Wizard Tower Importance Through Town Halls

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  • Apr 06, 2014 (103 months ago)
Welcome to my second installment of my building importance through the town halls. This time I will cover the wizard tower. I'll start by telling you all when you will get them. WT = Wizard Tower. Remember, the wizard tower does splash damage like a mortar and has a range of 7 tiles.

Town hall 5: 1 WT - LV 2 MAX
Town hall 6: 2 WT - LV 3 MAX
Town hall 7: 2 WT - LV 4 MAX
Town hall 8: 3 WT - LV 6 MAX
Town hall 9: 4 WT - LV 7 MAX
Town hall 10: 4 WT - LV 8 MAX

Town hall 5:
I remember when I first got my wizard tower at town hall 5. I thought I should put it somewhere protecting a cannon or just put it where an average cannon would go. WRONG! Wizard towers are much different then those and should be treated different. They have two purposes. If you are trophy pushing (Not recommended for town hall 5 though) you should place it near your one mortar. It can cover the "dead zone" of the mortar for maximum coverage and protection. But now I'll tell you my opinion of the best way to use it. Place it near high traffic storages. Preferably two if you can. That wizard just WRECKS all those goblins that even come close.
Recommending: 1 WT - LV 2 - Place it near storages

Town hall 6:
This is where you can start to get full use of the wizard tower. One wizard should be next to a gold and elixir on both sides. You get your second, so you can protect all storages. Any nearby archers or goblins will wish they never they got near it. A level 3 wizard tower takes down level 3 archers in 2 hits!
Recommending: 2 WT - LV 3/2 either is ok - one near one gold and elixir storages, and vice versa

Town hall 7:
It gets a little more complicated here. You finally get your dark elixir. You might have to make some sacrifices. I would recommended the same placement strategy as town hall 6, but depending on what's more important you might want to switch a average storage with your dark elixir storage if you want that barb king. This is the town hall where you start to need LOTS of resources to buy things. Wizards are very important now and should be upgraded.
Recommending: 2 WT - LV 4 - protect your most wanted storages with it

What do wizards stop for on the highway? Witchhikers!

Town hall 8:
Huh. You get an extra storage for each. You get and extra wizard. Very interesting. Spread your storages around your base in a triangle with your wizards protecting each set. Town hall 8 is probably the most triangle based town hall (you have three of a lot of stuff). You also have an extra two levels to upgrade them. Just set getting them to level 5 on high priority and level 6 and medium priority. The thing is, that Lv 6 wizard looks so amazing. Anybody sane will skip you seeing those.
Recommending: 3 WT - LV 5 on high and LV 6 on medium - triangle protecting storages

Town hall 9:
They give you even more storages. Dang it. But on the bright side you get a 4th wizard. Yehhh! At this town hall people are usually dedicated to being a farmer or defense. Farmers should follow the same logic with town hall 8 but in a square. For defense, putting wizards next to mortars is a great idea. The mortars will damage the enemies at a distance and the wizard can finish them off of they get to close. That would be a great use for them.
Recommending: 4 WT - LV 6 at least - Farmers follows earlier guidelines, defense should be next to mortars

Town hall 10:
This is pretty much exactly the same as town hall 9. Just level them up and go on your day.
Recommending: 4 WT - LV 7 - Town hall 9 guidelines
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