How Much Gold and Elixir Can you Raid with the New Clan Wars Update? How about Dark Elixir?

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  • Apr 19, 2014 (103 months ago)
First of all, the new loot system changed everything. But now what did the new Clan Wars update change? Well now Clan Castles can hold loot. So how much loot can u possibly take?

Well first we will look at how much resources you can hold in the mines and pumps.

You have 7 (level 11) mines/pumps that can each hold up to 150,000 resources each. You can raid up to 50% of whats in the mines/pumps, so that is (150,000/2)*7 = 525,000. So the mines and pumps can give you 525,000 gold and elixir.

Now to the storages. At max, you can raid 400,000 gold/elixir from the storages. So 525,000 + 400,000 = 925,000. This was how much gold and elixir you could raid BEFORE the Clan Wars update.

Now in the new update, you can save loot in your Clan Castle. When you upgrade it to level 6, it can hold up to 1.5 million gold and elixir. Now you can raid these Clan Castles to get loot. You can steal 10% of the loot in the Clan Castle. 1,500,000*0.1 = 150,000.

925,000 + 150,000 = 1,075,000. So now you can raid 1,075,000 gold and elixir. Add them up and you could raid 2,150,000 resources in a single raid.

Now for the Dark Elixir. As probably the hardest resource to get out of the three, how much could you possibly get?

You can have up to three drills. You can collect up to 75% of the what is in the drills. The drills can hold up to 1,600 Dark Elixir. So, (1,600*3)*0.75 = 3,600. You can get up to 3,600 dark elixir from just the drills.

Up to 3,000 dark elixir can be raided from the storages. 3,600 + 3,000 = 6,600. But lets not forget that we still have to calculate the clan castle.

The official dark elixir percentage stolen from a Clan Castle has not yet been tested, so we will just use 10% (even though it seems kinda high) to demonstrate. Up to 10,000 dark elixir can be held in a level 6 Clan Castle, and we are using 10%. That means up to 1,000 dark elixir can be raided from the clan castle.

6,600 + 1,000 = 7,600. That is how much dark elixir you can possibly raid nowadays (at least on April 19th).

1,075,000 gold
1,075,000 elixir
7,600 dark elixir


In the comment section, please post what you want me to do next. I am currently working on a troop value guide. Look forward to see that and I hope you have a good day.

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