Designing you Farming Base CORRECTLY, Guide By JABA

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  • Mar 23, 2014 (103 months ago)
This is a Guide on how you are going to design your Farming base for your Level 7 to Level 9 base.
I am assuming you are playing correctly and have most to all of the unlocks for your town hall level and not playing to upgrade the town hall only.

Your going to look at this guide as sort of a quota that you need to fill when making your new base.

First of all, when making your farming base, the obvious first thing you should take out of your mind is TROPHIES. Trophies are NOT your goal as a farmer. RESOURCES is your main goal. With that in mind, your going to need to throw that town hall out of your base. This, you should already have known. Below is a list of things INSIDE YOUR BASE that you must protect when designing it, ranked from most important to least important, as well as how they should be formatted.

X=Defend XX=Strongly Defend XXX= Heavily Defend C=Centralize S=Spread

**WHAT TO PROTECT (Ranked from most important to least important)**

1. Dark Elixir Storage (XXX) (C)
2. Gold Storage (XXX) (S) *Note: Gold is more important than Elixir and used much more*
3. Elixir Storage (XX) (S)
--X-BOW (XX) (C) For those who have it.
4. Wizard Towers (XXX)
5. Mortars (XX) (C)
6. Air Defense (XX) (C)
7. Cannons & Archer Towers (X)
8. Clan Castle (C)
9. Barbarian King/ Archer Queen (C)

With that in mind, your resources are the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. So, we need to protect them as much as possible. Here is the correct list of things you must do with your storages when designing your base.

**STORAGE (not collectors) PROTECTION**

-ALWAYS place a wizard tower near your storages. It should be able to be boxed in by itself WHILE covering one or 2 storages

-Require the enemy to pass through AT LEAST 2 walls to get to one of your storages. This a key strategy that a lot of people do not do but works very well.

-NEVER place your storages near the edge of your base. This leaves it open to archer attacks that will easily take your resources.

-SEPORATION!!!! ALWAYS have your storages seporated and never have them in the same "Box" of walls. Never have your storages next to each other. Once they get through that one wall, they have access to all of your resources.

-Place a Cannon/ Archer Tower right next to your storage. Your "Box" should have one storage and one defensive building in it.

Now, you see what you have to do with your storages. This may seem impossible because of your wall count and a design for this may see difficult, but indeed it is possible. Another list below will give you additional tips on the placement of your storages and defenses.


-Form your Mortars into a Triangle, this should be a given.

-PROTECT YOUR AIR DEFENSE!! Many players do not value their Air defense. Without Air defense, I can just walk into your base with 20 giants and 2 healers and your finished. Air defense should be heavily defended, It is one of the most important defensive buildings. They should centralized, and if you have 2 or more, spread them while they cover main areas of your base.

-Centralize your Clan Castle. If your not in a clan, GET IN ONE. Clan Castle troops provide almost the most defense to your base if it is filled with the right troops. Not only do they attack the enemy, but they distract the enemy, giving your defensive buildings key time on killing enemy troops. So, Centralize the castle, so It has range all over your base to send out the troops.

-Use ALL of your walls! Don't be one of those fools who don't use all of your walls and just stick them outside of your base for perimeter, NOT GOOD. Use em' all!

Your almost ready to make your base, but now, I am going to tell you how to properly use your traps to effectively take out troops.

-Bombs are probably the least-effective trap of them all. Their damage isn't too great singled out, so, your going to need to bring them together so you can make them effective damage-wise. Put them together as if they were another Giant bomb. Bombs are better used inside the base, best when in between 2 defenses, because packs of giants go for defenses, so, they would likely walk into the boom.

-Giant bombs are used wrong so much. 80% of people just stick it outside and maybe they will nail a little pack of archers but thats it. Like Bombs, Giant bombs are better put inside your base, and in between 2 defenses.

-Spring traps are absolutely the most effective of the traps. They are a ONE HIT K/O. So, theoretically, they are the most powerful thing in the game. These should be placed, like bombs, inside your base, in between defenses, and spread them out. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the replay of those 4 giants being flung up in the air like boogers.

-Air Bombs are misused a lot. People think they need protection. WRONG. These air bombs are most-effective on the outer-rim of your base, maybe even farther in the backfield. These are VERY effective against minion attacks. DO NOT Put them all in the same area, single them out, and spread them around the outside of your base, maybe in the blind spot of your air defense.

-These work best against Healers and Dragons. So, You need to place them where healers and dragons are most likely to attack. Place them outside your base just like Air Bombs.

-Teslas are one of the most important overall defensive buildings. Players seem to not value them. They are best put INSIDE your base, near a storage, and protected or boxed in.

So, You know your main base design. However, what about all those collectors, barracks, camps and huts? I will tell you how to properly place those in a way that may make your enemy hit that 'NEXT' button and run scared from your intimidating looking base. Your going to use the Perimeter.


-This is a simple strategy, and works every time. Your going to place your outside buildings farther than normal so that the enemy can only spawn far out in the backfield. This not only and make your enemy lose interest in attacking you, but also give you key seconds on taking damage on the enemy troops even before they reach your walls.

-Upgrade your walls! Many players look at their walls last. NOT GOOD. You need to get those walls upgraded. Of course, for defense, but also because having upgraded walls can intimidate your enemy and make them lose interest.

**Next Step: MAKE YOUR BASE**

-Making your base with this quota will take you a while to figure out. It will take some time, but it is worth it. Do not give up, it can be done. When you finally have it, USE IT. Your resources will almost never be stolen. A typical raid will come up as a loss, however, the person raiding would probably have taken only about 1000-2000 resources.

Thank you for reading my guide. This is my first one. I have bases designed with these rules and they are on my profile. Feel free to take a look or use them yourself. I would love some feedback.


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