Best CHEAP raiding strategy: for all Town Halls!!

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  • Mar 30, 2014 (103 months ago)
Hey guys!! This is gonna sounds like a lousy guide but it works and it's VERY efficient. My friends make fun of me but I show them my 200k and 300k raids with cheap troops while they show me 100k and less raids using high level expensive troops.

Ok basic plan (in order of how many troops you need):
1. Goblin, lots of goblins (x2 to all resource buildings!!!!)
2. Archers, medium amount
3. Wall Breakers, 5 (you don't want to waste troops trying to break a wall when a mortar is shooting at you)
4. Barbarians, a few (not as much needed as others)
5. Minions, 5(only if you have them, Helpful for killing Barbarian King)
6. Clan Castle (helpful if all your troops are dying)
7. Lightning spell, or healing spell (whichever floats your boat)

Pretty simple right? Basically if you have TH7 and all your army camps are maxed out (level 6) you get 200 troops. Think if you use 90 goblins (7200 elixir), 45 archers (5400 elixir), 15 barbarians (1200 elixir), 5 minions (35 Dark Elixir), and 5 Wall Breakers (12500 elixir), you only use 26,300 elixir and 35 dark elixir!!!!
Think, 1 dragon, level 1 costs 25,000 elixir. So all in all this army is super cheap. Basically just pump those troops out of your barracks and while you're raiding your camps fill up again. And it's SUPER quick!!!

On to the raid:

Unfortunately this is going to cost you a little more gold than you want.... BUT the payout is SOOOO worth it, trust me. I usually go through 35-50 bases before I even get the base I want to attack but when you think you can make 300k+ sometimes it's really worth it.

Bases you want to raid:

1. Idiot gemmers who leave their storages OUTSIDE their base. As a matter of fact ANYONE who leaves their storages outside their base

2. People who have their entire loot in their collectors. For example, you come across a raid with 275k of elixir and gold. You see that they have all level 11 collectors that are completely full. RAID THIS. You can even try and get 1 star because many of them leave their Town Hall on the outside.

How to tell when to raid a base:

1. Their Builders are asleep (shown by the little Z's that come up from the hut). This shows that they haven't been on in a while and usually they're collectors are full.

2. They haven't touched the gravestones or Santa Strike (only available in the winter seasons) to pick them up. This is a sign again that they haven't been on in a while. Raid it, well only if theirs look.

How to raid a base with FULL collectors (sometimes its ok if they're half full or a quarter way full because there's still loot available):

1. Put 1 archer down where you can steal a building. For instance putting an archer out of reach of a cannon to take out an army camp. ONLY 1 IS NEEDED. You need to save some for late. They're very important later on.

2. Lure out Barbarian King or Archer Queen. FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE MINIONS AVAILABLE. Keep the barbarian King occupied when you try and take him out. Put down 1 archer or 1 barb and then put down all your minions. Continue to put down 1 barb or archer when they die. The Barbarian King can't hit flying troops so it works out perfectly.

3. Use Barbarians for the same thing. It works only if they can't be reached. ALWAYS USE A BARBARIAN INSTEAD OF AN ARCHER, if at all possible.

4. TIME FOR GOBLINS!!! Now put 5 or 6 goblins for every collector. Do this around the whole base. Once this is done, if and only if the collectors are still there, then reinforce with barbarians to distract, then Goblins then some archers to take it out.

5. Use Barbarian King or Clan Castle. Unless you want to save them for defense. Feel free to use them. They work great if they have an army of barbarians and archers in front. Then finish off with Goblins.

Wrap Up:

So thank you for reading this guide and make sure you comment suggestions or other raiding strategies that you use. To recap:

1. Find raids with collectors that have all the loot. Finding a raid that has empty collectors and full storages is almost pointless for this raiding strategy.

2. Before you read make sure to fill your barracks. While out on a raid, you may use all you troops. If your barracks aren't full you will have empty barracks and less than half filled army camps; this is pointless based on the raiding strategy. ALWAYS FILL YOUR BARRACKS BEFORE YOU RAID. On another note, while waiting for troops to be trained in the barracks you can always just fill them back up, go do something, then fill up, then go do something, and sooner or later your army camps will be filled.

3. This plan is efficient and is worth it in the end even though it may not seem like that when trying to find a base. At TH7, which I am at, cost 380 gold per change of base. At that rate, going through 35-50 raids to find the right one to raid costs around 13300 to 19000 gold. But when you think long term, itís worth it when you find a raid with 200k available in the collectors.

4. Goblins>Archers>Wall breakers>Minions>Barbarians>Barbarian King>Clan Castle>Spells. This is the basic outline for your army. You want about 90 goblins, 5 wall breakers, 5 minions, and the archers should be about 3:1 to the Barbarians.

5. Use multiple troops for each collector. For example you find another raid with 200k each and want to get it all from the collectors. Send in a small wave of barbarians, then a larger storm of goblins, then some archers to get the job done. This helps when a mortar or wizard tower is covering that collector or storage.

6. Get 1 star!! You can get star. Using extra troops is worth it sometimes to kill some extra buildings or kill the Town Hall. Its helpful if you want to regain some lost trophies from an attack.

Thanks again for reading!! Please leave a comment for a suggestion, go see my oner made bases and rate and comment on those!!


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