Mass Heal Attack Strategy (TH 7-9)

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  • Apr 14, 2014 (103 months ago)
The titles says it all. This is a guide for a strategy all about mass healing your troops so they don't die.

Troops you'll need for this strategy
3+ Healing Spells (level 3+)
2 Healers (level 3+)
15-20 Giants (level 4+)
3-5 Wall Breakers (level 4+)
All room left goes to your choice of Archers, Barbs, or Wizards (level 4+)


First find a defense with Air Defenses far apart, or really close to the outer edge of the walls. This will be explained later.

Second unleash your Giants on the section of the wall near to the Air Defense. Throw down a Healing Spell shortly after you use all of them.

Third let your Wall breakers loose and smash the walls. Usually when you attack with Wall Breakers first they easily get shot down by archers.

When the Giants have destroyed the Air Defense/Defenses, use your healers, and also use your Archers/Barbs/Wiz. Your Healers will follow your Giants because they are the ones taking damage and the Archers/Barbs/Wiz will destroy the tower around the drop spot to rack up some stars.

Don't forget to use your Healing Spells when your Healers can't keep up with the rate that the Giants are being damaged, or when your reach another Air Defense to heal the Healers for enough time for the Giants to destroy the Air Defense. Don't worry if one of your Healers is killed. You have one more and should be nearing the end of your opponents defenses.

Find a good time to use the last Healing Spell, such as if your Healer/Healers are about to die, or your Giants are getting lower on health. Using the the Mass Healing Strategy your Giants really should never dip below 1/3 of health left.

Almost always the Mass Healing Strategy will give you 50%-100% and at least one star. This strategy is very good for trophy pushes.

Hope you guys find this strategy useful!
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