Giant Minion Attack Strategy

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  • Apr 24, 2014 (102 months ago)
Hello. I am going to show you the attack strategy I use when pushing and in clan wars! I'm also going to explain how to attack with it and tips when using it. When using these troos I always get two-three stars. More commonly 3. ;) (This is my first guide so tell me what I can do better and any advice you might have.)

The troops I use are wallbreakers, giants, barbarian king, minions, archers, and wizards. The spells i use are 2 heal and a toss-up between rage and lightning. I also personally like to have a dragon in my clan castle.

I am a TH 7 and currently hold 200 troops, so I use 22 giants, 8 wallbreakers, 25 minions, 6 wizards, and 5 archers. If you have 180 camp space, take out 2 giants, 2 wizards, and 2 archers. I also have a level 3 spell factory to hold three spells.

Giants- I use them to clear out all of the defenses so that my infantry can go in and tear it up!
Wallbreakers- Obviously I can quite easily break open walls for my troops and make a path to the town hall.
Minions- They are my main infantry, taking out all of the buildings behind the giants. They can also fly over walls which is a great bonus.
Wizards- I use these guys to take out any clan castle ranging from P.E.K.K.As, to dragons, or to tier 1 troops(because of their splash damage).
Archers- These lure out the King, Queen, and CC troops. They also serve as a distraction while my wizards take the enemy troops out.
Barbarian King- Once I clear all of the excess buildings out of the way with the minions and wizards, this guy should have a clear path straight to the town hall. If the giants are far enough ahead of him, there should be no defenses shooting and trying to stop him from getting that star.
Dragon in CC- Along with the Barbarian King, the dragon will go straight to the town hall with no distractions allowing for the easy two stars.
2 heal spells- These are the lifeline of the giants. Once you see their health at around 25% immediately drop one and get back to full health.
Rage or Lightning spell- Depending on the clan castle troops, (although its hard to tell when you don't know) you pick which one you need more. The lightning spell will help out with the opposing clan castle while the rage can help speed your giants up and get more damage done. It really depends on your preference, though. I usually go with rage because my wizards can take out the clan castle troops.

Now on to the attack strategy!
First you want to identify the air defenses and second where the town hall is. Use the thirty seconds to plan out your attack but remember your main objective is that air defense. Once the battle begins lure out the CC troops and the king and/or queen with the archers. Draw them to a corner then beat them up with either your lightning spell or wizards. Now drop your giants so that they will be in a viable location to get to the air defense. Drop a few wallbreakers to blow up walls, and place the rest of your archers/wizards to start taking out outside buildings. Once your giants enter the wall drop a rage if you have one to move them through the first layer of defenses to the air defense. Drop some more wallbreakers if they need help getting through the walls. Once the giants destroy the air defense check to make sure their health isn't too low. Drop a healing if you need to. Since the main threat is eliminated, drop the minions to start paving a way for the barb king and dragon. Once there is a clear shot to the town hall drop the King and dragon from the clan castle. Once again check on the giants' health. Check to see if they made their way to the second or third air defense, also. If they have, there should be no problem for your dragon. By now you are at two stars and if not, close to that 50%. Your remaining dragon, Barbarian King, minions, and any leftover troops you have, should tear that base up into a pile of ash!

Thanks for reading and hopefully this strategy can work for you. Keep clashing on.
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