Clan Wars and Bases

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  • Apr 05, 2014 (103 months ago)
In this guide I will take you through the process of Clan Wars as well as some strategy behind designing a base for Clan Wars.

Clan Wars is a two day process, day one is "Preperation Day", where each clan member will redesign His/Her base to best protect it against attack as well as filling up the clan castle with strong defensive troops such as Wizards, Dragons, Witches and Archers which I will tell you more about later. Day two is "Battle Day" where each clan member (including or excluding the member with the least trophies in the clan, depending on the amount of players in the enemy clan) will have a chance to wage two battles against the player of their choice in the opposition clan, with the intention of getting the full 3 stars (so make sure that you attack someone that you know you can beat). The game however does select a "Best Match" Opponent based on mathematical calculations that take into account Base level, defensive buildings, walls etc. However it is the choice of the attacking player as to who he/she wishes to attack. After the player has taken His/Her two battles against an opposition, the best of the two battles will be selected and the amount of stars earned in that battle will be added to the total "Clan Stars" amount (The number of stars that the clan as a whole has racked up through victories in the war). After an individual battle win, the winning attacker will receive a loot bonus, whereas the defender has to make do with nothing until he/she attacks. After the second day the clan with the most stars won, takes the victory and an enormous loot bonus. The losing clan also gets a loot bonus but it is less than 30 percent of that of the winning clan. After the Clan War has ended the clan Leader/co-Leader(s) can begin a new Clan War immediatly.
During a Clan War there are certain differences in-game in the players "War base" when compared to their usual base. The war base is meant strictly for battle, this means that any recource storages are as important as say barracks's for example because the player cannot lose any loot therefore rendering the storage building irrelevant as a storage. Other differences are that all traps, and heros will be healed and rearmed automatically at no cost what so ever.

The War Base
A player will be required to create a base that gives them an advantage in defense over their normal base, a War Base does not focus on protecting any resource storages directly like a farming base does, but instead focusses on protecting the Town Hall and defending against attackers with the aim of preventing any stars. A War Base must have good splash damage coverage (splash damage is the kind of damage dealt by mortars and wizard towers, it does damage to large numbers of troops rather than one unit at a time) and should also be designed in a way that allows every available building to be in range of a defensive building. The clan castle will also play a major role in the outcome of a defense, make sure you fill your clan castle with good troop combinations:
-For a level 1 clan castle (10 spaces) 2 wizards and two archers is a great combination.
-For a level 2 clan castle (15 spaces) 1 witch and 3 archers is a good combination however it does not do as well as 3 wizards and 3 archers.
-For a level 3 clan castle (20 spaces) The best option is a dragon followed by 5 wizards then a witch and 2 wizards and lastly 4 wizards and 4 archers.
-For a level 4 clan castle (25 spaces) The best bet is to go with a witch 3 wizards and 1 archer.
-For a level 5 clan castle (30 spaces) The usual champions league combination of 2 witches 1 wizard and two archers works well.

Every outcome of an attack, or defense is based entirely on your choice. So make it good and just remember... Enjoy it!
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