What Order should you max your building in?

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  • Mar 09, 2014 (104 months ago)
Hello everyone! This guide will cover what order you should upgrade your towers and walls in. This is important not just to make you better but to also make you look more intimidating to higher attackers.

First off, let's discuss what makes your base look more powerful. The three things I look at when attacking are:

1. Wall levels and layout
2. Wizard Tower and Mortar locations
3. Location of King, Queen and Clan Castle

Walls are hands down the scariest thing to go against. If you are TH8 or 7, look at a few of my layouts and they will set you up with a scary looking base. I personally tend to not attack people who have good wall placements because I know that I will probably not get through them unless I am using hogs, balloons or dragons. Even then though I will take a long look at a base who has higher walls and even skip just because they look intimidating.

Wizard Towers and Mortars are very important as well, especially at the lower levels. When you are below TH6 the Mortar and Wizard Tower are the best defense you have against everyone else, so make sure you have them in the very middle and at their max level.

Location of the King, Queen and CC are also very important if you have them unlocked. This will stop people from attacking you who are raiding with troops like hog riders and balloons if you have the Queen. The three of these should always be located in the center of your base no matter what. They are very powerful up in the higher leagues such as crystal and master and are still effective up at champion league.

Now, lets talk about the order of things. I would also STRONGLY recommend that you max all towers and buildings before going to the next town hall. This is important because of loot deductions at higher town halls.

Here is the order of non-attacking buildings. I will explain it later on:

1. Gold and Elixir storages
2. Army camps
3. Barracks
4. Clan Castle
5. Dark Storage
*** Finish all collectors when you want. I personally recommend doing them whenever you have enough money but it is up to you. ***

The reason for this order is because having the higher troop space is very convenient and allows you to attack stronger bases with more ease. Many people forget to upgrade their barracks. That is by far the biggest mistake you can make in the entire game. Having maxed barracks is great so you can train multiple of whatever troop you want and not have to worry about running out of space in one of them. It also allows you to train more of the higher troops at once. Clan castle should be put in both sections but it is so important that I decided to throw it in there here. When full of archers this thing can be your greatest asset in a defense. I strongly recommend having this thing maxed asap. The storage is the last thing and it doesn't need to be maxed really unless you are working on the highest levels of your troops. Mine is maxed only because I ran out of things to upgrade with elixir. Finally, mines and pumps. They are so nice to have maxed but they do not provide as much as a few good raids. Make sure you upgrade them together because they only go up by 300 per hour each upgrade and they just get more and more expensive to send up. Get them maxed along the way but they need to be maxed by TH7.

Here is the order of attacking buildings and structures:

1. Clan castle
2. Walls - one or two levels below the max for your TH
3. Mortars
4. Wizard towers
5. Cannons
6. Tesla - one level below max
7. Archer Towers
8. Air defenses
9. Max your walls
10. Traps and max your hidden teslas during your TH upgrade

I don't have to explain why this is the perfect order. Do as I say and you will look so powerful it's not even funny.

Thank you for reading this guide and clash on!

Also, if you are above level 40 and are in gold league or higher shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want to join my clan that I own. Very active and donate a lot!
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