health: 75 @ LVL 1 to 164 @ LVL 6
Health Per Space: 18.75 @ LVL 1 to 41 @ LVL 6
Special: Splash Damage, Can Attack Air Units

Alright, we are finally there! The first troop in my opinion that is a big game changer as a defender. I will even argue that a wizard is a better defender than attacker! The reason being that they do splash damage, which is useless against buildings for the most part, but against a horde of incoming troops a Clan Castle full of wizards can easily take out an entire army of barbarians archers or even giants. They attack both ground and air. The one major weakness I hear over and over is lack of HP, however most of those same people use archers. Lets look at 4 maxed archers vs 1 maxed wizard. LVL 6 Archer is 22 DPS and 44 Health, vs lvl 6 Wiz at 180 DPS and 164 Health. To even them out add the 4 archers together and we get 88 DPS and 176 Health. So yes, 1 wizard has slightly less health than 4 archers combines, but it is only 6.8% less for a 51% increase in DPS. Also the main enemy to low health troops is mortars. 1 mortar takes out all 4 archers much quicker than it does the 1 wizard. But I digress, Wizards are awesome, and easily one of the best defending troops you can have in your Clan Castle.

8. Healer
Usefulness: Not Useful
Housing Space: 14

Ok.... They are healers... They can't heal buildings... Don't use them.

9. Dragon
Usefulness: Very Useful
Housing Space: 20
DPS: 140 @ LVL 1 to 200 @ LVL 4
DPS Per Space: 7 @ LVL 1 to 10 @ LVL 4
Health: 1900 @ LVL 1 to 2500 @ LVL 4
Health Per Space: 95 @ LVL 1 to 125 @ LVL 4
Special: Flying Unit, Splash DMG, Can Attack Air Units

These are the best defenders you can get for your base. They combine the individual strengths of every useful defender on the list. High Damage, High Health, Splash Damage, and THEY FLY! The one down side is that because they cost 20 troop space, you cannot even get one donated to you, until you hit Town Hall lvl 6. But once you do, take every dragon in there you can.

10. P.E.K.K.A.
Usefulness: Can be Useful
Housing Space: 25
DPS: 240 @ LVL 1 to 340 @ LVL 4
DPS Per Space: 9.6 @ LVL 1 to 13.6 @ LVL 4
Health: 2800 @ LVL 1 to 4000 @ LVL 4
Health Per Space: 112 @ LVL 1 to 160 @ LVL 4
Special: Weak VS Lightning (Detrimental to Defense)

This one you will almost never see defending a village. It is because they are super expensive, take a long time to train, and take 25 troop space, meaning you would never see one defending a TH under level 8. That being said they are very beefy, and do tons of damage, but same downsides of giant, slow and only attack single ground units. Plus they are weak to lightning, which I would assume includes the lightning spell. Over all I would say don't use this troop as a defender if you get it, take it out and let it die attacking!

11. Minion
Usefulness: Can be Very Useful
Housing Space: 2
DPS: 35 @ LVL 1 to 54 @ LVL 6
DPS Per Space: 17.5 @ LVL 1 to 27 @ LVL 6
Health: 55 @ LVL 1 to 84 @ LVL 6
Health Per Space: 27.5 @ LVL 1 to 42 @ LVL 6
Special: Flying Unit, Can Attack Flying Units

Small, quick, and deadly. These flying gargoyle looking things are a nasty surprise for many attackers. Your Clan Castle can hold a lot of them, and many troops could not defeat them due to the fact that they fly. These are by far the most common Dark Elixir troop to hand out to clan mates, but also against the right attacker can easily make the difference.

12. Hog Riders
Usefulness: Useful
Housing Space: 5
DPS: 60 @ LVL 1 to 105 @ LVL 5
DPS Per Space: 12 @ LVL 1 to 21 @ LVL 5
Health: 270 @ LVL 1 to 475 @ LVL 5
Health Per Space: 54 @ LVL 1 to 95 @ LVL 5
Special: Jumps Walls (Useless on defense), 2x DMG vs Defense (Useless on Defense)

Hog Riders are awesome on offense. They jump walls and head straight for the enemies defenses! However on defense they lose their top 2 selling points. Every defending troop jumps the wall, and there are no favored troops to attack. That being said though they are still very solid defending troops. Good health, great dps, and they are quick as hell meaning they won't waste much time running from troop to troop. I like them, but I would not ask for them.

13. Valkyrie
Usefulness: Very Useful
Housing Space: 8
DPS: 88 @ LVL 1 to 124 @ LVL 4
DPS Per Space: 11 @ LVL 1 to 15.5 @ LVL 4
Health: 900 @ LVL 1 to 1200 @ LVL 4
Health Per Space: 112.5 @ LVL 1 to 150 @ LVL 4
Special: Splash Damage

Ahh Valkyries... Gotta love these beastly women. They have great health, very great damage, and it's splash damage. As an added bonus they blend in well with a lot of other troops (unlike other great troops like dragons) so an unwary attacker may not even notice the Valkyrie is there until she has destroyed all of his swarm. The one downside to this woman is her lack of an air attack. That being said she is powerful enough I would still use her and rely on my guns and towers for anti air support.

14. Golem
Usefulness: Can be Very Useful
Housing Space: 30
DPS: 38 @ LVL 1 to 54 @ LVL 5
DPS Per Space: 1.3 @ LVL 1 to 1.8 @ LVL 5
Health: 4500 @ LVL 1 to 6300 @ LVL 5
Health Per Space: 150 @ LVL 1 to 210 @ LVL 5
Special: Upon Death explodes for splash damage around golem. Upon Death spawns 2 Golemites with 1/5 Health and DPS

These are beasts as well. However these beasts take up 30 housing slots in your Clan Castle, meaning you will never see one defending a base below Town Hall level 9. If you are lucky enough to get one defending your base though, here are the main key points of golems on defense. They are extremely high health. Their DPS is very low though, especially when you take it on a per housing space basis. However Golem's strength comes from its death. When a golem dies 2 things happens. First there is a small explosion that does between 350 and 550 damage to all troops within a small radius of it. Yea, I just dare you to take out my golem with your horde of barbarians! Next thing is when the golem dies, it spawns 2 golemites in its place, each with 1/5th the health and damage. and if your keeping track that means even a lvl 1 golem to destroy it and it's 2 golemites will take 6300 damage, up to 8820 damage at lvl 5. Very rare that you will see one defending, but be wary when you do.

15. Witches
Usefulness: Very Useful
Housing Space: 12
DPS: 25 @ LVL 1 to 30 @ LVL 2 (With Skeletons 175 @ LVL 1 to 230 @ LVL 2)
DPS Per Space: 2.1 @ LVL 1 to 2.5 @ LVL 2 (With Skeletons 14.6 @ LVL 1 to 19.2 @ LVL 2)
Health: 75 @ LVL 1 to 100 @ LVL 2
Health Per Space: 6.25 @ LVL 1 to 8.3 @ LVL 2
Special: Summons 6 to 8 skeletons to fight with her. Can attack Flying Units, Splash Damage

These little witches are surprisingly good at defense! They have very low health per troop spacing, and again very low damage. But these witches will stand back and constantly summon waves of skeletons. So if you are going to use these as defenders make sure your Clan Castle is behind the wall where hopefully your witches will stand behind the wall and send their skeleton minions out over the wall to engage the enemy, and then when they die, the witch just summons more. And even though her damage isn't very good, it is splash damage and it attacks both land and air. So with her skeletons involved she is a very good well rounded defender of your base. (I did not include the skeletons in the health stat like I did with the DPS stat cause the skeletons will just keep spawning. In Ideal situation Health would be infinite)

There is no invincible defenders of your base. Any troop can be drawn out and taken out by a smart attacker, but if you use what is stated in this guide you may just find you win a few more defensive battles. Anyways, I hope this has helped at least a few of you, and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.
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