Maximize stars in Clan Wars Guide!!

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  • May 01, 2014 (102 months ago)
So Clan Wars has become a huge part of this game and I know that my Clan is all about war! I have devised a simple strategy to assist any and all clans to victory! This strategy is also assumed that you donít have any inactive players in the wars. Letís get startedÖ

1. CC defense troops!
Make sure that only the highest level troops are being donated into your castle! Of course everyone has their own preference of troop that they want to defend so make sure you are letting whomever know exactly what it is that you want!

2. The line-up
So once the match making is finished you have an even number of players on each side in order from highest to lowest overall bases. Whatís the best way to attack to maximize the amount of stars you get? Ok Iíll use a 10 on 10 clan war as an example. The total amount of attacks that one side can have is 20 (2 per person), but the highest amount of stars you can get is 30 (3 stars per base). The most effective way to get the most out of your stars is to take the top half of your clan and work your way from bottom to top. Meaning in a 10 on 10 war you want your 5th person to attack their 10th and 9th person, and work your way up. Do it this way because the top half of your clan should be evenly matched, or overpowered compared to the relative match ups according to this ladder (your number 5 clan member should always be able to 3 star their number 10 and 9Ö.and your number one should always be able to get at least one star on the other number one and 2 guy). Now if you get at least one star on any base DO NOT attack that person again!! It will slow the progress of more potential stars down the line! If for some reason you do not get any stars what happens is the next clan member in the chain will drop one base number to pick up those stars! Example: your number 5 guy 3 stars their number 10 but doesn't get any stars on number 9Öyour number 4 guy will drop his number 7 guy and attack numbers 8 and 9 for easier stars! And this will continue up the ladder leaving your number one guy to face their number 2 and 3 instead of one and 2. In a perfect war your top 5 will 3 star everyone with your low 5 just collecting loot with their attacks.

3. Communication is key!
If you feel kind of iffy about one guy, or feel like you canít at least get one star let your members know. There could possibly be another match up that you feel more comfortable with that a fellow clan member would trade you with. Or maybe your whole clan would have to drop bases because their number one is overpowered, just make sure you communicate it! Make sure you scout the opponentsí bases on prep day and let your clan members know what possible troops they have in their clan castles so you can prepare for them on your attack! Speaking of scouting make sure that when you scout a base you should always make your troops based off of the base of the opponent! Donít make troops that you think will destroy every base and expect it to work!!

At the end of the day this strategy is not the absolute best strategy everÖitís just the easiest way to maximize the amount of stars you get per clan war. And the more stars you get, the more likely it is that you will win!

Side note: This is my first strategy guide I have ever writtenÖever! So feedback would be appreciated! Iíd like actual feedback too, not just people who tell me that this guide sucks or Iím stupid because I spelled something wrong or overlooked a minor detail. If there is any confusion just leave a comment and Iíll try to explain it the best that I can for you!
Also my clan, BL-58 is accepting any and every one currently! You can check out the details in the clan tab, just search us.
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