The Journey to Master League, How to get those Trophies!

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  • Feb 21, 2014 (104 months ago)
Hello fellow clashers! This is my first guide and my goal is to help those who would like to trophy push and share my own personal struggles. I apologize if someone else has made a similar guide but I'm just a little bit overzealous about reaching Master League finally and care to help out the community and share my experiences. I am a TH9 level 100 but this strategy can be applied by anybody who wishes to reach Master League on a trophy hunt. Sorry but I do slightly favor hog riders in this guide. Here goes nothing:

-My clan alerts us of a trophy push about a month or so in advance. Once I heard about the push, I knew I needed to start to prepare if I wanted to hit my goal. My first move was to upgrade my troops. Hogs or balloons are definitely the way to go so I started the upgrade for those. In all of the time before the push I finished 2 hog upgrades and a heal spell upgrade (I chose hogs over balloons). Those were vital for my pushing experience! Next, prepare your splash defenses. Since hogs are the main strategy for others too you wanna be sure to have wizard towers and mortars upgraded. Also one of the most overlooked aspects of pushing is....... army camps! Be sure to have all of them maxed. It adds 20 spaces to your attack arsenal which is quite handy.

-One of the biggest mistakes people make when trophy pushing is going too fast for their own good. When i started my push i knew that a realistic goal for me was Master III. I started off around 1600 trophies and used barbs and archers for a long time. Don't be the person who uses hogs all the time and then runs out of dark elixir really soon. Save that dark elixir (or elixir depending on the troop setup you use) for when the raiding starts to become very hard. Personally, I used the BARCH strategy all the way until 2400 trophies. I easily got 50% off of bases and happily took my trophies. It was very cheap, yet effective. Once I got to 2400 trophies I made the smoothly switched to hogs and had plenty of dark elixir.

-Contrary to what most believe, it IS possible to win defenses once you are high up in trophies. Be sure to have a base that will do guard against hogs and yet can still defend against balloon attacks (the most popular strategies). I am using my own base titled "Hog Kryptonite" (Feel free to look at it if you are th9). Also, keep your traps upgraded and well placed. Placing two giant bombs next to each other can knock out an entire army of hogs. (Its worked for me) Make sure your clan castle cannot be lured out and heroes are somewhat protected in the base.

-You will not make it far on a push without patience. Make sure to have all of your spells and your heroes once you get high up. You will need them to win eventually. Make sure to have you clan castle troops available as well. Patience is also required in base selection. If you are using hogs, do not attack bases with multi target infernos! You will lose and that is a promise. I attacked th9's and th10's with single target infernos personally. Be prepared to spend 10 minutes to find a base. And try as hard as possible to not go after easy loot. If you are serious about trophy hunting then forget the loot and go for the trophies. Besides, the bonuses should take care of the poor loot.

-Im going to let you guys in on a few secrets. First, shields are very important. Never break a shield for just one attack unless you will not get another chance to attack. Don't be too worried about sitting idle with a shield. Make sure u have time to attack a few times before you break your shield for good. Second, revenge list = easy trophies! Be sure to always run through your revenge list because you will find more trophies than normally, you can pre-plan out your raid, and you will occasionally find bases with their town halls outside. Easy Money

-in case you were wondering I used half barbs and half archers with lightning spells up until 2400 trophies. Once I got there I used 28 hogs, 10 wizards, 2 giants, 5 minions, 20 archers, and all heal spells. This carried me to 2620 trophies.

If you are a th9 then check out my "Hog Kryptonite" design.
My clan is "Elderado" feel free to join.
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