How to farm 1m+/hour TH 6+

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  • Apr 06, 2014 (103 months ago)
Welcome to my first guide!

This guide is about an attack strategy to farm 1m+/hour which seems like alot but ill explain how. So first,what trophy range should you be at. Optimal trophy range is 1500-1700 for this strategy. Army camp spots should be atleast 190 preferably 200 or above. For town hall 6 this might not work as well because you only have 3 barracks.

Table of Contents:
1. What base to look for
2. Variations of this strategy
3. Final notes

1. What base to look for

When your looking for a base they need to be inactive so that they have alot of loot in the collectors or mines. How to tell if a base is inactive:

-Their builders are sleeping and have small zzz over the huts

-Their collectors are full

-Their xbows or infernos arent loaded (xbows wont have elixir in them and infernos turn black)

-They have gravestones

So the bases you wanna attack has easy accesable collectors and mines so you can steal the loot in there.

2. Variations of this strategy

So here i have a list of the different strategys:

1. All archers - Very lazy and cheap
2. Half archer, half barb - Often called barch. Amount of troops can be adjusted
3. Barch + Giants - Giants are for distraction
4. Barch + Wallbreakers - To break through walls
5. Barch + Goblins - For taking loots quicker
6. Barch + Goblins, Giants and Wallbreakers - I would recommend this strategy

A few tips:

Deploy barbs infront and archers after. For splash defenses put a giant to distract followed by goblins. Dont waste time and remember to kill clan castle troops and heroes.

3. Final Notes

Thanks for reading i know my english is not really good but i hope you get the idea. Check out some of my bases if you have a little spare time; some of them are pretty good.

Thanks again,


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