How to Create to Successful Base Design

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  • Apr 14, 2014 (102 months ago)
Everybody wants a good base design that can protect their precious resources and valuable trophies but don't know how to do it. In this guide I will be going over the basics of creating a base design on what your goal is and go over a few details on specific areas.

1: How to protect your resources
2: Intimidating attackers
3: Putting the right buildings in the right place
4: Are you farming or not?
5: Factors of Farming Bases
6: Factors of Defence Bases

1: How to Protect your storages.

When you are farming storages are the NUMBER ONE thing to protect. Even if you are going Hybrid you still need to protect your storages. You should keep your storages in the centre. The biggest mistake I see all the time is keeping all of your storages in the same compartment in the middle of your base. If the Goblins get inside to the compartment with all your storages, all of your resources are exposed through one wall. You should keep your storages roughly centralised but have them in different compartments so that the Goblins have to break through each wall to get to each storage.

Another must do is to never keep your storages on the perimeter of your base. NEVER keep your storages on the perimeter of your base just behind only one layer of Walls as Archers and Wizards can easily pick of outside storages. At least have 2 Walls between the outside of your base and your storages.

2: Intimidating attackers.

The first thing that intimidates attackers are DEFENCES.

The greatest defence that intimidates is the wall. The colour of your wall will decide whether the attacker stays or leaves your base. The other thing that can send them away is the level of your Wizard Tower and Mortar. Most people are afraid of high level splash defence and skip or Lightning Spell one or two of the splash damage towers. If those towers are high up in levels then they can take out most armies much better.

Lastly is the Cannons and Archer Towers. They still intimidate attackers, but not as much as the factors above. People will be less likely to attack with Giants if your Cannons and Archer Towers are higher upgraded.

Bonus: Upgrade your air defence and Archer Tower to stop most air attacks. The most popular air attacks you will get is around 20 Balloons and 60 Minions. If your air defence and Archer Towers are up to date and your air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines are well placed then defending from air attacks will be a cinch.

3: Putting the Right buildings in the Right place.

When you are creating a base design, hybrid, farming and defence, you MUST put the right buildings in the right place. Here is a list of what should be where on what type of base you want.

1st Layer: Town Hall - Dark Elixer - Gold Storage (Optional and must have if no Dark Elixer) - Mortar (Optional) - Wizard Tower (Optional) - Elixer Storage (Optional) - Xbow (If Unlocked) - Inferno Tower (Optional)
2nd Layer: Air Defence - Gold Storage - Elixer Storage - Wizard Tower - Mortar - Archer Tower (Optional) - Cannon (Optional) - Hidden Tesla (Optional)
3rd Layer: Cannon - Archer Tower - Hidden Tesla - Gold Mine (Optional) - Elixer Collector (Optional) - Dark Elixer Drill (Optional)

1st Layer: Dark Elixer - Gold Storage (Optional) - Elixer Storage (Optional) - Wizard Tower (Optional) - Mortar (Optional) - Xbow (If Unlocked) - Inferno Tower (If Unlocked)
2nd Layer: Mortar - Gold Storage - Elixer Storage - Wizard Tower - Air Defence - Archer Tower (Optional) - Cannon (Optional) - Hidden Tesla (Optional)
3rd Layer: Cannon - Archer Tower - Gold Mine (Optional) - Elixer Collector (Optional) - Hidden Tesla - Dark Elixer Drill (Optional)

1st Layer: Town Hall - Mortar - Wizard Tower (Optional) - Xbow (If Unlocked) - Inferno Tower (If Unlocked) - Archer Tower (Not Recommended) - Hidden Tesla (Optional)
2nd Layer: Elixer Storage (Optional) - Gold Storage (Optional) - Hidden Tesla - Wizard Tower - Cannon (Optional) - Archer Tower (Optional)
3rd Layer: Archer Tower - Cannon - Gold Storage and Elixer Storage (If you're a gemmer then it's your decision if you want to keep them on the outside) - Dark Elixer Drill (Not Recommended if you are going defence, likewise with the collectors and mines)

This list roughly outlines what should go where but if you have any suggestions on what might be wrong just comment. If you are in the higher leagues I extremely recommend having your Inferno Tower in the middle, they are much more important than xbows (xbows still need to be central) because they can take out armies of Hog Riders when they are on multiple target.

4: Are you Farming or not?

Farming is when you usually want to stay in a middle trophy range (Bronze 1 - Gold 2) and use Goblins to steal from mines and collectors of players who have retired, giving hundreds of thousands of loot. Farming is the number one strategy of getting loot for free, as the easiest way to get the loot is to just buy it with gems.

Usually an army of farming attacks consists of Goblins, Archers, Giants, wallbreakers, Barbarians and Minions.

The way to tell if you are not farming is when you are looking for trophies and have a defensive base and your Town Hall is well protected, usually in the centre of your base. Usually an army of defence consists of Archers, Giants, wallbreakers, Barbarians, Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, PEKKAs, hogriders, Minions and Golems.

Now the trickiest status you can have is a hybrid, is when you don't want to drop trophies a lot and you're not farming, but you still want to save your resources and keep them safe. Usually you can find hybrids from Bronze 2 - Silver 1 (Low level TH) and Silver 1 - Crystal 1 (Higher level TH). Most hybrid armies consist of the army compositions of defensive armies.

5: Factors of Farming Bases.

When you're farming, your base is unique to hybrid and defence. Usually your Town Hall is in the corner or on the outside of your Walls (If you want you can keep your Town Hall behind one wall) and your storages should be roughly central like I talked about earlier.

Farming Bases are probably the easiest to attack if you are farming. The Town Hall is on the outside so you don't lose any trophies and the mines and collectors are usually easy to get to. The only downside is that some farming bases usually have their Gold Mines and elixer collectors protected by Walls or defences. For Example, Pingfao's Tesla Town TH8 Farming Base.

When you are going around looking for loot, sometimes you come across farming bases with all the loot inside of the storages. There are some great strategies out there to get to the storages (BARCH, BAM, HAM, GARCH just to name a few) and you should seriously take those into consideration.

6: Factors of Defence Bases.

If you're down near Silver 2 - Gold 2 you will probably not come across many defence bases until you reach Crystal, Masters and Champions. Most of these bases have Inferno Towers, xbows and splash towers MAXED and their storages on the outside. When you reach these leagues you really need to have most of your troops maxed as well as Army Camps. If you have a good army composition at a high level, you can do well in the high leagues.

Mostly in Masters and champions are huge gemmers, where they don't even need to store loot, they keep their storages on the outside, full of resources. This opens up a hole new way of farming, known as storage farming. An army of all Archers usually does the job, Giants and wallbreakers are just a luxury. The strategy is to use the Archers to pick of the storages and get around 500k of each and use the rest of the Archers to "steal buildings" and get a star to not lose trophies. This is probably one of the most efficient ways of farming, but you need a good base level to stay in Masters and have a level 6 Archers. This would be the fastest way to get a maxed base if you are NOT planning on spending hundreds of dollars on gems.

Now I will go into detail of some of the stuff I do know about.

7: What defences to upgrade first.

Here is the order on what defences you should upgrade first:

Wizard Towers
Walls 1 level below max
Inferno Tower
Air Defence
Hidden Tesla 1 Level below max
Archer Tower
Walls Max
Hidden Tesla Max

Wizard Towers and Mortars and vital to upgrade as they can do splash damage, self explanatory. Walls keep out attackers extremely well, highly recommended to keep at a good level. Inferno Tower and xbow pretty much decides the battle with hogriders and Golems/Wizards. Air defence = No air what-so-ever. Hidden Tesla is the ultimate element of surprise, if you have a few empty 2x2 spaces to throw off the enemy. Cannons are more important then Archer Towers because Archer Towers cost a lot more and require more time to upgrade but they are both point defence. The only upside to Archer Towers is that they can target air, but if your air defences are up to date you don't need worry about the Archer Towers until most other things are upgraded. Walls should be maxed for intimidation and successful defences. And Hidden Teslas should be upgraded last as the higher levels they go are very expensive and you have 4 by TH9.

And Lastly 8: Hybrids.

Creating TH8 hybrids can be extremely hard as there are always flaws when creating one, and making a farming or defence base is much easier. I roughly talked about what building should go where on hybrids in Number 3. Here will be a more detailed response to that.

Your Town Hall should go where how much you value it. If you want to stay in the same league and not drop trophies madly, it should not be exactly centred but somewhere within the Walls. Find a symmetrical place to put is say with the other Gold Storages and traps to make it 4x4. Putting your lab symmetrically inside your Walls with your Town Hall is a complete waste, as labs don't do anything defensively and are easy to destroy, I recommend put a 3x3 building there but walling it like it would be a 4x4, leaving space for traps.

For your dark elixer it should always be near the centre, if not very close-by. Dark elixer is more important than normal elixer in the higher leagues thanks to heroes and dark elixer troops. Elixer storages can be placed around the second layer and if you want the third. Gold Storages are very important, try placing them in the 2nd layer or 1st. If you don't desire gold as much, 3rd layer could be an option.

For your defences, splash central. The most important defence for taking out hordes, commonly used in most leagues. Wizard Towers are perfect against Goblins and witches keep them central to protect your resources and cups. Air defence is always, ALWAYS, a 2nd or 3rd Layer. The reason I say this is because most air attacks come from all sides, keep them spread out. The things that usually go in the middle that can attack air are Inferno Towers, xbows if desired and Wizard Towers. These will protect the Town Hall if the air defences fail, but the air defences should protect the middle and perimeter of the base. Archer Towers can protect the perimeter and the outside of the base from flying units too, so keep that in mind. Cannons are always 3rd layer unless you have room for 1 or 2 in the 2nd layer. NEVER EVER put a Cannon in the middle or 1st layer next to your Town Hall or dark elixer storage. Same goes with Hidden Teslas, mainly 2nd layer and 3rd layer. As I said before Hidden Teslas are great at surprise, use them wisely.

Gold Mines and Elixer collectors are usually on the outside, 3rd layer if you have room. They should only be on the 2nd layer if you are retiring for a month or so and want loot when you come back. Same goes with dark elixer drills.

Barracks, Army Camps, labs and spell factories are always to keep on the outside. Builder huts can go in the corner if you like.
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