Clan Wars! How to Survive and Thrive

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  • Apr 18, 2014 (102 months ago)
After fighting in 3 wars (2-1) and scoring 14 war stars I thought I would create this guide to help you plan your strategy. The guide is still new but the strategies we employed after a first war loss helped us win the last two wars. The guide is broken into two sections: preparation day and war day. War day is the most important.

Preparation Day:
1. The best defense is a good defense. The nice thing about clan wars is that if you are upgrading your defenses are still active (even x-bows and inferno towers) on the previous level.

2. Base Design: Look everyone knows that you will have troops and if they are good they will try to draw out your troops. There are a lot of good plans on the builder find one and use it. But keep the following in mind:
a. Keeping the clan castle absolutely centered is vitally important, even more important that keeping you Town Hall absolutely centered. The best way to check for this is from the village edit screen. If you select your CC (clan castle) make sure there is solid white all around it.
b. Use the collectors (gold and elixir) as shields. I know hogs, giants, etc will pass them by, but no one else will, use them in the second level of defense to tie up attackers. Remember the goal is to keep them from 2 stars
c. Center your king/queen, same reason as (a)
d. Have at least two layers of defense to blast through before your TH, time is stars people!
e. Repeat after me there is great defense from hogs! So use your spring traps around your outer defenses to try and kill as many as possible

3. Filling the CC: now that you have the perfect design what should I fill it with. Simple, high level wizards. I know some folks prefer dragons, but, L5 wizards are nasty and can go in five directions, dragons are slower and cannot. I have seen balloons in the role as well. They suck.

4. Who does the filling? This will be quite a burden, but basically whoever has the highest level troops should give. Usually this ends up being leadership. NEVER go in and just start filling with troops actually look at what the person is asking for and wait for direction from your leadership.

War Day!

This is the most important section, and also for you who hate reading, the shortest! Remember the goal is 3 stars, but at least 2 stars.

1. When attacking. Get a dragon for your attack, bring them in once the air defense are down. They wreck shop in a clean up role. For smaller castles, high level wizards. Remember the burden of providing the high level attack troops will probably still rest with leadership.

2. What is the order of battle?
a. the bottom 10 people in large clans, 3-5 in smaller clans should ladder attack from the bottom. What I mean is this, they begin the attack at #50 of a 50 member clan. The weakest in your clan attacks first, once that base has two stars they move up to #49 and etc. You get the idea, and so on. NO ONE ELSE SHOULD ATTACK THIS LEVEL!
b. The folks in the middle (not top 5-10) attack whomever (except the bottom 3-10)they want but make sure in the first attack is a guaranteed 2-star before going in, after that challenge yourself
c. The Top tier (5-10 top players) SHOULD NOT ATTACK AT ALL the first 18 hours. They should act as the arsenal for the rest of the team. During the last 6 hours they pick off all targets of opportunity. Sometimes there is a low level player on the opponent side that has been skipped, easy three stars.

Finally, remember it is all about stars! Win and get a mucho grande payout, lose and life just plain stinks!

Finally, finally: I have started a new clan called Red Dwarf (Red and white shield, Red on the right). It will be a serious war clan. If you are looking for experienced leadership, high level troops and good camaraderie, join me. After 20 members we will go to invite only, right now it is wide open.
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