Clan Games (and training)

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  • Mar 20, 2014 (103 months ago)
I know this may sound quite stupid but actually its really fun. If you are the sort of clasher who does not do huge clan pushes of whole clan farms then here are some simple games what you can play with a few Clan members. if you are a Co-leader or Leader send out a message or put it in the description to let your clan know what you are doing and see if anyone wants to join in.WARNING NOT FOR COMPETITIVE CLANS!

GAME 1: Down and back.
This is my personal favorite what you have to do is set an amount of trophies your clan mates are prepared to lose: the best is around 400-ish. WARNING DON'T DO THIS IF YOU ARE PUSH AS THERE IS A CHANCE YOU WONT GET BACK! Then race your fellow team mates down to the set number of trophies ( my favorite strategy is to drop one barbarian one the first village you come to then repeat at the speed of light). Then push as hard as you can back to the same trophy level. This can take from and Hour to an entire day so get ready.

GAME 2: Village Annihilation.
This game may not work depending on what league you are in.
In this game each player finds a base 2 town hall levels below them and try to destroy it as fast as possible. After they will share they replay and someone will be nominated as a judge will judge it. You can base your criteria on whatever you like but I would suggest Speed, Percentage and tactics if it is a close draw. If a player cannot find a base 2 town hall levels below them then do it with one but give them a handicap.

In this game it is basically the same principle as Village Annihilation but this time go against a base a town hall level above you. Unless you are TH10 then find someone better than you.

these are a few simple clan games to play for fun but remember the more you play them the better you get at attacking so if you hold a Clan Olympics each month the more trained your members will get at attacking quicker, stronger and more tactically.
I hope you play well and enjoyed my guide thanks for reading
Lord of Bacon
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