The Usefulness of Troops, Hero's and Spells

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  • Apr 25, 2014 (92 months ago)
Usefulness Rating
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2. Can be Very Useful
3. Quite Useful
4. Useful
5. Can be Useful
6. Not Very Useful
7. Not Useful (though we donít have any of these)

Elixir Troops:

1. Barbarian Usefulness: Not Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 8 45 25
2 11 54 40
3 14 65 60
4 18 78 80
5 23 95 100
6 26 110 150

Barbarians have good hit points (definitely compared to Archer). This is probably the only good thing about them. Like most troops they are better in a pack than individually placed. Though that can be a problem due to mortar strikes but because they have better hit points they can take 2 -3 hits from a mortar before being killed. These troops can then therefore be used as a meat shield kind of like Giants

2. Archer Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 7 20 50
2 9 23 80
3 12 28 120
4 16 33 160
5 20 40 200
6 22 44 300

Archers have very poor hit points (unlike Barbarians). Most people use Archers over Barbarians but after comparing the charts of the Barbarians and Archers, the Barbarians seen to be the better of the pair. The only factor that makes people use Archers is that they can shoot over walls and they are a better way to take out the Clan Castle reinforcement troops behind a meat shield, like Giants, (refer to my other guide ďHow to get the Resources and WIN!!!Ē) than to use a Lightning Spell that some of the other guides on this website say to use (not saying that they are wrong). Though the Lightning Spell is more expensive it does have a better success rate than to use the Archers. Your choice. Also like Barbarians they are good in packs. That is generally why the people that use Archers place them behind the Giants so that they aren't being destroyed by mortars.

3. Goblins Usefulness: Useful
Level Damage per Second (Resources x2) Hit points Training Cost
1 11 25 25
2 14 30 40
3 19 36 60
4 24 43 80
5 32 52 100
6 42 68 150

Now like some other guides on this website say (not saying that they are wrong, this is totally opinionated) that Goblins arenít very good troops. In my opinion they are wrong. Goblins are great being placed in packs. Their attack is great (especially on resources) and once they are done with the resources they attack the other buildings and when they are in still pack still they eliminate them pretty quickly. Also because defences like Cannons are protecting the Storages the Goblins all aim for the one wall and get through hit pretty quickly which opens up a way for the Giants to destroy the defences. Like Archers, Goblins are normally placed behind the Giants so the Giants can be used as a meat shield.

4. Giants Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 11 300 500
2 14 360 1000
3 19 430 1500
4 24 520 2000
5 31 670 2500
6 43 940 3000

Giants have great attack and defence. They also attack defences. Have you ever had the feeling that you wish your Archers would attack the Archer Tower instead of the stupid barracks? I have been in this situation many times and it is very annoying. Ever since I have had Giants I have at least had five in my attacking order. These guys have helped be a shield to the weaker troops (e.g. Archers) and they also destroy the defences while they are at it.

5. Wall-Breaker Usefulness: Quite Useful
Level Damage(vs. Walls) Hit points Training Cost
1 480 20 1000
2 640 24 1500
3 960 29 2000
4 1280 35 2500
5 1840 42 3000
6 2400 54 3500

Wall-Breakers are used to break walls (funnily enough). By breaking the walls it gives your Giants a head start on destroying a base. Wall-Breakers are normally (at least normally for me) placed after the Giants and a bit to the side. After the Giants because the defences are normally going for the Giants at this stage and a bit to the side because the Bombardment (yes I used the word ďBombardmentĒ again whoever commented on that in my last guide) from the mortars wonít reach the Wall-Breakers and the Wall-Breakers will still destroy the walls in front of the Giants.

6. Balloon Usefulness: Can be Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 25 300 2000
2 32 360 2500
3 48 430 3000
4 72 520 3500
5 108 670 4000
6 163 940 4500

The Balloons are only good in a 1) Full Air Raid or 2) Placed behind the Giants when they destroy the Air Defence. A Full Air Raid would work because each Air Defence can only target one Air Troop at a time. This would give most of the Balloons enough time to destroy the Air Defences but and then just destroy the rest of the defences and then the rest of the base. Yet in order to do this they would have to be placed in a group and then they are vulnerable to the Air Bomb which does splash damage and could destroy most of them. Another way to use the Balloons is to use Giants as a way to destroy the Air Defence and then drop the Balloons either behind or on the other side of the base. Behind will give the Giants a boost in destroying the defences quicker also the Giants will be a meat shield and will take the hits from the defences that can attack bother ground and air troops (e.g. Archer Towers, Wizard Towers). Or they could be dropped on the other side to take out the defences on that side too while the Giants would be destroying the other defences.

7. Wizards Usefulness: Quite Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 50 75 1500
2 70 90 2000
3 90 108 2500
4 125 130 3000
5 170 156 3500
6 180 164 4000

I can assume that everyone that plays the game Clash of Clans has seen the tip ďWizards can dish out high damage, but canít take much in return.Ē Or something like that. This, I believe, is WRONG! at least the second part of the tip. As you can see in the table above, a level 1 Wizard does 50 DPS and has 75 HP. Iím going to compare this to four level 1 Archers (four because a Wizard takes up four housing space).
Wizard: DPS 50 HP 75
4 Archers: DPS 28 HP 80
Now as you can see, the DPS of the Wizard way out does the four Archers and the HP of the Wizard is just out done by the four Archers. Though when you think about it when a Mortar hits the Wizard it takes out some of its health but not all of it but when there are a group of 20 Archer together, one Mortar hit kills the all. The only reason that people train the Archer more instead of Wizards is because the Archer donít cost nearly as much as the Wizards and the Wizards take a lot of time to train.

8. Healer Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Heals per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 35 500 5000
2 42 600 6000
3 55 840 8000
4 71 1176 10000

Healers (as their name states) heal. This is really all they do. This, for some people, helps a lot. Like all flying units the Healer can be targeted by Air Defences. And the Air Defence is majorly OP against flying units. This is why you use Giants to purge the base of Air Defence before you drop the Healers. And once you drop the Healers and there is no Air Defences left in the base you have pretty much won the attack because no defence can take out a horde of Giants with a Healer on their side.

(From here on these are the troops that I have either seen in action or been donated to me)

9. Dragon Usefulness: Quite Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 140 1900 25000
2 160 2100 30000
3 180 2300 36000
4 200 2500 42000

The Dragon is the mightiest flying unit in the land. Like all flying units (again) the Dragon is destroyed (like most flying units) by the Air Defence easily. Yet once again once the Giants have destroyed the Air Defence the rest of the base seems to get destroyed quite easily with the Dragon. The only reason people donít use this beast is because of the massive Training Cost and Time and how it is a bit slow.

10. PEKKA Usefulness: Quite Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 240 2800 30000
2 270 3100 36000
3 300 3500 42000
4 340 4000 50000

The PEKKA is really a Giant in armour. But like a way better Giant. She is really a take a hit and return a bigger one type of gal. Thatís all she really is for. Like a massive Barbarian that just hits the closest thing to him and moves on. The only reason people donít use her is the same reason as the Dragon. Costs too much and takes too long to train.

Dark Elixir Troops:

1. Minion Usefulness: Can be Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 35 55 6
2 38 60 7
3 42 66 8
4 46 72 9
5 50 78 10
6 54 84 11

The Minion is the troop that you use in a Full Air Raid with the Balloons. The Minions just drop what seems to be Dark Elixir (so thatís where all of it goes) on to the building it is attacking. The good thing about Minions is that they are good in hordes. Though one Air Bomb will kill them all so you usually drop one trigger the Air Bombs and then just place them like there is no tomorrow.

2. Hog Rider Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 60 270 40
2 70 312 45
3 80 360 52
4 92 415 58
5 105 475 65

Hog Riders are pretty much like Giants but they can hop over walls. This is probably their most useful factor apart from the epic damage and pretty good hit points. And since their favourite target is defences you pretty much eliminate the defences pretty quickly. So if they get the Air Defence the Healers and sometimes Dragons come out and own. And if they are about to die, drop a Healing Spell and boom they are back to full strength. Also their movement speed is very good so they destroy the defences even faster.

(Form here on these troops that I have either seen in battle or read about)

3. Valkyrie Usefulness: Quite Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 88 900 70
2 99 1000 100
3 111 1100 130
4 124 1200 160

Valkyrie has very good Hit points and pretty good attack. She is really used for either attacking Clan Castle Troops or being a Clan Castle Troop. They have a splash damage affect that is so short that they really only affect other troops and walls. Which is mainly what they are used for. The only reason they arenít used much is that there is a lot better Dark Elixir Troops that the Dark Elixir used to train this troop, can be used for.
4. Golem Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 38 4500 450
2 42 5000 525
3 46 5500 600
4 50 6000 675
5 54 6300 750

Golems, like Giants and Hog Riders, have good defence and attack defences. Though unlike Giants and Hog Riders they donít have ver y good attack. This is why you should start bringing in those high attack troops like Wizards. Golems, as you can see, have excellent health and can be used as a meat shield. Golems have the unique ability to, when they die, split into two smaller versions of itself. These Golemites, as they are called, have 1/5 of the hit points and attack points that the Golem has. So a level 2 Golem, when dead, can make two Golemites with 1000 hit points which is still a fair amount when you think that a level 6 Giant has only 940. This therefore helps a lot when attacking cause youíve got 1 2/5 meat shields for the price of one.

5. Witch Usefulness: Can be Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points Training Cost
1 25 75 250
2 30 100 350

The Witch is the last unit to be unlocked in the Dark Barracks. From just looking at the Witchís stats she (I assume itís a she) doesnít seem to be a very good troop. Think again. She can summon skeletons. The amount of skeletons she can summon at level 1 is 3 (max 6) and at level 2, 4 (max 8). These skeletons have the following stats:

Damage per Second Hit points
25 45

These skeletons are probably the most useful thing to the Witch. 1) She, herself, doesnít have a lot of hit points and a lot of attack and 2) the skeletons can therefore be like a meat shield (though not a very good one) and be her missing attack points that she needs. So she is therefore a great troop due to her special ability.


1. Barbarian King Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points
1 150 1500
2 156 1560
3 162 1622
4 169 1687
5 175 1755
6 182 1825
7 190 1898
8 197 1974
9 205 2053
10 213 2135
11 222 2220
12 231 2309
13 240 2402
14 250 2498
15 260 2598
16 270 2701
17 281 2809
18 292 2922
19 304 3039
20 316 3160
21 329 3287
22 342 3418
23 355 3555
24 370 3697
25 384 3845
26 400 3999
27 416 4159
28 433 4325
29 450 4498
30 468 4678
31 477 4772
32 487 4867
33 497 4964
34 507 5063
35 517 5164
36 527 5267
37 538 5372
38 549 5479
39 560 5589
40 571 5701
(Soz for the massive Table)

Now the Barbarian King is basically a giant Barbarian, pumped full of Dark Elixir (steroids in our case) and has grown to a gigantic size. This Hero just goes in, hits, selects a different target and hits again. Thatís all Heroís really do. And since Heroís just come back after a battle and then defend your village they are great troops to have since you donít have to re-train them every time you use them.

2. Archer Queen Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage per Second Hit points
1 120 675
2 125 702
3 130 730
4 135 759
5 140 790
6 146 821
7 152 854
8 158 888
9 164 924
10 170 961
11 178 999
12 185 1039
13 192 1081
14 200 1124
15 208 1169
16 216 1215
17 225 1264
18 234 1315
19 243 1368
20 253 1422
21 263 1479
22 274 1538
23 284 1600
24 296 1664
25 307 1730
26 320 1800
27 333 1872
28 346 1946
29 360 2024
30 374 2105
31 381 2147
32 389 2190
33 397 2234
34 405 2279
35 413 2325
36 421 2372
37 429 2419
38 438 2467
39 447 2516
40 456 2566
(Soz again for the massive table)

The Archer Queen is the best Hero. She is basically a giant Archer. The part I like best about her is that her bow is a modified X-Bow. She, like all Heroís (well really like the other Hero), can attack and then, unless she was killed in battle she would have to Regenerate her health for a while, defend your base.


1. Lightning Spell Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Total Damage Damage per Strike
1 300 50
2 330 55
3 360 60
4 390 65
5 420 70
6 450 75

The Lightning Spell is pretty much a, for want of better words, storm that has dropped onto the selected area. Itís like summoning Zeus to destroy everything in a radius of 3.5 tiles (Note: The Lighting Spell will not destroy everything). Some people think, not all, but some, think that the Lightning Spell, being the first spell to unlock, isnít very good. Well it is. A level 4 Lightning Spell can almost destroy a level 3 Mortar. And with a Mortar gone there goes the Bombarding of the Archer. And two of the Lightning Spells will destroy almost every Mortar that they land on. These are quite powerful spells.

2. Healing Spell Usefulness: Can be Very Useful
Level Total Healing Healing per Pulse
1 600 15
2 800 20
3 1,000 25
4 1,200 30
5 1,400 35
6 1,600 40

The Healing Spell is only used to heal troops (ground and air). And since that is all it can do it can be very helpful. This spell is generally used to heal Giants when the Healer canít keep up with the rate that the Giants are being destroyed at or to heal the Healer being destroyed while the Giants take out the defences.

3. Rage Spell Usefulness: Very Useful
Level Damage Boost Speed Boost
1 130% 20
2 140% 22
3 150% 24
4 160% 26
5 170% 28

The Rage Spell is used to boost the troops attack and speed when inside its area. This is very good due to the fact that if a Healer is being destroyed by an Air Defence, the Rage Spell will boost the Healer and the Giants it is probably attached too and the Giants will either finish off the Air Defence or move away from it to target another defence to that the Healer can still do its job. Then you can just drop a Healing Spell to get the Healer back to full health. This spell can be used in many combos with other spells.

4. Jump Spell Usefulness: Can be Useful
The Jump Spell doesnít do any damage or help troops in any way except by letting them jump over walls. This, in the higher levels, can be insanely useful due to the high level walls that those Town Hall 8 and up have. Though they arenít that useful when you have Hog Riders which just jump over the walls anyway.

5. Freeze Spell Usefulness: Can be Very Useful
Freeze Spells freeze (ironically) defences and Clan Castle troops for a short period of time. But this is all you could need. By freezing the defences and troops it can therefore help your troops destroy the buildings and in Giantís cases defences while they donít do any damage to them. This can help if an Air Defence is destroying a Healer the Freeze Spell will freeze it so it doesnít destroy the Healer then you drop a Rage Spell and the Giants take out the Air Defence before it can start shooting again.

This is my second guide and hopefully you learn a bit from it. This guide is neither wrong nor right, it is just opinionated. In the comments post your thoughts about whatever troops you think about and this could be a centre of information for anyone to know what troops they should and shouldnít use. A bit more information on the Dragons and PEKKAS and pretty much all of the Dark Elixir troops would be great if the people who have used these troops can add.
Thx guys and constructive criticism would be appreciated. Though not commenting onthe use of words and the probably many mistakes.

PS Ė I hope that anyone whose guides I have researched these things off doesnít have any hard feelings.


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    Thats insanely sad beng if you dont see this all well but I will miss all of your comments and most importantly yourself.


    Godbless! :D
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    Hi Mr. Rhino. It has been great meeting you but now my journey in Clash of Clans will be put to an end - I'm quitting playing Clash of Clans and I won't be visiting this page again. Thanks for everything my friend. And sorry I haven't checked out your other guide, "How to get the Resources and WIN!!!", as I have told I'll check out your guides sometime. But I think it is a good one, too, like your other guide, "The Usefulness of Troops, Hero's and Spells". Keep up your great work Mr. Rhino and I really do think you're doing a great job. Goodluck with your journey in Clash of Clans and to your life outside the game too! Clash on!!! Godbless! :D
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    Oh. I see. Thought of that too. Btw, have already read your comment on my guide and thanks for making the All Archer Guide! Hopefully it gets approved! Godbless! :D
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    Lol im colour blind so it looked red to me
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    Finally! Just saw your clan. Your emblem is actually a "green" shield with the yellow kind of Y. :)) Good clan and good base! :D

    Oh, I'm on android and have a google account instead, no, 2 accounts actually. Can't add you. Sorry about that. And thanks in advance for making an all archer raid guide! It would help the one who asked me how, A LOT, and me, too (in case I would try it again and/or change my army composition and/or attack strategy again)! And the others also! Godbless! :D
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    Thx beng I am still in the Clan Dragon Riders as I am Leader. As you have found out there is alot of Dragon Rider clans but if it helps the emblem of my clan is the red shield with the yellow kind of Y and we generally have over 30 players everytime. (You could try to add me on your game centre my nickname is Foxes0007. If youve got game centre that is.) I have tried a all archer raid but only a few times so ill try to write one for you.

    ps I do remember you.
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    About your next guide, have you tried an all archer attack strategy before? Still know how to do it? If you do and if you would please, kindly make a guide on it. One commented on my guide and asked how an all archer combo works (which I have mentioned that I've tried this strategy on one of my comments but it was a long time ago when I did and was not so good at it as I remember and that I remember only a part of the whole attack strategy). Thanks! Much appreciated! Godbless! :D
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    Btw, Mr. Rhino, remember me? I tried searching for your clan (though I have no plans of transferring to yours as I'm loving it in my clan and staying in it) but couldn't find it. Just wanted to check it out. I typed in "Dragon Riders" as it is, there were lots with that clan name, patiently checked each one out, but got nothing. Should there be a difference in capitalization or spacing of letters? Or have you transferred to another clan?
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    Good guide and great job in making the guide as well - neat, organized, informative, and the title of the guide greatly compliments the context of it and vice versa which I like because if I was looking for a guide to know the usefulness of troops, heroes, and spells, it'll be easier for me to find this guide because of the title and my time won't be wasted because the context, really is, all about the title. And with this guide, letting the reader know or have an idea on the usefulness of troops, heroes, and spells, along with your thoughts about each, leads to helping them have an idea on how to properly use each - what troops, heroes, and/or spells to use or are useful depending on situations, and the strengths and weaknesses of each, which may also lead to having ideas for their own army compositions, also, better in making the best/most useful/most suitable army composition for attacks during clan wars. Keep it up! :D
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    Post a comment on what you want me to write my next guide about plz.
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    I have a strategy with barbarians that makes them useful for me
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    Freeze spell freezing something = not ironic.

    A freeze spell burning something = ironic.
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    a big thing you missed on the minions is that they are the perfect troops for killing barb kings and giants in clan castles. The minion can sit on top of the king and kill it rather quickly. I feel like you forgot to mention that hog riders when not checked by an inferno tower can kill any base that doesnt have an incredibly hard cc to draw.

    Also @ironicninja if you are looking to 50% a base a few goblins (5-10) can kill external mines with ease for a few that last bit for 50%.
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    thx for the comments guys and i guess you are right a bout a few things. I was tempted when i wrote this guide not to add in the troops i didnt know about but then it would be an uncompleted guide but thx for the ideas and keep assing more.
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    witches are useful for distraction so the back up takes things down will the defenses just hit da skeletons.
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    lvl 1: Loincloth
    You're pretty much right about all of these, however i don't think you've analyzed the actual application of some of these troops. For example, balloons may be rather useless statically, but all out balloon/minion raids have a very high success rate, therefore they should be rated higher in usefulness. On the contrary, the P.E.K.K.A has essentially no useful application, it's really just a dragon that doesn't fly making it impossible to build any strategy around it. Other than that, I found your ideas to be quite insightful.
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    barbs can be used as a meat shield for clearing the cc at higher lvls
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    Wow....You have taken your time and came up with a great guide to help the people who are new (noobs) to Clash of Clans, and also the higher level people a bit. The only piece of criticism i could come up with was that since you have not used some of the troops you have no CLEAR idea of their potential, and no amount of research can tell you what it's really like. I hope this little bit of critisicm helped you for more of your AMAZING guides.
    Thanks You
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    i think that barbarians are really useful, but other than that, good guide
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    Wow thx for the info it helped a lot:)
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    Barbarian is not very useful?????????????????????????? Are we talking about farming here because Barbarians can be useful and if they aren't, then GOBLINS SUCK.