WARLOAD's Key Points: Farm, Plan and BAM!

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  • Feb 21, 2014 (104 months ago)
Hi there everyone, I am WARLOAD, Co-founder and Co-leader of the Unknown Genesis Clan and The Unknown Family.

I'm currently a level 91 player, TH9 and as any experienced player I have made mistakes, errors and I have my regrets. Based on that it's time that I made a guide on how NOT to mess up and cause yourself problems in the long run.

I'm not aware if anyone has made a guide exactly like this and if they have then I apologize. AS you can probably imagine it is near enough impossible to cover all topics and give examples to help you with every scenario. But this guide has been created in the hopes that my experience with Clash of Clans can help others understand where I have gone wrong and what I have learnt in order to improve and move forward.

I will be covering:
-The basic rules to abide by
-Army styles to help you with resources (not trophy pushes)
-Base Designs (Planning and Research)
-At the end some general tips and facts to help you along

Step 1: A rule you must never break, no matter how tempting and no matter how hard you find the game. I have been told this and I have never taken this advice and I now realise just how important it is, I tell everyone I meet to follow this basic and simple yet crucial step to help make a successful player.

-Do not upgrade your Town Hall to the next level until EVERYTHING is maxed out for that Town Hall level. I mean EVERYTHING. Make sure all buildings you can build are built. Collector and Mines, storages, defenses, walls, army camps, troop levels, the spell factory and the lab, make sure everything in your village is upgraded to its maximum level! I'm sure there are guides explaining that loot is harder to come by the more you upgrade your town hall and that people can steal more from you the higher your Town Hall, so take my advice and max it all! Even though walls seem expensive and tedious to upgrade, you are going to need them. Walls are the main thing protecting your resources from enemies!

Ask any experienced player, this step is the one you do not want to skip!

Step 2: Do some research, it will help you more than you realise!

This step is a three part process, Base Design and Army Composition and Attacking.

-The second most important thing is to plan and research. If it weren't for the endless amount of base designs and attack strategies available online then I would still be stuck making 100K raids at TH8/TH9. Go find a base design that suits your TH level and that best matches a design you like! (it is more important for the design to be functional than look nice!) Farming* is the quickest and most efficient way to level up, upgrade buildings, steal loot and keep it safe. (I will detail more about farming later on although I encourage you to find out more and take your own spin on it). The only way to find out if a base is successful is to try it out, for lower Town Hall players this is key! You are in the earliest stages and therefore the easiest to experiment in without huge losses occuring. (also it shouldn't take half as long for you to re-arrange your base).

The second part of planning is your army composition and the fan-favorite army composition is either BA (for lower TH levels) or BAM (for Th7+).

BA: Barbarians and Archers, typically I used them on a ratio of 1:1, although peoples opinions differ. So use them how you feel appropriate. A ratio of 100:100 for a 200 troop capacity is recommended.

BAM: Barbarians, Archers and Minions. Otherwise known as base wreckers and ultimately the best known composition for stealing loot. Use these troops in a ratio of 8:8:2 (for example a troop capacity of 200 should consist of 80 barbarians, 80 archers and 20 minions, because minions take up 2 space each).

The third part is attacking.

So what base do you choose? Which will give you the best loot or the most profit? Should I farm for Elixir or Gold or Dark Elixir?

Well here's my opinion and what I've found to be the most effective for your progress:

Train up your troops and after you are ready, top up your barracks again before you go to attack, that way your army could be atleast half done before you return! With the BA and BAM army you can raid fairly quick and it is very cheap!

Attack a base that has most, if not all, of it's available loot in its collectors and mines (visual levels can tell you how much is in either storages or collectors/mines). If the collectors/mines are empty and the storages are behind one or two layers of walls, move on to the next battle. Don't panic if you are searching for atleast 5 or so minutes, the perfect raid will appear! Some research has indicated that quitting searches and trying again later opens up tracks to easier raids. I'm not 100% sure about it but give it a go!

If you can see a large volume of available loot is easy to reach, it's time to start planning your attack. Keep an eye out for Mortars and Wizard Towers (these splash damage defenses will wipe out your barbarians and archers before you even make a dent into the defenders loot. It is recommended that if you have a spell factory and level 3/4 lightning spell that you take a few along to your raids (personally spells take too long and after the update they cost elixir not gold, which makes it harder to make more elixir from raids).

Make sure that you keep analysing the battle, if there is less than a few thousand of each resource and you have over half your army left, keep your remaining troops for the next battle, this makes your next attack sooner and you don't waste time/resources on raids.

With the collectors on the outside, place down your barbarians first, in a circle formation around the base (or mainly around the areas where the collectors are), this prevents the splash damage towers from being able to take out large volumes of your army quickly. Leave roughly half your barbarians and switch to archers and do the same, leaving roughly half again. Then swap back to barbarians and use the rest focusing on spreading them around areas where you haven't stolen a lot of available loot. Once again finish of your archers in the same fashion. By now you should have completely taken any and all loot from collectors/mines.

For players using a BAM army follow the same instructions but use the minions between your first half of your army and the second half in the same fashion, half after your first half of archers and the second half at the end. Keep an eye out for Air Defenses for minions as well as wizard towers, these two will eradicate any amount of minions you group together.

Okay, what is next?

Defenses Guide: Most Effective, Most Important and Most Expensive
Base Design Guide: For all TH levels (assumes maximum level for all buildings and walls)
Troop Upgrade Guide: Who, Why and How?
Building a Clan Guide: Success, Team Players and Trophy Pushes

I plan to make all of these guides when I can, this general guide took me well over 2 hours just to type up so please be patient for the other guides.

If you are interested in being notified when the new guides are available, please email me at [email protected]

Other than that, if any of my tips don't work for you, I'm sorry, this guide is purely based on my particular experience with the game and all the knowledge I have gained and is purely a General Guide. If you have any other questions please email me and if you have the time please check out my site for my clan

Thanks for reading,
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